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Plant Sciences
Head: Moshe Lapidot, Ph.D.
The Institute of Plant Sciences focuses on the fields of plant biology, agricultural research, natural resources and the relationship between the environment and agriculture. The Institute comprises over 60 research groups in four departments: Field and Vegetable Crops Research, Fruit Tree Sciences, Ornamental Horticulture and Agronomy and Natural Resources. The activities of the institute are conducted at three research centers: the Volcani Center in Rishon Lezion, Newe Ya'ar in the Galilee region and Gilat in the Negev region.


Research objectives

• Introduction and breeding of fruit trees, vegetables, field crops, ornamental crops and forest trees to expand the variety of products for farmers and consumers with improved yield and quality
• Development and application of agro-techniques to improve crop yield and quality
• Development of agricultural methodologies to accommodate climate change, food security and alternative energy sources
• Development of sustainable methodologies for management of pasture lands, forests and open landscapes
• Training and education of next generation scientists in the above areas

Contribution to agriculture

Development of a large repertoire of crop varieties including vegetables, field crops, fruit trees and ornamentals widely grown in Israel and abroad and development of agro-techniques for maximization of yield and quality

External relations

Seed companies, growers, production boards, marketing organizations, regional R & D centers, academic institutions, biotechnology companies, Jewish national fund

Major achievements

Plant breeding and introduction of high yielding and quality cultivars
o Vegetables: tomato, pepper, melon, squash, strawberry, garlic, basil and additional herbs
o Field crops: wheat, chickpea, peanut, sorghum
o Fruit trees: table grapes, citrus, avocado, mango, olives, figs, pomegranate, apricot, almond
o Energy crops: castor bean, Jatropha
o Ornamental crops: Zantedeschia, Hippeastrum, Ornithogalum, Lisianthius, Lilium and others
o Forest trees: pines, eucalyptus
o Development of molecular and genomic tools for the enhancement of breeding programs

Development of Agro-technologies

o Improvement of water use efficiency
o Irrigation with saline and recycled water
o Development of rooting and regeneration protocols
o Development of photo-selective nets for improved production of crops
o Monitoring animal activities and consumption in grazing lands

Improvement of fruit set and quality of fruits and vegetables

o Studying transition to flowering and ripening
o Dissection of genetic basis of fruit color
o Flavor improvement- sugars, organic acids, volatiles
o Control of fruit size and shape
o Improving nutritional value- vitamins, pigments, phenolic compounds
o Reduction of physiological disorders- heat lesions, blossom end rot
o Control of alternate bearing in fruit trees

Adaptation to stress

o Improvement of pollen quality under heat stress
o Development of parthenocarpy
o Coping with reduced yield and quality due to irrigation with saline water
o Conferring resistance to pests and diseases
o Crop drought tolerance

Development of natural resources and open landscapes

o Improving sustainable forest management
o Improving management of open landscapes and quantification of their economic value
o Stabilization and restoration of disturbed soil surfaces
o Improving the productivity of pasture lands in Israel
o Interactions between soil, plants and animals in natural pasture areas
o Characterization of socio-economic aspects of usage of pasture lands
o Collection and storage of seeds of crops wild relatives in Israel

Contact details

Phone: 972-3-9683484
FAX: 972-3-9669583
Email: vcfield@volcani.agri.gov.il


Departments (sub-units)
Natural Resources
Fruit Tree Sciences
Ornamental Plants and Agricultural Biotechnology
Vegetable and Field Crops
Administration - Plant sciences
Contact details
TelephoneTel: 972-3-9683568
FaxFax: 972-3-9669583
EmailEmail: lapidotm@volcani.agri.gov.il
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