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Name: Gerald Stanhill, Ph.D. (Retiree)
Units: Soil, Water and Environmental SciencesEnvironmental Physics and Irrigation
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-3-9683593
Email:  gerald@volcani.agri.gov.il


Research Interests / Job description
Climate change
Solar radiation measurement and crop influences
Evaporation and crop water requirements
Energy balance of agricultural systems
Organic agriculture

Recent Publications

  • Stanhill, G. 2005. Global dimming: A new aspect of climate change. Weather 60:11-14.
  • Stanhill, G. 2004. Evapotranspiration. In Encyclopedia of Soils in Environment. D. Hillel (Ed.) Elsevier, Oxford. Volume 1: 502-506.
  • Cohen, S., Liepert, B. and Stanhill, G. 2004. Global dimming comes of age. Eos, Trans. Amer. Geophys. Un. 85(38): 362-363.
  • Stanhill, G. 2003. Through a glass brightly: some new light on the Campbell-Stokes sunshine recorder. Weather 58:3-11.
  • Stanhill, G. 2002. Is the Class A evaporation pan still the most practical and accurate meteorological method for determining irrigation water requirements ? Agric. For. Meteorol. 112: 233-236
  • Cohen, S., Ianetz, A. and Stanhill, G. 2002. Evaporative climate changes at Bet Dagan, Israel, 1964-1998. Agric. For. Meteorol. 111: 83-91.
  • Stanhill, G. and S. Cohen. 2001. Global dimming: a review of the evidence for a widespread and significant reduction in global radiation with discussion of its probable causes and possible agricultural consequences. Agric. For. Meteorol.107: 155-278.
  • Stanhill, G. 2001. The growth of climate change science: a scientometric study. Climatic Change 48: 515-524.
  • Stanhill, G. 2000. The future of irrigation: climate trends and uncertainties. In Proceedings of Chinese Israel Bilateral International Workshop on Water Saving Agriculture. Huang Guanhua (Ed.) China Water Power Press, Beijing : 8-17.
  • Kalma, J.D., Perera, H., Wooldridge, S.A. and Stanhill, G. 2000. Seasonal changes in the fraction of global radiation retained as net all-wave radiation and their hydrological implications. Hydrol. Sci. J. 45:653-674.
  • Stanhill, G. 1999. Climate change science is now big science. Eos, Trans. Amer. Geophys. Un. 80: 396-397.
  • Stanhill, G. 1998. Long term trends in, and spatial variation of, solar irradiances in Ireland. Int. J. Climatol. 18: 1015-1030.
  • Stanhill, G. 1998. Estimation of direct solar beam irradiance from measurements of the duration of bright sunshine. Int. J. Climatol. 18: 347-354.
  • Stanhill, G. 1997. Physics and stamp collecting: comments arising from ' The NOAA integrated surface irradiance study (ISIS)- a new surface radiation monitoring program. Bull. Amer. Meteorol. Soc. 78:2872-2873.
  • Stanhill, G. and S. Cohen. 1997. Recent changes in solar irradiance in Antarctica. J. Climat. 10: 2078-2086.
  • Stanhill, G. 1997. Smarter irrigation: an Israeli perspective. In Proceedings of the Irrigation Association Conference held at Shepperton, Victoria, Australia on 20-22 May . DC Poulton ( Ed.): 21-27.
  • Stanhill, G. and A. Ianetz. 1997. Long term trends in, and the spatial variation of, global irradiance in Israel. Tellus 49B: 112-122.
  • Cohen, S. and G. Stanhill. 1996. Contemporary climate change in the Jordan Valley. J. Appl. Meteorol. 35:1051-1058.
  • Stanhll, G. 1995. Global irradiance, air pollution ad temperature in the Arctic. Phil. Trans. R. Soc. A 352: 247-258.
  • Stanhill, G. and J. D. Kalma. 1995. Solar dimming and urban heating at Hong Kong. Int. J. Climatol. 15: 933-941.
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