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Name: Yagil Osem, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Plant SciencesNatural Resources
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-3-9683727
Cell: 050-6220477
Email:  yagil@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Bet Dagan
Address:Institute of Plant sciences,
Agricultural Research Organization,
Volcani Center,
Bet Dagan, Israel
Research scientist
Research Interests / Job description
Forest ecology and management in Mediterranean and semiarid environments.

Research interests

Long -term consequences of silvicultural schemes on forest vegetation structure and function in water limited environments. Emphasis on sustainable forest management, natural regeneration, unevenaged mixed species silviculture, forest biodiversity and complexity.

Development of forest monitoring systems with emphasis on the dynamics of complex vegetation systems.

Patterns of vegetation structure and function along productivity and disturbance gradients in water limited environments.

Pine recruitment, expansion and invasion in Mediterranean and semiarid habitats.

Research programs

LTER for investigating the management of planted Aleppo pine forests in Israel: Long term effects of silvicultural treatments on forest health and vitality, natural regeneration and biodiversity.

Forest understory woody vegetation structure along a rainfall gradient in Israel: The potential of transforming pine plantations into mixed Mediterranean forests through natural regeneration.

Natural regeneration of Aleppo pine forests under semiarid conditions: Variation in seed bank dynamics as related to site conditions, stand characteristics and silvicultural treatments.

Establishment and growth of Quercus ithaburensis recruits as affected by light regime in the understory of Mediterranean pine forests.

Transformation of coniferous forests into broadleaved forests following wild fires: vegetation recovery dynamics as affected by preplanting and postplanting treatments.

Grazing in the forest: Long term effects on herbage quality, biodiversity and natural regeneration in mature Pine forests.

Genetic diversity dynamics in manmade Aleppo pine forests: The genetic profile of  potential daughter population compared to their mother populations.

Colonization by Pinus halepensis in a Mediterranean Garigue: Effects of cattle grazing and fire.

Pine expansion in arid land: fire effects on safe-site abundance.

Linking pattern formation and biodiversity in water limited plant communities.


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