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Name: Ephraim Maltz, Ph.D. (Retiree)
Units: Agricultural EngineeringGrowing, Production and Environmental Engineering
Research Interests / Job description  Latest Chapters In Blog
Tel:  03-9683499
Cell: 050-6220499
Email:    emaltz@volcani.agri.gov.il
Research Interests / Job description
Animal physiology, physiology of lactation, dairy management including robot milking, heat stress effects, precision livestock farming, livestock behaviour and welfare, sensing and monitoring individual livestock performance and behavior.
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  • Maltz, E., N. Silanikove, A. Berman, and U. Shalit. (1994). Diurnal fluctuations in plasma ions and water intake of dairy cows as affected by lactation in warm weather. J. Dairy Sci. 77:2630-2639
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  • Maltz E., (1997). The body weight of the dairy cow: III. Use for on-line management purposes of individual cows. Livestock Production Science. 48:187-200
  • Bar-Peled, U., E. Maltz, H. Tagari, A.R. Lehrer, B. Robinzon, H. Voet, Y. Folman, I. Bruckental, H. Gacitua, N. Silanikove. (1997). Effect of frequent machine milking and suckling in early lactation on blood plasma homeostasis in high-yielding dairy cows. J. Agric. Scie. Camb. 129:237-242.
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  • Halachmi, I., J.H.M. Metz, E. Maltz, L. Speelman, A.A. Dijkhuizen. (2000). Designing the optimal robot milking barn, part 1: Quantifying facility usage. J. agric. Engng. Res. 76:37-49
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  • Maltz, E., N. Livshin, S. Devir, D. Rosenfeld. (2002). Using On-line Data in Management of Milking Frequency and Concentrates Supplementation in the AMS Herd. The First North American Conference on Robotic Milking, Toronto, Canada, March 20-22, 2002:III 33-44.
  • Halachmi, I., Y. Edan, U. Moallem, E. Maltz (2004). Predicting feed intake of the individual dairy cow. J. of Dairy Sci. 87:2254-2267
  • Miron1, J., M. Nikbachat, A. Zenou, D. Ben-Ghedalia, R. Solomon, E. Shoshani, I. Halachmi, N. Livshin, A. Antler and E. Maltz (2004). Performance and feeding behavior of lactating cows upplemented via automatic feeders pellets containing soy hulls as barley replacement J. Dairy Sci. 87: 3808-3815.
  • Maltz, E., N. Livshin, A. Antler, I Brukental, A. Arieli (2005). Precision protein and energy feeding of dairy cows during transition time. In: Precision Livestock Farming '05. Ed. S. Cox. Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 219-226
  • Livshin, N., A. Antler, B. Zion, G. Stojanovski, G. Bunevski, and E. Maltz (2005). Lying behaviour of dairy cows under different housing systems and physiological conditions In: Precision Livestock Farming '05. Ed. S. Cox. Proc. Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 305-311
  • Leitner, G., S. Jacoby, E. Maltz, N.Silanikove, (2007). Casein hydrolyzate intrammary treatment improves the comfort behavior of cows induced into dry-off. Livestock Science, 110:292-297.
  • Maltz, E., A. Antler (2007). A practical way to detect approaching calving of the dairy cow by a behaviour sensor. Proc. Precision livestock farming '07, Edited by: S. Cox, Wageningen Academic Publishers, pp. 141-146
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