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Name: Moran Gershoni, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Animal ScienceDepartment of Ruminant Science
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:   +972-8-9484436
Email:    gmoran@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Faculty of Agriculture- Rehovot
Research Interests / Job description
Genetics, Genomics, and Bioinformatics of Mammals Focusing on fertility, reproduction, and production traits by applying high throughput genotyping and sequencing methodologies

Our ExAgBov (Exom Agragate of Bovine) database, is the first public database of annotated variations from deep sequencing obtained from hundreds of bovine whole-exome sequencing samples

Link to the paper

Link to the database 



Gershoni, M*., Braun, T., Hauser, R., Barda, S., Lehavi, O., Malcov, M., ... & Kleiman, S. E. (2023). A pathogenic variant in the uncharacterized RNF212B gene results in severe aneuploidy male infertility and repeated IVF failure. Human Genetics and Genomics Advances.


Weller JI, Ezra E, Seroussi E, Gershoni M. Genetic and Genomic Analysis of Cow Mortality in the Israeli Holstein Population. Genes. 2023 Feb 25;14(3):588. 

Gershoni M, Shirak A, Ben-Meir Y, Shabtay A, Cohen-Zinder M, Seroussi E. (2023) Re-Evaluation of Genotyping Methodologies in Cattle: The Proficiency of Imputation. Genes. 14(3):547.

Gershoni M. (2023) Transgenerational transmission of environmental effects in livestock in the age of global warming. Jan 30. Cell Stress Chaperones.

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Gershoni M, Shirak A, Raz R, Seroussi E., (2022) Comparing BeadChip and WGS Genotyping: Non-Technical Failed Calling Is Attributable to Additional Variation within the Probe Target Sequence., Genes. 9;13(3):485. 

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Foreman M, Gershoni M, Barkan D. (2020)., A Simplified and Efficient Method for Himar-1 Transposon Sequencing in Bacteria, Demonstrated by Creation and Analysis of a Saturated Transposon-Mutant Library in Mycobacterium abscessus. mSystems. 

Arafat, M., Harlev, A., Har-Vardi, I., Levitas, E., Priel, T., Gershoni, M., Searby, C., Sheffield, V. C., Lunenfeld, E., & Parvari, R. Mutation in CATIP (C2orf62) causes oligoteratoasthenozoospermia by affecting actin dynamics. Journal of medical genetics, 2020

Gershoni, M., Ezra, E., & Weller, J. I. Genetic and genomic analysis of long insemination interval in Israeli dairy cattle as an indicator of early abortions. Journal of Dairy Science, 2020.

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Gershoni M, Hauser R., Barda S., Lehavi O., Arama E., Pietrokovski S., & Kleiman S. E. A new MEIOB mutation is a recurrent cause for azoospermia and testicular meiotic arrest. Human Reproduction. 2019.

Nuta GC, Gilad Y, Gershoni M, Sznajderman A, Schlesinger T, Bialik S, Eisenstein M, Pietrokovski S, Kimchi A. A cancer associated somatic mutation in LC3B attenuates its binding to E1-like ATG7 protein and subsequent lipidation. Autophagy. 2019

Gershoni M, Hauser R, Yogev L, Lehavi O, Azem F, Yavetz H, Pietrokovski S, Kleiman SE. A familial study of azoospermic men identifies three novel causative mutations in three new human azoospermia genes. Genet Med. 2017 

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Mishmar D, Gershoni M. Treating speciation processes as complex traits. Nature Reviews Genetics 8, 320 2007).

*Corresponding authors **co-last author

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