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Department of Ruminant Science
Head: Eyal Seroussi, Ph.D.
R&D at the Department of Ruminant Science is targeted to optimize meat and milk production in dairy cattle, beef cattle and sheep. Main areas of research are: quantitative and molecular genetics, nutrition, reproduction and lactation biology, Animal welfare and environmental impact of production aspects are addressed.


1. Department objectives:

• Improving production efficiency and nutrition of cattle and sheep;
• Improving milk and meat quality and their enrichment with healthy nutrients;
• Improving production, fertility and welfare of productive ruminants under stress conditions;
• Development of knowledge and technology for sustainable production and environmental quality in ruminant production;
• Development of knowledge and technology against local and global crises of feed production, water shortage and climate stress in intensive ruminant production;
• Establishment of scientific and technologic basis and training next generation of scientists toward future research in ruminant science;

2. Contribution to agriculture and main achievements in recent years

• We developed methods, technologies and models to identify most efficient cows in commercial herds for breeding program;
• Our studies with utilization of lignocellulosic wastes and industrial byproducts enabled their successful incorporation in rations of productive ruminants;
• We developed new forage varieties with improved yield and quality for feeding productive ruminants;
• Our genetic research contributed to fast improvement of milk and milk components production in the Israeli dairy herd;
• Our fertility research contributed to improvement in dairy cow reproductive performance under climate and biotic stress;
• Our research with growing bulls contributed to improvement of their production efficiency and meat quality;
• Our research in sheep breeding and nutrition contributed to improvement of their production efficiency, welfare and health; 

3. International relationship:

• International research cooperation with scientist from Europe and USA on mutual BARD, BSF and European scientific projects;
• There is large demand on the globe for our scientific knowledge and developments. This is expressed in: Many visits of extension people and students from developed and less developed countries in ARO; Our participation and presentations of studies in international meetings and conferences; Sabbatical years abroad; Mutual visits of scientists; Membership of our scientists in Editorial Boards of leading international journals in the field;

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Research Interests /
Job description
Ben Meir Yehoshav A., Ph.D.
Dvir Hay, Ph.D. Energy metabolism, Sheep Physiology, Ketosis, Fatty Liver Disease, Pregnancy Toxemia
Gershon Eran, Ph.D. fertility research- ovarian function and the effect of stress on ovarian function Embryo implantation- maternal-fetal crosstalk and factors involved in embryo attachment to the uterus, placenta-specific gene manipulation
Gershoni Moran, Ph.D. Genetics- Genomics and Bioinformatics We are looking to recruit graduate (M.Sc and Ph.D) students. Biologists with a computational/ bioinformatics background, or biologists who are interested in combining experimental with computational biology CVs will be received by email
Jami Elie, Ph.D. Rumen microbiology
Moallem Uzi, Ph.D.
Rak Roni, Ph.D. The Genetic Basis of Proliferation and Differentiation in Cultured Meat
Seroussi Eyal, Ph.D. Animal genomics, genetics and bioinformatics.
Zachut Maya, Ph.D. Physiology of Dairy Cows; Metabolic and Environmental Stressors, Proteomic Analysis and stress biomarkers, Adipose Tissue Inflammation and Endocannabinoids http://mayak0.wix.com/zachutlab
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Research Interests /
Job description
Bogol Vlada, M.Sc.
Brand Yona, Mr.
Dekel Itzik, M.Sc.
Elbaz Michal, Ms.
Gacitua Haim, M.Sc.
Gal Alex Robert, Mr.
Kahana Liora, Ms.
Kamer Hadar, M.Sc.
Livshitz Lilia, Ph.D.
Nikbahat Moshe, Mr.
Pirt Daniel, Mr.
Portnik Yuri, Mr.
Rosov Alexander, M.Sc.
Rubin Naama, Ms.
Salti Kfir, Mr.
Shaked Roie, Mr.
Shirak Andrey, Ph.D. Study of the sex-determination mechanisms in animals Study of the mechanisms for sex-specific mortality Development of the high-throughput technologies for genetic study Study of the reproductive behavior and mating system in fish Study of the genetic architecture and sexual hierarchy in tilapia populations
Yaacoby Shamay, Mr.
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Hod Ayelet, Ms.
Rubinshteyn Svetlana, Ms.
Salty Barak, Mr.
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Barash Itamar, Prof. Gene expression, signal transduction and stem cells in the mammary gland.
Ben-Ghedalia Daniel, Ph.D.
Gootwine Elisha, Ph.D. Animal breeding Reproductive physiology
Kaim Moshe, M.Sc.
Lehrer Hana, M.Sc.
Miron Joshuah, Ph.D. Nutrition of dairy cows, sheep and goats; Microbiology of ruminal bacteria; Development of new forage varieties; Recycling of byproducts and lignocellulosed for ruminant feeding;
Ron Micha, Prof. Study of the genetic mechanism of sex determination in tilapia and creation of all-male populations. Genomic selection at the DNA level in cattle. Development of genetic markers and linkage maps for the White Grouper and Buri fish. Study of sex determination in Buri and tilapia for creation of all -female and -male populations, respectively. Conservation genomics using DNA barcoding of animal wild-life.
Shamay Avi, Ph.D. Mammary gland biology Leptin: the receptor and the hormone in peripheral tissues of the dairy cow. The interaction of fat pad and the epitheilal cells in the mammary gland.
Shani Moshe, Ph.D.
Weller Joel Ira, Ph.D. Statistical analysis of quantitative trait loci Breeding and genetics of dairy cattle Economic aspects of animal breeding Statistical methods of genetic evaluation Genomic selection and evaluation
Yosef Edith, Ph.D.
Zenou Avraham, Mr.
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Fax Fax: +972-8-9475075
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