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Current and former Lab members

Guy J. Levy

Soil Scientist, Grade A+ (equivalent to Full Professor)
Department of Soil Chemistry and Plant Nutrition
Inst. of Soil, Water and Environmental Sciences
Agricultural Research Organization
The Volcani Center
P.O. Box 6
Bet Dagan 50250


Anna Berezkin, M.Sc.
Research Engineer

Lab Manager


Students, Post-Doctoral fellows and Scholars



Oshri Rinot, Post-doctoral fellow. 2016-current. (in collaboration with Dr. M. Borisover, ARO and Dr. Gil Eshel, SERS).

“Soil health: Development of a multi parameter soil health index specially designed for agricultural soils”.


Gilad Fisher, M.Sc., BIU (in collaboration with Drs.  A. Oren and M. Borisover, ARO).

"Optimization of compost application rates for prevention of damage to soil structure in the long-term".

Dvir Miller, M.Sc. Agric., HUJI (in collaboration with Drs.  A. Oren and M. Borisover, ARO).

"Characterization of similar molecular-level components of organic matter in solid and liquid phases of organic wastes as a tool for assessing waste application effects on contaminant mobility in soil".



Arie Geler, Ph.D. Technion, 2015 (in collaboration with Prof. I. Ishai, Technion).

“Effects of using marginal water  on the geomechanical properties of compacted soils”.


Peeyush Sharma, Post-doctoral fellow. 2014. (in collaboration with Dr. M. Borisover, ARO).

"Changes in composition of soil and dissolved organic carbon (DOC): FTIR and UV fluorescence study".


Gopali Bardhan, Post-doctoral fellow. 2013-2014. (in collaboration with Dr. D. Russo, ARO).

"Effects of long term irrigation with treated wastewater on soil physical and physico-chemical properties".


Elinatan Cohen, M.Sc. Agric., HUJI 2013 (in collaboration with Dr. M. Borisover, ARO). [Recipient of the Mokady prize for best MSc thesis 2013-2014].

"Characterization of the quality of treated wastewater with emphasis on the concentration and composition of the diffolved organic matter".


Tamar Levy, M.Sc. agric., HUJI 2012 (in collaboration with Dr. P. Fine, ARO and Dr. M. Shenker, HUJI).

“Testing different “class A” sludge products for improving soil chemical and physical properties”.


Marie-Helen Bernier, Foreign scholar. 2011-2012. (in collaboration with Dr. M. Borisover, ARO).

“FT-IR spectroscopy analysis of organic matter in bulk soil”.


Lilach Barsheshet, M.Sc. Agric., HUJI, 2012 (in collaboration with Dr. A. Bar-Tal, ARO and Dr. M. Shenker, HUJI).

"Development of a sustinable agricultural management in the degraded soils of the Bet She'an Valley".

Present position: Intel, Qiryat-Gat


Anna Lordian, M.Sc. Agric., HUJI, 2011 (in collaboration with Dr. M. Borisover, ARO).

“Use of fluorescence spectroscopy for characterizing dissolved organic matter originating from soils irrigated with treated waste water”.

Present position: Mekorot, Israel National Water Co.


Edo Gutman, M.Sc. Agric., HUJI, 2009 (in collaboration with Prof. Y. Chen and Dr. J. Tarchitzky, HUJI).

“Effects of different level of treatment of treated wastewater on some physical properties of soils”.

Present position: Environmental consultent, Windex Israel Ltd. (edo@windex.co.il).


Yonatan Otzap, M.Sc., BGU, 2008 (in collaboration with Prof. P. Berliner, BGU).

“The effect of physical (structural) soil crusts on the evaporation of water from the soil”.


Boaz Arad, M.Sc. Agric., HUJI, 2008 (in collaboration with Prof. U. Mingelgrin, ARO).

“Impact of irrigation with treated wastewater on carbon sequestration in inorganic forms”.

Present position: Agronomist, Deshen Gat LTD.


Dr. Gil Eshel, Post-doctoral fellow. 2005-2006.

“Carbon sequestration in inorganic forms in the soil”.


Dr. Uttam Mandal, Post-doctoral fellow. 2005-2006.

“Impact of irrigation with waste water on soil quality”.


David N. Warrington, Foreign scholar. 2003-2007.           

“Fate of the clay size fraction in the soil and the eroded material in soils irrigated  with treated wastewater”.


Dr. Ajay Kumar Bhardwaj, Post-doctoral fellow. 2003-2006.

“Soil structural stability and hydraulic properties”.


Dr. Z. Tang, Post-doctoral fellow. 2002-2003.

“Efficiency of Polyacrylamide applied in the form of dry granules for combating seal formation and soil erosion”.


Yu Jian, (M.Sc.), Foreign scholar. 1999-2000.

“Exploring the efficiency of interrupted flow in controlling erosion in furrow irrigation”.


Dr. A.I. Mamedov,  Post-doctoral fellow. 1998-2003.

“Seal formation in soils irrigated with treated sewage water”.


Ariel Rosenthal, M.Sc. Agric., HUJI 1998. (in collaboration with Prof. Y. Chem).

"Effects of organic matter load in reclaimed waste water on the hydraulic conductivity of agricultural soils".


Dr.  J.R. Torrento, Post-doctoral fellow. 1994.

“Effect of exchangeable potassium on soil structural stability”.


A.E. Fraga-Bernardo, M.Sc., Univ.of Karslruhe, Karlsruhe, Germany. 1993. (in collaboration with Prof. D. Prinz).

"The effect of exchangeable potassium on seal formation, infiltration parameters and interrill erosion of three soils".




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