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How do I switch between Hebrew and English?

The language selectors are at the top right-hand side of every web page.

Where did you bury the Webmail?

To access Webmail (as well as many other facilities, such as HelpDesk and FTP site) click "Internal Services" at the bottom of the left-hand menu bar of any page. If you are off-campus you will need to log in. Be careful not to confuse your website log in with your email system log in; these are two separate things, and you may sometimes need to use them both.

Why am I asked to log in?

Some items on the website have restricted access. Many of them are grouped under "Internal Services". Anyone that has a home page on the website can access such items by logging in. Your log in username and password have been initialized to your ARO email username and the last six digits of your ID number.

Do I have a separate username and password just for the website?

Yes. The website username and password is a completely separate and unlinked entity to the username and password that you use when you switch on your computer and access your email. As a convenience only, your website username was initialized to your computer and email username. We could not initialize your password to the computer and email password since it is encrypted, so we used the last six digits of your ID number instead. You can change your website username and password by logging in to the website and editing your home page. Such changes will have no effect on your computer and email username and password. Recommendation: use the same username for both systems but not the same password; the website system is less protected.

What about my home page address?

 Your home page web address in the signature zone of email messages (and your business card) needs to be updated to its address in the new ARO website. In Outlook: Tools -> Options -> Mail Format tab -> Signatures.

How should students (who do not have a website username) access the Webmail?

The direct link is given on the student page of the ARO website under the "About" menu.

What if I forgot my website username and/or password and need to access Webmail?

Use the link on the student page of the ARO website under the "About" menu.

How do I find units within the administration?

We are working on this problem. For the time being, this link to a page in Hebrew might prove helpful:


Tell me more!

A more detailed explanation about logging in, as well as instructions on how to update your own home page, are given in the Hebrew FAQ section under the About menu:


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