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הנהלה מרכז מידע - ספריה תלמידי מחקר יחידה עסקית דוברות מכוני מחקר אודות
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Department of Quantitative and Molecular Genetics
Institute of Animal Science
Agricultural Research Organization,
The Volcani Center,
Institute of Animal Science, Agricultural Research Organization (ARO), Rishon LeTsiyon, P.O.B 15159, 7528809, Israel

.גנטיקה והשבחה של בקר ודגים. שימור מיני חיות הבר על ידי אפיון גנומי.

תחומי עניין / תאור תפקיד
חקר המנגנון הגנטי של קביעת מין באמנונים ויצירת אוכלוסיות כל זכריות, סלקציה גנומית ברמת ה-דנא בבקר לחלב. פיתוח סמנים גנטיים ומפות תאחיזה לדגים דקר המכמורת ובורי. איתור הגנים לקביעת זוויג בדגים בורי ואמנון ליצירת אוכלוסיות כל -נקביות ו -זכריות, בהתאמה. שימור מיני חיות הבר על ידי אפיון גנומי באמצעות דנ"א ברקודינג.

Research Interests

Study of the genetic mechanism of sex determination in tilapia and creation of all-male populations, Genomic selection at the DNA level in cattle. Development of genetic markers and linkage maps for the White Grouper and Buri fish. Study of sex determination in Buri and Gupi for creation of all -female and -male populations, respectively.

Recent Publications (out of 116)

  • Palti, Y., A. Shirak, A. Cnaani, G. Hulata, R.R. Avtalion, and M. Ron (2002). Detection of genes with deleterious alleles in an inbred line of tilapia (Oreochromis aureus). Aquaculture 206 (3-4): 151-164.
  • Cnaani A., Ron M., Lee B. -Y., Hulata G., Kocher T. D. and Seroussi E. (2002). Mapping the Transferrin gene in tilapia. Anim. Genet. 33: 78-80.
  • Cnaani A., Ron M., Hulata G. and Seroussi E. (2002). Fishing in silico: searching for tilapia genes using sequences of microsatellites DNA markers. Anim. Genet. 33; 474-476.
  • Shiraq A., Palti Y., Cnaani A., Korol A., Hulata G., Ron M. and Avtalion R. (2002). Association between loci with deleterious alleles and distorted sex ratios in an inbred line of tilapia (Oreochromis aureus). J. of Heredity 93: 270-276.
  • Cnaani A., Hallerman, E. M., Ron, M., Weller, J. I., Indelman, M., Kashi, Y., Gall, G. A. E. and Hulata, G. (2003). Detection of a chromosomal region with two quantitative trait loci, affecting cold tolerance and fish size, in an F2 tilapia hybrid. Aquaculture 223; 117-128.
  • Cnaani, A., Lee, B.-Y., Ron, M., Hulata, G., Kocher, T.D., Seroussi, E. (2003). Linkage mapping of major histocompatibilty complex class I loci in tilapia (Oreochromis spp.). Anim. Genet. 34; 390-391.
  • Cnaani A., Zilberman N., Tinman S., Hulata G. and Ron M. (2004). Genome-scan analysis for quantitative trait loci in an F2 tilapia hybrid. Molecular Genetics and Genomics 272:162-172.
  • Cnaani A., Tinman S., Avidar Y., Ron M. and Hulata G. (2004). Comparative study of biochemical parameters in response to stress in Oreochromis aureus, O. mossambicus and two strains of O. niloticus Aquaculture Research 35: 1434-1440.
  • Shirak A., Bendersky A., Weller J.I., Hulata G., Ron M., and Avtalion R.R. (2006) Altered self-erythrocyte recognition and destruction in an inbred line of tilapia (Oreochromis aureus). Immunology 176(1):390-4
  • Shirak A., Seroussi E., Cnaani A., Howe, A.E., Domokhovsky, R., Zilberman, N., Kocher, T.D., Hulata, G. and Ron M. (2006) Amh and Dmrta2 genes map to Tilapia (Oreochromis spp.) linkage group 23 within QTL regions for sex determination . Genetics 174:1573-81
  • Zilberman N., Reikhav S., Hulata G., and Ron M (2006). High-throughput genomic DNA extraction protocol from Tilapia fin tissue. Aquaculture 255: 597-599.
  • Cnaani A., Lee B-Y., Zilberman N., Ozouf-Costaz C., Hulata G., Ron M., D'Hont A., Baroiller J-F., D'Cotta H., Penman D.J., Tomasino E., Coutanceau J-P., Pepey E., Shirak A., Kocher, TD. (2008). Heredity of sex determination in Tilapiine species. Sex Dev. 2:43-54. 
  • Shirak  A., Lee B.-Y., Golik M., Howe A., Kocher T.D., Hulata, G., Ron M. and Seroussi E. (2008). Copy number variation of lipocalin family genes for Male-specific proteins in tilapia and its association with gender. J. of Heredity 1-11.
  • Shirak A., Cohen-Zinder M., Melon R., Seroussi, E., Ron M. and Hulata G. (2009). DNA barcoding of Israeli endemic and introduced cichlids.   Israeli Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh 61(2):83-88.
  • Shirak A., Grabherr M., Di Palma F., Lindblad-Toh K. Hulata G., Ron M. Kocher TD. and Seroussi E. (2009) Identification of repetitive elements in the genome of Oreochromis niloticus: Tilapia repeat-masker. Marine Biotechnology 12(2):121-5. 
  • Eshel O., Shirak A., Weller J.I., Slossman T. Hulata G.  and Ron M. (2011)  Fine mapping of quantitative trait locus for sex-determination on linkage group 23 in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Anim. Genet. 42(2):225-6.

