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Poultry and Aquaculture
Head: Shelly Druyan, Ph.D.
The department composed of two research units: Poultry and Aquaculture, both of which aim to provide scientific research support to their respective agricultural field, and to train the next generation of science and industry leaders. The department consist more than 30 people, including principle investigators, research engineers, technicians, graduate students and post-doctoral fellows


Aims: The primary research goals of the department are to ensure the local supply of poultry and fish products, improve production efficiency, and maintain sustainability.

Research: Projects within the department focuses on fundamental questions relating to response and adaptation to environmental stress, animal nutrition and metabolism, embryonic development, and genetics. Research projects in the department are funded by competitive research grants from a wide variety of national and international organizations, foundations, industry, and professional associations. Our former students are holding positions in the agricultural and biotechnological industry, academia, and the public service.

International relationships: The department's scientists are well recognized; chairing committees of scientific and professional associations, serving on editorial boards of international scientific journals, and collaborate with scientists from many research and academic institutions throughout Europe and North America.


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Research Interests /
Job description
Biran Jakob, Ph.D.
Cinnamon Yuval, Ph.D. The research in the lab focuses on developmental biology and embryology, mainly using the chick embryo as a model organism. The mission of our research is increasing basic knowledge on embryogenesis, to promote poultry agriculture, to help securing healthy food for the next generations while keeping with highest standards of animal welfare and global sustainability. In our lab we focus on several fields from basic science to cutting-edge biotechnology. 1. Developing technologies to create genetically transformed chickens, to solve critical animal welfare issues and to secure global nutrition. 2.Early stages of development, studying the blastulation, cardiogenesis, and reproduction in chickens. 3.Developing powerful imaging using the High Resolution Episcopic Microscopy (HREM) for 3D modelling of plant and animal tissues, for example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b7jb1xNlqOo https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOOFrmU9k1E https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YocgJz1heeE
Cnaani Avner, Ph.D. Fish physiologist and geneticist
Druyan Shelly, Ph.D.
Golan Matan, Ph.D. Fish endocrinology with an emphasis on the thyroid axis and its effects on development and growth
Meiri Noam, Prof. Identifying the molecular correlates underlying sensory development concentrating on thermal control establishment.
Rais Yoach, Ph.D.
Sagi Dror, Ph.D. Aging, Metabolomics, poultry, machine learning
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Research Interests /
Job description
Haron Amit, Ph.D.
Kisliouk Tatiana, Ph.D. Post Doctoral Fellow
Maimon Michal, Ms.
Nitzan Tali, M.Sc.
Ruzal Mark, M.Sc.
Segev Adi, M.Sc.
Shinder Dmitry, Ph.D.
Shleizer - Burko Sharona, Ph.D.
Slossman Tatiana, M.Sc.
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Research Interests /
Job description
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Friedman-Einat Miriam, Ph.D. The main interest of the lab is understanding the control mechanism on energy homeostasis in chicken towards developing tools to improve animal welfare and production. In mammals, fat tissue has emerged to have an important role not only by storing excess of energy in the form of fat but also by acting as a central endocrine tissue, with a key role in the control of appetite, fat accumulation and reproduction. In our study in chickens we have recently found genes, which are involved in this control mechanism in mammals and were missing in chickens such as the satiety hormone leptin and TNF (also known as TNF alpha). Further characterization of these genes and their mRNA and protein products changed the way we understand the evolution of energy balance control in vertebrates. Our hypothesis based on our current study is that in birds signal from the digestive tract are more critical in the control of food intake than signals from adipose tissue.
Harpaz Sheenan, Prof. Feeding behavior, chemoreception and nutrition of aquatic organisms (warm water species)
Hulata Gideon, Prof. Genetics and genetic improvement of fresh water cultured fish (tilapias, common carp, ornamental fish); study of the genomic basis of sex determination in tilapias, adaptation to salinity levels in tilapia and KHV resistance in common carp; study of genetic variation in Galilee tilapia in Lake Kinnereth
Milstein Ana, Ph.D. - Water quality-fish-management relationships in aquaculture systems, including fish ponds, dual purpose reservoirs for irrigation and fish culture, and intensive fish culture units. - Limnology of fish ponds and irrigation reservoirs (water and reclaimed wastewater). - Irrigation system clogging agents developing in water and wastewater reservoirs. - Periphyton-based aquaculture - Multivariate statistical methods as exploratory tools in the complex aquaculture systems.
Pines Mark, Ph.D. Poultry bone disorders, Eggshell calcification, Tissue fibrosis, Cancer-ECM interactions.
Yahav Shlomo, Prof. Thermal manipulations during chick's embryogenesis to improve thermotolerance acquisition and angiogenesis processes. Maternal effects on embryogenesis
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