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Head: Avner Cnaani, Ph.D.
Domesticated animals supply a significant portion of the world’s population protein consumption. One of the most important challenges of the 21st century is food supply. Assuming that food production must increase by 50% until 2030, in order to supply enough food for 10 billion people by 2050, the institute faces crucial challenges. Towards this goal, 22 scientists, 27 technicians and 30 students (Msc, Ph.D and Postdoc) in 2 departments (Ruminant Science and Poultry and Aquaculture Science) are using genetic, genomic, proteomic, epigenetic, physiology, microbiology and nutritional techniques.

Research aims:

a. Improving performance and production of fish, poultry, cattle and sheep using multidisciplinary approaches.
b. Maintaining performance, production and welfare under abiotic and biotic stresses.
c. Improving the quality of products while preserving the quality of the environment.
d. Developing and applying genomic, statistic and bio-informatic techniques in order to selectively breed domestic animals.

Contribution to agriculture:

During the years, the research in the institute has significantly contributed to the Israeli and world agriculture. This contribution covered multi-agriculture-disciplines. Scientists in the Department of Ruminants lead the cattle and sheep selective breeding for feed efficiency, high quality products and improvement of fertility. At the same time a significant effort was directed to improve the quality of the diet. In both departments different models to improve resistance to harsh environmental conditions and to improve performance were developed. New fish species were introduced, fishery growth management was upgraded. Students who graduated from the institute today lead the industry-related-agriculture (feed meals, hatcheries, fertility, breeding, etc.), the academy (universities and research institutes) as well as the agricultural extension of Israel.

The institute highly values the relationship with the world scientific community. The ongoing research in the institute is published in international conferences, and in peer review manuscripts, books, chapters in books and review papers. Post-doc fellows from different countries conduct their research in our departments. Delegates interested in our research visit the institute. International funds induce a worldwide collaboration between members of the institute and colleagues from overseas universities and agricultural institutes.

Administration Animal Sciences

Avital Oteni

Tel: 08-9484400

Email: avitalo@volcani.agri.gov.il

Departments (sub-units)
Department of Ruminant Science
Poultry and Aquaculture
Administration Animal Sciences
Contact details
TelephoneTel: +972-8-9484402
FaxFax: +972-8-9475075
EmailEmail: avnerc@volcani.agri.gov.il
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