  • Velan A., Hulata G., Ron M., and Cnaani A. (2011) Comparative time-course study on pituitary and branchial response to salinity challenge in Mozambique tilapia (Oreochromis mossambicus) and Nile tilapia (O. niloticus). Fish Physiology and Biochemistry 37:863-873.

  • Eshel O., Shirak A., Weller J.I., Slossman T., Hulata G., and Ron M. (2012)   Linkage and physical mapping of sex region on LG23 of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus).Genes| Genomes| Genetics 2:35-42

  • Shirak A., Palti Y., Bern O., Kocher T., Gootwine E., Seroussi E., Hulata G., Ron M. and R.R. Avtalion (2012) A deleterious effect associated with UNH159 is attenuated in twin embryos of an inbred line of tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) J. Fish Biol. Accepted.

  • Shirak A., Reicher S., Uliel S., Mehlman T., Shainskaya A., Ron M. and Seroussi E. (2012) Gender and sexual behavior modulate the composition of serum lipocalins in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Gene 1;504(1):22-30.

  • Shirak A., Barkai O., Lernau O., Kahanov Y., Seroussi E. and Ron M.  (2012) DNA barcoding analysis of fish bones from a shipwreck found at Dor, Israel.  Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh (In press).

  • Shirak A., Palti Y., Bern O., Kocher T., Gootwine E., Seroussi E., Hulata G., Ron M. and R.R. Avtalion (2013.) A deleterious effect associated with UNH159 is attenuated in twin embryos of an inbred line of tilapia (Oreochromis aureus) J. Fish Biol. 82(1):42-53.

  • Brawand D. et al. (2014) The genomic substrate for adaptive radiation: genomes of five African cichlid fish (total of 74 co-authors including Ron M.) Nature 18;513(7518):375-81.

  • Dor L., Shirak A., Gorshkov S., Ron M., and Hulata G. (2014) Development of genetic markers for the white grouper (Epinephelus aeneusAquaculture 420–421 (Suppl 1): S104–S110. 

  • Dor L., Shirak, A. Gorshkov S., Band M.R., Korol AB, Ronin Y., Curzon A., Hulata G., Seroussi E., and Ron M. (2014) Construction of a microsatellites-based linkage map for the white grouper (Epinephelus aeneus). Genes| Genomes| Genetics 5;4(8):1455-64.

