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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Gad Loebenstein, Prof. (Retiree)
Units: Plant ProtectionPlant Pathology and Weed Research
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972 8 9467 769 972 3 9683 575
Cell: 972 522 345 908
Fax:972 8 9467 769
Email:    Gad-talma@barak.net.il
Office location:Dept. Plant Pathology-Virology, Volcani Center, Bet Dagan 50250
Address:Dept. Plant Pathology, Volcani Center Bet Dagan, 50-250
Home: 9, Spinoza st. Rehovot, 76452, Israel
Prof. Emeritus, Dept. Plant Pathology -Virology
Research Interests / Job description
Plant Virology, Viuses of sweet potato and potatoes; rapid propagation of potatoes for preparing certified potato tuber seeds; Natural resistance mechanisms of plants to viruses; the IVR gene and transformation of plants with this gene


M.Sc. - Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1945

Ph. D-  Hebrew University, Jerusalem. 1960

Post Doc. Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.- 1961-1962

Sabaticals: 1973- Dept of Miccrobiology, University of Birmingham, UK; 1969- National Program  Staff, Agricultural Reaearch Service, USDA, Beltsville, USA.

Positions Held

1960- Head Virus Research Laboratory, later Dept. ov Virology

1967- Head  Institute of Plant Protection

1968- Founder and first president of the Israeli Phytopathological Society

1981-1986-Head Agricultural Research Organization and ChiefScientist Ministry of Agriculture

1973- Professor of Microbiology (ajunct)  Tel Aviv University and Professor of Microbiology University of Birmingham, UK

1975- Professor (adjunct) Faculty of Agriculture

1995-1998- CEO Serumtech

2000-2005 -Member of Board YAKHIN -HAKAL

Honors and Awards

1980- Corresponding member of thr German Phytopatological Society

1989- Fellow of the American Phytopathologicall Society

1982- Rotschild Prize in Agriculture

1986- Elected Member of the Kazakh Academy of Agricultural Science

2004- Elected to Marquis Who'sWho in the World

Publications from 1989

  • Spiegel, S., Gera, A., Salomon, R., Ahl, P. Harlap, S. and Loebenstein, G.1989. Recovery of an inhibitor of virus replication from the intercellular fluid of hypersensitive tobacco infected with tobacco mosaic virus and from uninfected induced-resistant tissue. Phytopathology. 79:258-262.
  • Gera, A., Loebenstein, G., Salomon, R. and Franck, A. 1990. Inhibitor of virus replication from protoplasts of a hypersensisitve tobacco cultivar infected with tobacco mosaic virus is associated with a 23-K protein species. Phytopathology.. 80:78-81.
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    (in Russian).
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     Books and Invited Reviews:
  • Loebenstein, G. 1993. Plant Virology - Principles and Application. Dept of Publications, Agric. Res. Org. (in Hebrew).234 p. .
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