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Agricultural Engineering
Head: Victor Alchanatis, D.Sc.
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The general objective of the Institute of Agricultural Engineering (IAE) is to develop and introduce new concepts, methods and systems that will advance Israeli agriculture and assist Israeli farmers.  
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TelephoneTel:+972-3-9683303; +972-3-9683737

Onion digger

The activities of the Institute are mostly application-oriented and R&D projects that cover a wide range of subjects, such as harvest and post-harvest systems, greenhouse technologies and environmental control, zoo-technology, soil disinfestation and chemical application systems, quality control and production management. The Institute has successfully completed numerous R&D projects, whose applications can be seen in action both throughout Israel and overseas.

The Institute collaborates with farmers, commodity groups, regional processing plants, the Ministry of Agriculture's Extension Service, and industry, as well as with national and international research organizations and universities.

P.O.Box 6
Bet-Dagan 50250, Israel

Latest events
Volcani center, July 12th to July 16th 2015

10th European Conference on Precision Agriculture
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