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Name: Harel Levit, M.Sc. (Scholar)
Units: Agricultural EngineeringGrowing, Production and Environmental Engineering
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683995
Cell: 053-7255681
Email:    harelle@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Institute of Agricultural Engineering

Ph.D. student.

Research assistent at the Precision livestock farming (PLF) lab

Research Interests / Job description
Livestock sensing,
Indevidual feeding systems and feeding efficiency.
Dairy cow's feeding behavior

Assessing the potential of photogrammetry to monitor feed intake of dairy cows
Bloch V, Levit H, Halachmi I
Journal of Dairy Research (2019)

Effect of two cooling frequencies on respiration rate in lactating dairy cows under hot and humid climate conditions
Pinto S, Hoffmann G, Ammon C, Heuwieser W, Levit H, Halachmi I, Amon T

Annals of Animal Science (2019)

A systematic review of non-productivityrelated animal-based indicators of heat stress resilience in dairy cattle
Galán E, Llonch P, Villagrá A, Levit H, Pinto S, Del Prado A

PLoS ONE (2018)

Eating behavior, milk production, rumination, and digestibility characteristics of high- and low-efficiency lactating cows fed a low-roughage diet
Ben Meir Y, Nikbachat M, Fortnik Y, Jacoby S, Levit H, Adin G, Cohen Zinder M, Shabtay A, Gershon E, Zachut M

Journal of Dairy Science (2018)

Effect of lactation trimester and parity on eating behavior, milk production and efficiency traits of dairy cows
Ben Meir Y, Nikbachat M, Jacoby S, Portnik Y, Levit H, Elazary A, Gershon E, Adin G, Zinder M, Shabtay A

Animal (2018)


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