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Plant Protection
Head: Yigal Elad, Prof.
The Institute of Plant Protection covers a wide range of subjects dealing with identification and control of pests and causal agents of plant diseases (insects, fungi, bacteria, viruses, phytoplasmas, nematodes and noxious weeds), as well as biology of beneficial insects used for pollination and honey production. Research is directed at solving problems by reducing damage to agriculture and open areas using environmentally- and human-friendly means to obtain pest- and disease-free produce, without environmental pollution while preventing pathogen establishment.

 Aims of the Institute:

  • Development of methods and means for monitoring and preventing the spread of plant pathogens and pests
  • Development of biological and integrated management approaches
  • Development of transgenic vegetable cultivars (tomato, cucurbits) resistant to virus diseases
  • Development of disease-free plant propagation material (garlic, sweet potato and ornamental plants) for export and local use
  • Understanding the interactions between environment, climate and pathogens causing plant diseases
  • Use of trap plants, nets and polyethylene covers with optical additives for reduction of pest penetration and establishment in greenhouses
  • Use of agricultural waste for control of soil-borne pathogens
  • Development of simple and rapid identification methods for detection of pesticide residues and pollutants in agricultural produce, food and the environment
  • Development of Decision Support Systems for precision management of plant diseases and weeds for optimal application of chemicals at minimal dosages for disease control

Research objectives:

The research objectives of the Institute are to solve immediate and current agricultural problems, while developing future methods for increasing yield and quality of fresh agricultural produce destined for export and/or for the local market. There is a priority for utilizing environmentally- and human-friendly means, while reducing chemical usage.

Description of activities:

Researchers in the Institute are involved in developing novel methods of plant disease prevention and management, including integrated biological, physical, and resistance breeding. In addition, researchers in the Institute are developing Decision Support Systems for precision management.  

At other research institutes and universities in Israel, the scope of research in the field of plant protection is limited, dealing only with basic concepts. Researchers in the Institute of Plant Protection combine basic and applied research for field implementation of their knowledge, and hence the uniqueness and importance of the Institute. The Institute's researchers are partners in national multidisciplinary projects for dealing with acute farming problems (prevention and control of Clavibacter in tomato; preventing virus infestation of grapevines; prevention and spread of broomrape; prevention of beehive collapse; improvement of herbs for export and a project for combating yellows in carrots).


Departments (sub-units)
Entomology and the Nematology and Chemistry units
Plant Pathology and Weed Research
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TelephoneTel: 972-3-9683437+
FaxFax: +972-3-9604180
EmailEmail: esti@volcani.agri.gov.il
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