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Plant Sciences
Animal Science
Plant Protection
Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
Postharvest and Food Sciences
Agricultural Engineering
Newe Ya'ar
Animal Science
Head: Shlomo Yahav, Prof.
The main goals of the institute are to conduct basic and practical research to support animal breeders and farmers and to benefit the consumers of their products. Exploitation of the knowledge yielded by this research will enhance production efficiency and reduce losses and product costs, thereby increasing outputs of meat, eggs and milk, reducing environmental pollution and maintaining the quality of the environment.

Of the 54 members of Institute's staff (not including MSc and PhD students), 23 are PhD-level researchers; the rest are engineers, technicians, and administrative and support staff. There are two departments: Poultry and Aquaculture, and Ruminant Science and Genetics. The office and most of the laboratories are located on the campus of the Faculty of Agricultural, Food and Environmental Quality Sciences, of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, in Rehovoth; the rest are at the Volcani Center campus in Bet Dagan, where there are facilities for dairy cattle, sheep and goats, chickens and turkeys, and fish. A beef cattle unit, operated by two additional researchers and a few support staff, is located at the Northern Research Center, Newe Ya'ar, and there is a honey bee facility at Zerifin.


Departments (sub-units)
Department of Ruminant Science
Poultry and Aquaculture
Administration Animal Sciences
Latest news
Looking for motivated students and post-docs for research in developmental biology and embryology
yuval Cinnamon 30/06/15
Looking for highly motivated MSc, and Ph.D students and Post-docs for research in developmental biology and embryology.
The research lab located in the Faculty of agriculture in Rehovot.
For more information please email: yuval.cinnamon@mail.huji.ac.il
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TelephoneTel: +972-8-9484444
FaxFax: +972-8-9475075
EmailEmail: yahavs@agri.huji.ac.il
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