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Name: Eran Raveh, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Gilat CenterFruit Tree Sciences / Citriculture
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  992-8670 (0)8 +972
Cell: 050 6220 144
Fax:+972 8 992-6485
Email:    eran@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Gilat regional research center
Gilat Research Center
Mobile Post Negev 85280

Research Interests / Job description
Plant photosynthesis
Sink/source relationship
Plant responses to salinity
Light stress in plants
Physiology of CAM plants
Scion\Rootstocks interactions


Recent publications (Since 2000).

1. Nerd, A., Raveh, E., and Mizrahi Y. (1993) Adaptation of five columber cactus species to various conditions in the Negev Desert of Israel. Economic Botany 47:304-311.

2. Kagan-Zur, V., Raveh E., Lischinsky , S. and Roth -Bejerano, N. (1994). Initial association between Helianthemum and Terfezia is enhanced by low iron in the growth medium. New Phytology 127: 567-570.

3. Raveh, E., M. Gersany and P.S. Nobel (1995) CO2 uptake and fluorescence responses for a shade- tolerant cactus Hylocereus undatus under current and doubled CO2. Physiologia Plantarum 93:505-511

4. Raveh, E., A., Nerd, and Y. Mizrahi. (1996). Responses of climbing cacti to different levels of shade and to carbon dioxide enrichment. Acta Horticultural 434: 271-278.

5. Raveh, E., A., Nerd, and Y. Mizrahi. (1998). Responses of two hemiepiphytic fruit crop cacti to different degrees of shade. Scientia Horticulturae 73; 151-164.

6. Raveh, E. Wang N. and Nobel P.S. (1998). Gas exchange and metabolite fluctuations in green and yellow bands of variegated leaves of the monocotyledonous CAM species Agava americana. Physiologia Plantarum 103:99-106

7. Raveh, E. and Nobel P.S. (1999). CO2 uptake and water loss accompanying vernalization for detached cladodes of Opuntia ficus-indica. International Journal of Plant Sciences 160:92-97.

8. Raveh, E., Cohen S., Raz T., Yakir D., Grava A., and Godschmidt E.E. (2003). Increased growth of young citrus trees under reduced radiation load in a semi-arid climate. Journal of Experimental Botany, 54; 365-373.

9. Nadler, A., Raveh E., Yirmiyahu, U., and Green S.R. (2003). Evaluation of TDR use to monitor water content in stem of lemon trees and soil and their response to water stress. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 67; 437-448.

10. Talbott, L.D., Raveh, E., and Zeiger, E. (2003). Relative humidity is a key factor in the acclimation of the stomatal response to CO2. Journal of Experimental Botany.  54; 2141-2147.

11. Raveh, E. and Levy, Y. (2005). Analysis of xylem water as an indicator of current chloride uptake status in citrus tree. Scientia Horticulturae 103; 317-327.

12. Cohen, S., Raveh, E., Li, Y., Grava, A., and Goldschmidt, E.E. (2005). Physiological responses of leaves, tree growth and fruit yield of grapefruit trees under reflective shade screens. Scientia Horticulturae 107; 25-35.

13. Raveh, E. (2005). Methods to assess potential chloride stress in citrus: Analysis of leaves, fruit, stem-xylem sap and roots. HortTechnology 15; 17-21.

14. Nadler, A., Raveh, E., Yermiahu, U., and Green, S. (2006). Stress induced water content variations in mango stem by time domain reflectometry. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 70: 510-520.

15. Kant, S., Kant, P., Raveh, E., and Barak, S. (2006). Evidence that differential expression of salt tolerance genes contributes to the ability of the halophytic ARMS, Thellungiella halophila to tolerate higher levels of salinity than Arabidopsis thaliana. Plant, Cell and Environment 29; 1200-1234.

16. Gross, A., O. Shmueli, G. Oron, Z. Ronen and E. Raveh (2007). Recycled Vertical Flow Constructed Wetland (RVFCW) - a novel method of recycling greywater for landscape irrigation in small communities and households. Chemosphere 66; 916-923.

17. Mizrahi, Y., Raveh, E., Yossov, E., Nerd, A., and Ben-Asher, J. (2007). New fruit crops with high water use efficiency. In: J. Janick, & Anna Whipkey  editors. Creating Markets for Economic Development of New Crops and New Uses. pp. 216-222.

18. Nadler, A., Raveh, E., Yermiahu, U., and Green, S. (2008). Detecting water stress in trees using stem electrical conductivity measurements. Soil Science Society of America Journal, 72; 1014-1027.

19. Raveh, E. (2008). Partial root-zone drying as a possible replacement for Verdelli practice. ACTA Hoticulturae 792; 537-541.

20. Weiss, I., Mizrahi, Y., and Raveh, E. 2009. Chamber response time: a neglected issue in gas exchange measurements. Photosynthetica, 47 (1); 121-124.

