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 "In the current age, the agriculture and food industry is affected by a few major challenges:

  • The water shortage & feed shortage which together comprise the reasons for a possible food shortage or food price hike - i.e. the demand for food security.
  • Global warming and climate change - which basically means a demand for higher stress tolerance in plants.
  • Food safety, functional food, natural food, and the friendly (green) control of pests and diseases - which comprise the world demand for healthier food.
  • Environmentally safe solutions for energy, water use, and agriculture - which comprise the demand for sustainability of our food economy.

The only significant answer the world has to offer to such demands and needs is based on innovation. The ARO is one of the leading organizations in the world ready with solutions and capabilities addressing these challenges in innovations in the food industry.

Kidum R&D Applications is the organization whose mission is to enable these solutions and capabilities to be put to widespread use around the world by successfully transferring the abilities and innovations developed at the ARO to large scale utilization by private firms and farmers around the world. 
The professional team in Kidum is dedicated to bringing about this mission. We encourage you to be in touch with our staff regarding potential collaborations in this field."

By: Director of Kidum R&D Applications - Mr. Jacob Mualem Marom

Kidum is the Technology Transfer Organization (TTO) of the ARO and is responsible for the IP registration and commercialization of research applications in Agriculture and for the establishment of partnerships, joint ventures and other business enterprises. As such, Kidum provides the link between research, investment, commerce and industry in the governmental arena.

Kidum Aims include:

  • Providing a fast & effective solution to IP issues
  • Raising the ARO's income from commercial activity

Thus, the expected results are:

  • Increasing income for Research.
  • Increasing work places for R&D.
  • Increasing tax income for the Government. 

Kidum Activities:

  • Identifying research projects with commercialization potential and presenting business opportunities to commercial organizations.
  • Evaluating and developing possibilities for research collaboration with commercial companies, funding of projects by business entities, and granting of licenses for the use of technologies developed at the ARO
  • Negotiation, preparation and signing of agreements for joint projects between the ARO and commercial companies.
  • IP Registration and protection.

Commercial aspects:

The income generated by Kidum to the ARO doubled in the past six years. Today only half of the income generated comes from R&D activities while a larger and larger part comes from royalties. Each year 70-80 agreements of various types (mainly royalty based) are signed with companies in Israel and worldwide

Intellectual Property:

  • Kidum is responsible for registration & worldwide protection of IP created at the ARO, which is accomplished by several different methods: trade secrets, Knowhow, Trademarks, Patent and Registration plant breeders' rights (PBR).
  • Registration is funded from income derived from royalties.
  • Currently 85% of the patents held by the ARO are commercialized or in the process towards the signing of an agreement
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