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Name: Eran Gershon, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Animal ScienceDepartment of Ruminant Science
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  08-9484423
Cell: 050-6220190
Email:  erang@volcani.agri.gov.il  eran.gershon1@mail.huji.ac.il
Address:Department of Ruminant Science
animal institute


Research Interests / Job description
fertility research-
ovarian function and the effect of stress on ovarian function
Embryo implantation-
maternal-fetal crosstalk and factors involved in embryo attachment to the uterus, placenta-specific gene manipulation

Publication list

Honig H., Ofer L., Shinder D., Yacobi S. and Gershon E.** (2016) The effect of cooling management on blood flow to the dominant follicle and estrous cycle length at heat stress. Theriogenology 86(2).

Honig H., Ofer L., Elbaz M., Kaim M., Gacitua H., Shinder D., Yacobi S. and Gershon E.** (2016) Seasonal and parity effects on ghrelin levels throughout the estrous cycle in dairy cows. General Comparative Endocrinology 235.

Elbaz M.s, Hadas R., Bilezikjian L. and Gershon E.** (2018) Uterine Foxl2 regulates the adherence of the Trophectoderm cells to the endometrial epithelium.
Reproductive Biology and Endocrinology 16(1).

Gershon E.**, Hadas R., Elbaz M., Muchnik M., Booker E. and Gray P. (2018) Identification of Trophectoderm-Derived Cripto as an Essential Mediator of Embryo Implantation.
Endocrinology; 159(4).

Ben Meir Y., Adin G., Cohen Zinder M., Shabtay A., Gershon E., Zachut M., Mabjeesh S., Halachmi I. and Miron J. (2018) Eating behavior, milk production, rumination and digestibility characteristics of high efficient versus low efficient lactating cows. Journal of Dairy Science 101(12).

Ben Meir Y., Nikbachat M., Jacoby S., Portnik Y., Levit H., Elazary A.K., Gershon E., Adin G., Zinder-Cohen M., Shabtay A., Zachut M., Mabjeesh S.J., Halachmi I. and Miron J. (2019) Effect of lactation trimester and parity on eating behavior, milk production and efficiency traits of dairy cows. Animal 13(8).
Cohen G., Hadas R., Stefania R., Pagoto A., Ben-Dor S., Kohen F., Longo D., Elbaz M., Dekel N., Gershon E., Aime S. and Neeman M. (2019) Magnetic resonance imaging reveals distinct roles for tissue transglutaminase and factor XIII in maternal angiogenesis during early mouse pregnancy. Arteriosclerosis, Thrombosis, and Vascular Biology 39(8).

Gershon E., Maimon I., Galiani D., Elbaz M., Karasenti S. and Dekel N. (2019) High cGMP and Low PDE3A activity are associated with oocyte meiotic incompetence. Cell Cycle 18(20).

Kleinjan-Elazary A., Ben-Meir Y., Gacitua H., Levit H., Fridman A., Shinder D., Jacoby S., Miron J., Halachmi I. and Gershon E. (2019) Cooling Management Effects on Dry Matter Intake, Metabolic Hormones Levels and welfare Parameters in Dairy Cows during Heat Stress. Journal of Dairy Research 87(1).

Books and Invited Reviews

Gershon E. and Dekel N. (2020) Newly Identified Regulators of Ovarian Folliculogenesis and Ovulation. IJMS 21(12).

Gershon E. and Dekel N. (2018) Ovulation and Oocyte Polar Body. In: The Encyclopedia of Reproduction, 2nd Edition (Elsevier, Neteherland).



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