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Head: Uri Yermiyahu, Ph.D.
Welcome to the Gilat Research Center! As the southern branch of the Agricultural Research Organization of Israel's Ministry of Agriculture, Gilat comprises research units that address the issues facing farmers in Israel's Negev region.  
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TelephoneTel:972 (8) 992-8666
FaxFax:972 (8) 992-6485


About Gilat  

 The research units and their main investigation areas are:

  • Plant Sciences
    • crop cultivation: dryland farming, field crops, olive, citrus;
    • grazing and open spaces;
    • precision agriculture.

  • Soil and Water
    • irrigation and fertilization.
  • Plant Protection
    • entomology;
    • plant pathology;
    • nematology.

Gilat is situated in Israel's northern Negev (31°20' N, 34°40' E, elevation 150 m above mean sea level) near Ofakim. This district includes four municipalities -- Bene Shimon, Sha'ar HaNegev, Merchavim, and Azata -- with 60 agricultural settlements that cultivate 800,000 dunam (80,000 ha).

Agricultural facilities and services run by our research staff include a laboratory for the diagnosis of plant disease, nitrogen forecasting, a field services laboratory, and a national bank of genetic material for citrus orchards.

The Migda farm is an extension of the Gilat Regional Center, dedicated to research into agro-sylvo-pastoral systems in arid zones. Gilat and Migda operate an active system of research, experiment and model sites.

The Molcho Center, which operates within the Gilat Regional Center, initiates and supports Negev research activities by granting scholarships to students of agricultural science and by helping to maintain a research library.

Molcho scholarship for students - 2009 (In Hebrew)

On this website, in addition to information about the Center's activities you will find in-depth articles with illustrations and references:
  • Online status reports in entomology
  • Potato disease compendium.

Photos from Gilat open day     

Departments (sub-units)
Administration Gilat
Vegtables and Field Crops
Fruit Tree Sciences / Citriculture
Plant Pathology and Weed Research
Soil and water
Natural Resources
Plant Disease Diagnostic Laboratory
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