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Sensing, Information and Mechanization Engineering
Head: Meir Teitel, Ph.D.

Research in the Department of Sensing, Information and Mechanization Engineering is focused on implementing cutting-edge technologies for Israeli agriculture, with increasing emphasis on information technologies, sensors, decision-support systems, electronics, optics and control, advanced mechanics and robotics. All of these activities lead towards environmentally friendly, precise and profitable agriculture.

The Department's wide range of research activities place particular emphasis on:

  • Development of novel technologies and mechanization for postharvest treatments of fruits and vegetables; these developments include separating, sizing, sorting, hulling, cracking and handling systems;
  • Techniques for identification and measurement of internal and external indicators of quality attributes of agricultural products, by nondestructive techniques and methods, including: near-infrared, magnetic resonance imaging, ultrasonic, dielectric properties, computer vision, and bio-sensors;
  • Methods and means of transportation and of automated treatment and handling of products at various stages of the growing process; 
  • Optimization of various processes by means of Geographical Information System (GIS) and Global Positioning System (GPS);
  • Development of precision agriculture systems, including site-specific spraying, fertilization, and irrigation of field crops, and orchards;
  • Development of robotic systems for harvesting of field and orchard crops;
  • Development of field machinery;
  • Applications of information technology.

The department is responsible for the ongoing operation of a workshop, an electromechanical lab, a GIS center and an agricultural aerial robotics laboratory.

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Research Interests /
Job description
Alchanatis Victor, D.Sc. Sensors for precision agriculture: hyperspectral and thermal imaging; Computer vision; Multispectral image processing; Quality Evaluation of agricultural products by non-destructive methods.
Cohen Yafit, Ph.D. - Precision agriculture: a) Fusion of thermal and hyperspectral imagery for monitoring and mapping water status and nitrogen level in various crops and orchards; b) Spatio-spectral analysis of thermal and hyperspectral imagery for management zones delineation - Spatio-temporal analysis of pests and diseases dispersion: Medfly, Olive fly, Heliothis, leaf-roll virus in grapevine and soil-borne diseases in potato. - Development of spatial decision support tools and systems for pest control.
Klapp Iftach, Ph.D. Acquisition limits algorithms and optical design for sensing in sensing agriculture and environmental systems. Dr. Klapp, Ph.D. EE (physical electronics), is the PI of the Agro-Optics Lab, the lab confronts acquisition problems originate from inspection in precision agriculture and Interaction of light and vegetation/water and microbiology in agriculture environmental processes. Research interests include; computational imaging, passive and active optical design, super-resolution, stabilization low cost radiometric thermal imaging, fluorescence spectroscopy, hyperspectral spectroscopy as well as machine learning, inverse problems and machine vision algorithms and optimization. Publications: https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Iftach_Klapp/publications
Paz-Kagan Tarin, Ph.D. Remote Sensing (sensors, algorithms, applications) High fidelity imaging spectroscopy (HiFIS) Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) Applied Spectroscopy-plant & soil spectroscopy Spatial & temporal analysis Precision agriculture Agroecology Geo-statistics Big data and Meta-data analysis Machine Learning
Schmilovitch Ze'ev, Ph.D. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) methods and sensors; Near infrared spectroscopy; RF measurements; Postharvest Engineering; Quality of agricultral products; Sorting and separation of agricultral products; Fluidized bed technology
Teitel Meir, Ph.D. Greenhouse management and control (ventilation, heating, CO2 enrichment, shading, structure); Energy in agriculture; Computer controlled data acquisition and instrumentation; Fluid mechanics and heat transfer in agriculture.
Vernick Sefi, Ph.D. Our lab is developing new hybrid bioelectronic and bioelectrochemical tools for basic science and diagnostic applications. Research includes: • Detection of protein and genetic biomarkers using bioelectrochemical sensors • Characterization of aberrant genomic and proteomic markers using bioelectronic platforms • Development of flexible biochips for detection of pathogenic markers • Study host-bacterial interactions by a real-time 3D mapping with electrochemical sensor arrays • Transduction of bio-recognition events to electrical currents: characterization, manipulation and applications • Electrochemical modulation of conformational behavior and biomolecular interactions • Investigation of biomolecular interaction kinetics and structural dynamics with single-molecule biophysical approaches WE DESIGN AND DEVELOP PLATFORMS INTEGRATING FUNCTIONAL BIOMATERIALS WITH ELECTRICALLY CONDUCTIVE NANO AND MICROINTERFACES (ORGANIC, e.g., CARBON NANOTUBES OR INORGANIC, e.g., METALS)
Zion Boaz, Ph.D. Aquacultural Engineering; Robotics in Agriculture; Power and Machinery; Computer Vision and Image Processing; Nuclear Magnetic Resonance, Imaging and Spectroscopy;
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Research Interests /
Job description
Berenstein Ron, Ph.D. Robotics, Agriculture robotics, Image Processing, Machine vision, Control
Brikmann Roman
Goldshtein Eitan, M.A. Decision support systems
Hoffman Aharon
Kashti Yossi Development and design of agricultural machinery; Development of methods for quality evaluation of agricultural machinery.
keisar ohaliav, Mr. development and improvement of the agricultural machines. Precision agriculture: UAV operator for Remote Sensing.
Khazin Arthur, Mr.
Levi Asher Poltry house and greenhouse climate; Thermal imaging and sensing
Liddor Guy, B.Sc.
Reshef Liad, B.Sc.
Shenderey Clara, M.Sc.
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Research Interests /
Job description
Ignat Timea, Ph.D. Quality and sorting of agricultural products; Spectroscopy; Non-destructive testing methods; Postharvest engineering
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Research Interests /
Job description
Egozi Haim
Gan-Mor Samuel, D.Sc. Spray and pollen deposition utilizing air assistance and electrostatics; Stresses and strains in dynamic contact problems and objects transport for viscoelastic, viscous and plastic materials; Utilization of contact problems solutions for agricultural processes: Spray droplets deposition, Pollen detachment and deposition, Bouncing of agricultural objects, Detachment of nymph and pupa, IPM using cooking oils as pesticide.
Grinshpon Yoseph Electronics design
Hetzroni Amots, Ph.D. Information technology in agriculture; Internet; Monitoring pest dispersion; GIS; Precision Agriculture; Bioacoustic; Distribution modeling; Population dynamics
Katz Yoseph (Retiree) Tractors, Soil cultivation equipment, Hay and forage harvesters
Mizrach Amos, D.Sc. Postharvest Engineering; Quality of fruit and vegetables; Ultrasonic non-destructive technology for agricultural produce (NDT); Ultrasound use in dairy; Ultrasonic use for meat quality evaluation; Sorting and separation of agricultural products; Recognition of fruit flies songs and sounds; Acoustic detection of Red Palm Weevil and Pink Boll cotton worm; Acoustic trapping for Mediterranean fruit fly; Technologies for detection of Food Borne Pathogens; Water treatment with ultrasonic wave. Chairman of The Israeli Society of Agricultural Engineering
Peiper Uri M., M.Sc. Disinfecting tools and materials with Ozone, Livestock comfort zone definition, measurement and control, Integrative climate control, Measurement instrumentation, Robotics in agriculture, Testing of agricultural machinery.
Ronen Beni
Shamir Nahshon, Mr.
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