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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Rivka Barg, Ph.D. (Retiree)
Units: Plant SciencesVegetable and Field Crops
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683466 03-9683763
Cell: 050-6220763
Email:  rivkab@volcani.agri.gov.il  bargrja@int.gov.il
Research Interests / Job description
Biotechnological manipulation of parthenocarpic fruit set
Molecular biology of fruit set and development
Physiology and molecular aspects of fruit-set in response to auxin triggering
Isolation of plant reproductive organ-specific genes and their promoters
Role of fatty acid desaturation in abiotic stress tolerance

Recent Publications

  • Barg R, Meir E, Lapushner D, Frankel R, Salts Y (1990) Differential regulation of fruit specific 62 kDa protein in developing parthenocarpic (pat-2/pat-2) and seeded tomato fruits. Physiol Plant 80:417-424.
  • Salts Y, Wachs R, Gruissem W, Barg R (1991) Sequence coding for a novel proline-rich protein preferentially expressed in young tomato fruit. Plant Mol Biol 17:149-150.
  • Salts Y, Kenigsbuch D , Wachs R, Gruissem W, Barg R (1992) DNA sequence of the tomato fruit expressed proline-rich protein gene TPRP-F1 reveals an intron within the 3' untranslated transcript. Plant Mol Biol 18:407-409.
  • Carmi N, Salts Y, Dedicova B, Shabtai S, Pilowsky M, Barg R (1997) Transgenic parthenocarpy due to specific over-sensitization of the ovary to auxin. Acta Horticulture 447: 579-581.
  • Szechtman A, Salts Y, Carmi N, Shabtai S, Barg R (1997) Seedless fruit setting in response to NAM treatment of transgenic tomato expressing the iaaH gene specifically in the ovary Acta Hort 447:597-598.
  • Barg R, Pilowsky M, Shabtai S, Carmi N, Szechtman AD, Dedicova B, Salts Y (1997) The TYLCV-tolerant tomato line MP-1 is characterized by superior transformation competence. J Exp Bot 48:1919-1923.
  • Barg R, Shabtai S, Carmi N, Pilowsky M, Salts Y (2001) Transgenic parthenocarpy in determinate and indeterminate tomato cultivars. Acta Hort 560:207-210.
  • Kafkas E, Koch-Dean M, Shabtai S, Tanaami Z, Salts Y, Barg R (2001) Development of methods for improved transformation of strawberry in Israel, with the aim of improving fruit development. 4th Strawberry symposium Finland Acta Hort (in press).
  • Barg R, Shabtai S, Salts Y (2001) Transgenic Tomato (Lycopesicon esculentum) In: Biotechnology in Agriculture and Forestry. Transgenic Crops II (Ed. YPS Bajaj). Springer, Pp.212-233.
  • Carmi N, Salts Y, Dedicova B, Shabtai S, Barg R. (2003) Induction of parthenocarpy in tomato via specific expression of the rolB gene in the ovary . Planta 217:726-735 .
  • Chmelnitsky I, Sobolev I, Barg R, Shabtai S, Salts Y (2003) Isolation and preliminary characterization of tomato petal- and stamen-specific cDNAs from subtracted and equalized cDNA library . Euphytica 129:229-236 .
  • Zhang M, Barg R, Yin M, Gueta-Dahan Y, Leikin-Frenkel A, Salts Y, Shabtai S, Ben-Hayyim G (2005)Modulated fatty acid desaturation via overexpression of two distinct omega-3 desaturases differentially alters tolerance to various abiotic stresses in transgenic tobacco cells and plants . Plant J. 44:361-371
  • Barg R, Sobolev I, Eilon T, Gur A, Chmelnitsky I, Shabtai S, Grotewold E, Salts Y (2005) The tomato early fruit specific gene Lefsm1 defines a novel class of plant-specific SANT/MYB domain proteins . Planta 221:197-211 .
  • Salts Y , Sobolev I, Chmelnitsky I, Shabtai S, Barg R (2005) Genomic structure and expression of Lestd1, a seven-transmembrane-domain protein encoding gene specifically expressed in tomato pollen . Isr J Plant Sci 53:79-88


  • Barg R and Y. Salts Y (Sept 5, 2000) United States Patent 6,114,602 : Method for the induction of genetic parthenocarpy in plants.

Current Projects

  • Study the role of a novel SANT/MYB-like gene (LeFSB1) in mediating tomato fruit development.
  • Induction of transgenic parthenocarpy in tomato, strawberry and melon via altering auxin biosynthesis (iaaM & iaaH) or auxin signal transduction (rolB) specifically in the ovary.
  • Characterization of reproductive organ (ovary, stamens or petals) specific genes and promoters.
  • Drought tolerance via modulation of fatty acid desaturation
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