21. Weiss, I., Mizrahi, Y. Raveh E. 2009. Synergistic Effects of Elevated CO2 and Fertilization on Net CO2 Uptake and Growth of the CAM Plant Hylocereus undatus. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci., 134(3); 364 - 371.

22. Raveh, E., T Saban, T., Hillman, Z., and Beit-Yannaib, E. 2009. Influence of rootstock and scion on antioxidant capacity of juice from new pomelo andmandarin varieties. J Sci Food Agric 89; 1825-1830.

23. Weiss, I., Mizrahi, Y., and Raveh, E. 2010. Effect of elevated CO2 on vegetative and reproductive growth characteristics of the CAM plants Hylocereus undatus and Selenicereus megalanthus. Scientia Horticulturae 123; 531-536.

24. Kulkarni, M., Schneider, B., Raveh, E., and Tel-Zur, N. 2010. Leaf anatomical characteristics and physiological responses to short-term drought in Ziziphus mauritiana (Lamk.). Scientia Horticulturae 124; 316-322.

25. Raveh, E. and Levy, Y. 2010. Effect of KNO3 fertilization and rootstock on grapefruit response to reclaimed salinized water. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences (In press).

Recent publications (Since 2000) in Hebrew

1. Hemu, M., Levy, Y., Raveh, E., Hasdai, D., Dahan, E., Lifshits, Y., and Shaked, A. (2001). The effects of salinity and rootstock on Rio-red grapefruit trees.  Alon Hanotea 55; 327-329.

2. Tanny, J. Möller, M., Cohen, S., Teitel, M., Raveh, E., and Grava, A., (2003). The Effects of insect-proof nets on paper screenhouse microclimate. Gan Sadeh and Meshek 5; 49-54.

3. Gross. A, O. Shmueli, E. Raveh, Z. Ronen and G. Oron (2003). Recycled vertical flow constructed wetland for reuse of greywater for landscape irrigation. Water and Irrigation 442: 14-21.

4. Etiel, E., Bar-Tal, A., Cohen, S., Raveh, E., Elkind, Y, Himnes, M., Golan, R., Elkayam, D., and Tzabary, Y. (2004). Effect of radiation load reduction on greenhouse paper water consumption. Gan Sade and Meshek, 5; 33-35.

5. Oren, Y., Hotzman, S., Raveh, E., and Enbal, Z. (2004). The Effects of autumn-girdling during an on-year on the following year fruit yield. Nekudat Tmicha 3; 30-31.

6. Nadler, A., Raveh, E., Yermiyau, U., and Green, S. (2005). Variation in stem water content as an indication for salt and water stress in mango trees. Alon Hanotea, 59; 449-453.

7. Holtzman, S., Oren, Y., Enbal, Z., Zehavi, E., Levi, A., and  Raveh, E., (2005). Fruit set thinning in easy-peeler Or 1 during an on-year. Alon Hanotea, 59; 509-510.

8. Raveh, E., Oren, Y., Holtzman, S., Shrieber, A., Enbal, Z., (2006). The use of serrated girdling in easy-peeler Or 1. Alon Hanotea, 60; 44-45.

9. Raveh, E., Oren, Y., Holtzman, S., Zilberman, J., Levy, Y., S., Shrieber, A., Enbal, Z., (2006). Combating salt stress problem in the citrus orchards of the Negev. Alon Hanotea, 60; 26-30.

10. Holtzman, S., Oren, Y., Raveh, E. (2006). Effect of Fe-chelators on leaf appearance, yield and fruit size in the easy-peeler 'Nectar'. Alon Hanotea, 60; 36-37.

11. Raveh, E., Oren, Y., Holtzman, S., Levy, Y., Raber, D., Zilberman, J., Shrieber, A., Enbal, Z., Lifshitz, Y., and Aharon, M. (2007). Variation in nitrogen application management in Israeli citrus orchards. Alon Hanotea, 61; 30-33.

12. Raveh, E. (2007). Citrus growing in the Negev: salinity problems and how to combat them. Water and Irrigation 448; 30-32.

13. Raveh, E, and Shrieber, A. (2008). Frost damage in citrus orchards. Et-Hadar 61; 18-19.

14. Raveh, E., Hilman, Z., Aharon, M., and Peres, M. 2009. Optimal leaf mineral values for citrus. Et-Hadar, 64; 24-27.

15. Raveh, E., Hilman, Z., Aharon, M., Zilberman, J., Holtzman, S., Oren, Y., Carmi, N., Sarafraz, M., Shemesh, S., Sahar, M. (2009). Uses of plastic mulching to reduce salinity damage in orchards irrigated with reclaimed water. Et-Hadar 67; 19-24.

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