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שלח באימייל הדפס
Plant Sciences
Animal Science
Plant Protection
Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
Postharvest and Food Sciences
Agricultural Engineering
Gilat Center
Newe Ya'ar
Interdisciplinary Centers
Research Support Services
Sensing, Information and Mechanization Engineering
Growing, Production and Environmental Engineering
Administration AGEN
Growing, Production and Environmental Engineering
Head: Avital Bechar, Prof.

The Department's research teams cover the following areas:

  • Controlled Agriculture and Environmental Control
    • Studies related to greenhouses and livestock housing cover: internal environmental control, i.e., heating, cooling, ventilation, relative humidity, and online recording; and structural characteristics, i.e., size and shape, resistance to wind loads, ventilation, and interchangeable covers;
    • The team is also involved in developing and testing methods for improving the air and sea transportation conditions of exported agricultural products by means of, e.g., vacuum cooling, cooling in ships and containers, development of packaging materials and methods, improvement of bulk shipping and of unrefrigerated air transportation.
  • The main focus of R&D in the Laboratory for Research on Pest Management is on pest management through improved application techniques and integrated pest management concepts. An important objective in all studies is elimination of pesticide residues from the marketed product. Specific studies cover:
    • Improvement of the control of soilborne pathogens and pests with new fumigants, organic amendments and an integrated approach to control and suppression of soilborne pests;
    • Soil solarization and plastic mulch technologies are also intensively studied.
  • The Production Engineering research team covers:
    • Development of machinery, methods and auxiliary equipment to reduce the damage to agricultural products during growing, harvesting and transportation;
    • The robot-human interaction in intensive advanced production systems designed to reduce human labor in various stages of production.
  • The Environmental Engineering team's studies cover:
    • Waste management in intensive plant and livestock production systems;
    • Recycling of industrial and urban waste water for agricultural use;
    • Environmental effects of pest management applications.
  • The Zootechnology team studies engineering aspects of livestock production and management in the dairy, poultry and aquaculture industries, including:
    • Sensors, including R&D of specific sensors;
    • Production and simulation models that support precision livestock farming, to enable sustainable production while maintaining high welfare and health standards.

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Research Interests /
Job description
Arbel Abraham, Ph.D. Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD); Greenhouse climate control; Solar energy; Evaporative cooling systems; Dehumidification systems; Soil solarization; Thermal screen; Wind load; Greenhouse structure
Bechar Avital, Prof. Robotics and Automation Human Robot Interaction Industrial engineering for agricultural production Work study Electrostatic technologies Pollination technologies computer vision
Gamliel Abraham, Prof. Pest management strategies,methods and technologies Plant and food biosecurity invasive pests and their management Soilborne pathogens and their management Soil disinfestations,and soil solarization
Halachmi Ilan, Prof. Smart Sensing of Animal Welfare Robotic milking. Recirculating aquaculture systems. Modeling and simulating the individual animal behavior, sensing technologies (new sensors, image analyses, automatic monitoring of animals traits, production physiology, health, welfare, productivity etc). Precision livestock farming. Farming system design and management.
Lew Beni, Ph.D. Processes and system for agricultural wastes treatment. 1. Water and Wastewater treatment; 2. Animal odor treatment; 3. Pyrolysis and Gasification of Biomass.
Salzer Yael, Ph.D.
Shtenberg Giorgi, Ph.D. 1. Label-free optical biosensors based on nanomaterials, nanoparticles and thin-films. 2. Combined sensing techniques based on a single-device platform (all-in-one) for agricultural applications. 3. Rapid bioassays for monitoring environmental pollutants (heavy-metals, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, hormones, toxins). 4. Multifunctional nanoparticles for early diagnosis of animal diseases, field crops quality control and food safety.
Vitoshkin Elena (Helena), Ph.D. -Development of efficient closed plant production systems; -Investigation of hydrophobic greenhouse cover materials properties (light transmittance, diffusivity, heat transfer, condensation and dust removal); -Empirical study of greenhouse control of flow, temperature and shading; -Computational modeling of mass transfer in porous media for the purpose of soil fertilizers release optimization;
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Afgin Yiftah, Mr.
Barak Mordechai
Benichis Marina
Gal Yoav, Ph.D.
Geoola Farhad, Ph.D. Physical properties of greenhouse cladding materials; Quality evaluation of agricultural machineries and products; Mathematical modeling and simulation; Flow induced vibration of bluff bodies
Ladani Shay, Mr.
Leibovici Maor, B.Sc.
Mhabary Tamir, B.Sc. Agricultural Robotics Agricultural Machinery Human–robot interaction Control Precision Agriculture Algorithm development
Regev Rafi
Rosenfeld Lavi Electronics
Shaked Ben, B.Sc. Electrical Engineering with specialization in communication signal processing and analog and digital circuits.
Yudachev Vladimir, Mr.
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Finkelstein Roee, B.Sc.
Gaur Rubia, M.Sc. Anaerobic treatment of urban waste
Harari Yaar
Isaac Yochai, Mr.
Levit Harel, B.Sc. Livestock sensing, Feeding behavior of the dairy cow
Schor Noa, B.Sc.
(Surname, First name)
Research Interests /
Job description
Maltz Ephraim, Ph.D. Animal physiology, physiology of lactation, dairy management including robot milking, heat stress effects, precision livestock farming, livestock behaviour and welfare, sensing and monitoring individual livestock performance and behavior.
Prigojin Irit, MBA
Shklyar Alexander, Ph.D.
Steiner Bracha, Ms.
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Fax Fax: +972-3-9604704
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