  • Eshel O. , A. Shirak, L. Dor, M. Band, T. Zak, M. Gordon, V. Caspi, E. Feldmesser, J.I. Weller, E. Seroussi, G. Hulata and M. Ron (2014) Identification of male-specific amh duplication, genes and microRNAs differentially expressed between genders at early embryonic development of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). BMC Genomics 15:774-.

  • Velan A., Hulata G., Ron M., Slosman T., and Cnaani A. (2015) Association between polymorphism in the Prolactin I promoter and growth of tilapia in saline-water. Aquaculture Reports 1:5-9.

  • Shirak A., Dor L., Seroussi E., Ron M., Hulata G. and Golani D. (2016) DNA barcoding of Mediterranean fish species. Medit. Mar. Sci. 17/2 459-466.
  • Dor L., Shirak A., Rosenfeld H., Meiri I., Band M.R., Korol A., Yefim R., Seroussi E., and Ron M. (2016) Mapping of the sex determination region of Flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus). Animal Genetics 47(6):698-707.
  • Dor L., A. Shirak, H. Rosenfeld, I. Meiri-Ashkenazi, G. Rubinstein, E. Seroussi, J.I. Weller and Ron M. (2018) Genetic stock identification of the Flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus) in Sea of Galilee (Israel) based on parent-offspring relationship. Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh 6: 873-78.

    • Shirak A., Zak T., Dor L Benet-Perlberg A., Weller JI., Ron M., and Seroussi E. (2018) Quantitative trait loci on LGs 9 and 14 affect the reproductive interaction between two Oreochromis species, O. niloticus and O. aureus. J. of Heredity 122: 341-353
    • Curzon A.Y., Shirak A., Dor L., Zak T., Perelberg A., Seroussi E. and M. Ron (2019) The origin of the Thai-Chitralada Tilapia strain of Oreochromis niloticus using DNA barcoding and microsatellites analysis. Journal of Aquaculture - Bamidgeh 71: 1-7. http://hdl.handle.net/10524/62895.
    • Dor L., Shirak A., Kohn Y., Gur T., Weller J.I., Zilberg D., Seroussi E. and M. Ron (2019) Mapping of the sex determining region on linkage group 12 of Guppy (Poecilia reticulate). Genes| Genomes| Genetics 9: 3867-3875.
    • Curzon A.Y., Shirak A., Dor L., Zak T., Perelberg A., Seroussi E. and M. Ron (2020) A duplication in the Anti Müllerian hormone is associated with genetic sex determination of different Oreochromis niloticus strains. J. of Heredity (In press).
    • Dor, L., Shirak, A., Curzon, Rosenfeld, H., Ashkenazi, IM., Nixon, O., Seroussi, E., Weller, JI., and Ron, M. (2020)
       Preferential mapping of sex-biased differentially-expressed genes of larvae to the sex-determining region of flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus). Frontiers in Genetics 11: 839-850.
    • Curzon A.Y., A. Shirak, H. Rosenfeld, I. Meiri-Ashkenazi, M. Ron and E. Seroussi (2021) A novel c.1759T>G variant in the vertebrate FSHR orthologous gene is associated with sex determination in the flathead grey mullet (Mugil cephalus).Genes| Genomes| Genetics G3 (Bethesda) 9: 11(2)
    • Curzon A.Y, Shirak A, Zak T, Dor L, Benet-Perlberg A, Naor A, Low-Tanne S.I, Sharkawi H, Ron M and Seroussi E. (2021) All-male production by marker-assisted selection for sex determining loci of admixed Oreochromis niloticus and O. aureus stocks. Animal Genetics (In press).
    • Seroussi E., Ron M. and Kedra D. (2002) ShiftDetector: Detection of frame shift mutations. J. of BioInformatics 18:1137-8.
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    Current Projects

    • Heredity of sex determination towards production of all-male population in tilapia and gupy fish, and all-female population in Buri fish
    • Development of genetic markers and maps for the White Grouper and Buri fish
    • From QTL to QTN identification in livestock
    • Genomic selection in cattle
    • DNA barcoding of fish at the Mediterranean sea
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