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    Recent Publications

    Shamay, A., Mabjeesh, S.J., Shapiro, F. and Silanikove, N. (2000). ACTH and dexamethasone failed to affect milk yield in dairy goats: comparative aspects.Small Ruminant Res. 38:255-259.

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    Miron, J., Adin, G., Solomon, R., Nikbachat, M., Zenou, A., Shamay, A., Brosh, A. and Mabjeesh, S.J. (2008). Heat production and retained energy in lactating cows held under hot summer conditions with evaporative cooling and fed two rations differing in roughage content and in vitro digestibility. Animal (in press)

    Adin, G., Solomon, R., Shoshani, E., Flamenbaum, I., Nikbachat, M., Yosef, E., Zenou, A., Halachmi, I., Shamay, A., Brosh, A., Mabjeesh, S.J and Miron, J. (2008).

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                Reviewed articles in Hebrew journals.


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    Books and invited reviews.


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  • Effect of leptin on the mammary gland and ovary of the dairy cow
  • Environmental manipulation during the dry period of ruminants
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