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Name: Lea Mazor, M.Sc. (Retiree)
Units: Office of Deputy Director for Research and DevelopmentThe Official Seed Testing Laboratory
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683637
Cell: 050-6220637
Email:  leamazor@volcani.agri.gov.il


Research Interests / Job description
Head of Official Seed Testing Laboratory
-Seed Germination and Breaking Dormancy.
-Seed Quality Testing: Viability and Vigour.
-Improving Germination of Field and Garden Crops.


Curriculum Vitae - Lea Mazor
Web site of the Official Seed Testing Laboratory: http://old.agri.gov.il/Units/Seeds/Main.htm



1967- 1971: High School,  Nahariya.

1973-1976: B Sc. Biology-Ecology, Faculty of Life Sciences,. Bar-Ilan University, Ramat Gan,

1979 - 1982: M.Sc.  Agricultural Botany, Plant Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture, The Hebrew University, Rehovot.
M.Sc. Thesis: ATP Accumulation during Early Stages of Germination as a Possible Indicator of Seed Quality.



1976- 1981: 

Seed Technologist, Official Seed Testing Laboratory, Agricultural Research Organization.  Ministry of Agriculture, Bet - Dagan.

1985- 1993:        

Head, Purity & Germination Section. Official Seed Testing Laboratory, ARO. Ministry of Agriculture, Bet - Dagan.

1993 - Present: 

Head, Seed Testing Division (Official Seed Testing Laboratory).  ARO. Ministry of Agriculture, Bet - Dagan., Israel.


Science Related Activities:  

1989- Present:

Member of the ISTA-Germination Committee. International Seed Testing Association.

1993 - Present:  

Representative of the State of Israel in ISTA- International Seed Testing Association.  


Chairperson of the Flower Seed Committee- ISTA. International Seed Testing Association 


Member of the Seed Advisory Committee. Ministry of Agriculture.


Member of Scientific Program Advisory Committee. ISTA-Seed Symposium 2007: Diversity in Seed Technology. Iguassu Falls, Brazil 


Member of Scientific Program Advisory Committee. ISTA- Seed Symposium 2007: Application and improvement of established and advanced technologies in seed testing. Cologne, Germany


Selected Publications: 

Mazor L., Perl M., Negbi M. (1984) Changes in some ATP- dependent activities in seeds during treatment with polyethyleneglycol, and during the redrying process. J. Exp. Bot. 35: 1119-1127.

Mazor L., Negbi M., Perl M. (1984) The lack of correlation between ATP accumulation in seeds at the early stage of germination and seed quality. J. Exp. Bot. 35: 1128-1135.

Mazor L. Cohen Z., Feder Z., Bar Z., Kleinerman R. (1994)  Peanuts: The quality of mechanically damaged seeds and a comparison of seeds different origins. "Hasadeh" Vol. 74 (6): 604-608 (in Hebrew).

Mazor L., Cohen Z., Cohen O., Grama A., Globerson D. (1998)  Production of confectionery sunflower achenes with high germinability. In ISTA 25th Congress, Pretoria,1998. Seed Symposium. Abstract (page 62) & Poster.

Mazor L. (1999) Report of the Flower Seed Committee 1995-8 Term of Reference and Progress. Seed Science & Technology Vol. 27, Suppl. 1: 122-123.

Mazor L. (2001) Report of the Flower Seed Committee 1998-2001, Term of Reference  and Progress. Seed Science & Technology, Vol. 29, Suppl. 1: 165-9.

Mazor L., Kohen, R. et al (2002) Wheat seed treatments with Dividend (Commercial & New Formula) and Vitavax. (confidential).

Mazor L. (2003) Report of two comparative tests on root system evaluation of Tagetes. Seed testing international. No. 126: 34-35.

Mazor L. (2004) A comprehensive worldwide questionnaire on flower seed testing. Seed testing international. No. 128: 23-25.

Mazor L. Cohen O., Sidan G., Abu-Aklin W., Dekalo-Keren M., Levin A. (2006)  The Effect of "Gaucho" treatment on the shelf- life of Onion. "Gan Shade Va Mesek" April 2006, (in Hebrew).

Mazor L. Cohen O., Cohen Z., Sidan G., Dekalo-Keren M., Abu-Aklin W., Levin A. (2007)    Assessment of seed vigour for the local Israeli cotton types "Acala" and "Pima". In ISTA 28th Congress, Iguassu Falls, Brazil, 2007. Seed Symposium. Abstract (page 119) & Poster.

Mazor L., et al (2008 (ISTA Handbook on Flower Seeds Testing:  Workingsheets (WS) on Calendula, Dianthus, Gaillardia, Impatiens, Tagetes & Viola.    

Each sheet includes information on the following sections: Seed Description, Purity, Germination, Tetrazolium, Seed-borne Diseases and References. ISBN 978-3-906549-45-3. Published by ISTA, Bassersdorf, Switzerland.

Mazor L., Cohen O., Sidan G., Dekalo-Keren M., Abu-Aklin W., Berger V. and  Cohen Z. (2010) Assessment of seed vigour for the local Israeli cotton types "Acala" and "Pima". "Sade Va Telem", No. 22, March-April 2010 (in Hebrew).



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