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Name: Zipora Tietel, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Gilat CenterFood Quality and Safety
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  072-3770250
Cell: 054-8077260
Email:    tietel@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Gilat Research Center
Research Interests / Job description
1. Food chemistry and biochemistry.

2. Functional food from semi-arid areas as a source for nutraceuticals.

3. Aroma compounds, secondary metabolites and
lipids as quality parameters of food.

4. Metabolomics and lipidomics of the food.

5. Taste and aroma of fruit and foodstuff.

6. Natural products in Medicinal plants.

7. Health-promoting properties of oil crops.

Articles in Reviewed Journals:

1. Rodov V, Tietel Z, Vinokur Y, Horev B, Eshel D. (2010). Ultraviolet Light Stimulates Flavonol Accumulation in Peeled Onions and Controls Microorganisms on Their Surface. J Agr Food chem 58: 9071-9076.

2. Tietel Z, Weiss B, Lewinsohn E, Fallik E, Porat R. (2010). Improving taste and peel color of early-season Satsuma mandarins by combining high- temperature conditioning and degreening treatments.
Postharvest Biol Tec 57: 1-5.

3. Tietel Z, Bar E, Lewinsohn E, Feldmesser E, Fallik E, Porat R. (2010). Effects of wax coatings and postharvest storage on sensory quality and aroma volatiles composition of ‘Mor' mandarins.
J Sci Food Agr 90:995-1007.

4. Tietel Z, Feldmesser E, Lewinsohn E, Fallik E, Porat R. (2011). Changes in the transcriptome of 'Mor' mandarin flesh during storage: reflects on molecular regulation of fruit flavor deterioration.
J Agr Food chem 59: 3819-3827.

5. Mayuoni L, Tietel Z, Patil BS, Porat R. (2011). Does ethylene degreening affect internal quality of citrus fruit? Postharvest Biol. Tec. 62: 50-58.

6. Porat R, Tietel Z, Zippori I, Dag A. (2011). Aroma volatile composition of high- and low- aromatic guava varieties. J Sci Food Agr 91: 2794-2798.

7. Tietel Z, Porat R, Weiss K, Ulrich D. (2011). Identification of aroma-active compounds in fresh and stored 'Mor' mandarins.Intl J Food Sci Tech 46: 2225-2231.

8. Tietel Z, Lewinsohn E, Fallik E, Porat R. (2011). Elucidating the roles of ethanol fermentation metabolism in causing off-flavors in mandarins. J Agr Food chem 59: 11779-11785.

9. Tietel Z, Plotto A, Fallik E, Lewinsohn E, Porat R. (2011). Taste and aroma of fresh and stored mandarins.
J Sci Food Agr 91: 14-23.

10. Tietel Z, Lewinsohn E, Fallik E, Porat R. (2012). Importance of storage temperatures in maintaining ?avor and quality of mandarins. Postharvest Biol Tec. 64: 175-182.

11. Mayuoni L, Tietel Z, Porat R, Ulrich D. (2012). Identification of Aroma-Active Compounds in 'Wonderful' Pomegranate Fruit Using Solvent-Assisted Flavour Evaporation and Headspace Solid-Phase Micro-Extraction Methods.Eur Food Res Technol. 235: 277-283.

12. Benjamin G, Tietel Z, Porat R. (2013). Effects of Rootstock/Scion Combinations on the Flavor of Citrus Fruit. J Agr Food chem 61: 11286-11294..

13. Gilmore S, Yao A, Tietel Z, Kind T, Facciotti M, Parikh A. (2013). The role of squalene in the organization of monolayers derived from lipid extracts of Halobacterium salinarum.
Langmuir. 29 (25):7922-30.

14. Ma Y*, Tietel Z*, Vargas A, Higgins BT, Wikoff WR, Gennity I, VanderGheynst JS, Fiehn O. Coverage of algal lipidomics does not improve if two-dimensional thin-layer chromatography fractionation is used prior to classic liquid chromatography / high resolution tandem mass spectrometry. Submitted to PlosOne.


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