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Postharvest and Food Sciences
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Newe Ya'ar
Postharvest and Food Sciences
Head: Amnon Lers, Ph.D.
The Institute for Technology and Storage of Agricultural Products comprises two departments – Postharvest Science of Fresh Produce; and Food Science – staffed by 72 employees of whom 22 are PhD-level researchers and the rest are engineers, technicians, and administrative and support staff. The Institute units are based at the Volcani Center campus at Bet Dagan.

The Institute addresses current and anticipated problems related to fresh, dry and processed agricultural products, both plant- and animal-derived, that are intended for export as well as for local markets. This involves studies of basic processes and development of new methodologies to support practical research. The aims are to understand how foods and ornamentals can best be protected against undesirable changes, to improve their quality and to preserve their nutritional value. This includes development of improved methods of preservation and treatment in order to maintain structure, firmness, color, taste and aroma, and to eliminate diseases and pesticide residues; all to meet the demands of increasingly sophisticated markets.

Departments (sub-units)
Food Quality and Safety
Postharvest Science of Fresh Produce
Administration Technology
Contact details
TelephoneTel: 972-39683588+
FaxFax: 972 3 9604428
EmailEmail: gadit@volcani.agri.gov.il
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