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PhD Student in Remote-Sensing
Dr. Tarin Paz-Kagan 29/01/18

We are looking for a PhD student to take part in remote sensing and geo-informatics study, for estimation of dryland forests response to drought stress along climatic gradient in Israel. The study will use VENμS imagery and airborne LiDAR measurements to evaluate forest response to climatic change.


We seek a student with demonstrated expertise in one or more of the following disciplines: (1) remote sensing and imaging processing (2) preferable experience with airborne LiDAR measurement (3) remote sensing time series analyses, (4) background in forest ecology (5) multivariate statistics and spatial statistics; (6) ArcGIS and Geospatial data, (7) programming experience (R, Matlab, and python).

The successful applicant should have completed requirements for MS.c or MA in remote sensing, geo-informatics, geography, bio-statistics, computer programming or related field, and have a strong background remote sensing data analysis. The applicant should have the abilities to work as part of a team and to work with diverse groups; and have good written and oral communications skills in English.
The research will be conducted in the department of Sensing, Information and Mechanization systems in the Institute of Agricultural Engineering of the Agricultural Research Organization - Volcani Center near Rishon LeTzion. The research is a collaboration of three research groups: Prof. Dan Yakir from Weizmann institute, Dr. Yagil Osem, and Dr. Tarin Paz-Kagan from Volcani Center.

To apply, please email CV to Tarin Paz-Kagan (Tarin@volcani.agri.gov.il)  with the subject line as "PhD application ".


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