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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Marcel Fuchs, Ph.D. (Retiree)
Units: Soil, Water and Environmental SciencesEnvironmental Physics and Irrigation
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683593
Cell: 052-2237068
Email:    fuchsml@agri.gov.il

Emeritus Scientist

Research Interests / Job description
Greenhouse climate control
Micro-meteorology around vegetation and soil
Soil heat flow
Environmental physiology of plants
Energy balance of plants
Radiometric properties of vegetation

Selected Publications

  1. Fuchs, M., Cohen, Y. and S. Moreshet. 1987. Determining transpiration from meteorological data and crop characteristics for irrigation management. Irrig. Sci. 8:91-99.
  2. Cohen, Y., Fuchs, M., Falkenflug, V. and S. Moreshet. 1988. A calibrated heat pulse method for determining water uptake in cotton. Agron. J. 80:398-402.
  3. Cohen, Y. and M. Fuchs. 1989. Problems in calibration the heat pulse method for measuring sap flow in the stem of trees and herbaceous plants. Agronomie 9:321-325.
  4. Fuchs, M., Cohen, Y., Moreshet,S. and Y. Cohen. 1989. Experimental verification of a meteorological transpiration model. Agronomie, 9:827-832.
  5. Cohen, Y., Moreshet, S. And M. Fuchs. 1987. Changes in hydraulic conductance of citrus trees following a reduction in wetted soil volume. Plant, Cell and Environment, 10:53-57.
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  7. Moreshet, S., Cohen, Y., Green,C.G. and M. Fuchs. 1990. The partitioning of hydraulic conductances in mature citrus trees. J. exp. Bot. 41:833-839.
  8. Fuchs, M. 1990. Canopy thermal infrared observations. In Instrumentation for Studying Vegetation Canopies for Remote Sensing in Optical and Thermal Infrared Regions. Goel, N.S. and Norman, J.M. (Eds.), Remote Sensing Reviews, 5:323-333.
  9. Fuchs, M. 1991. Infrared measurement of canopy temperature and detection of plant water stress. Theor. Appl. Climatol. 42:253-261.
  10. Petersen, K.L., Moreshet, S. and M. Fuchs. 1991. Stomatal response of field-grown cotton to radiation and soil moisture. Agron. J. 83:1056-1065.
  11. Petersen, K.L., Fuchs, M., Moreshet, S., Cohen, Y. and H. Sinoquet. 1992. Computing transpiration of sunlit and shaded foliage under variable water stress. Agron. J. 84:91-97.
  12. Demetriades-Shah, T.H., Fuchs, M., Kanemasu, E.T. and I. Flitcroft. 1992. A note of caution concerning the relationship between accumulated intercepted solar radiation and crop growth. Agric. For. Meteorol. 58:193-207.
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  15. Fuchs, M. 1993. Radiation exchange and microclimate in vegetation canopies. In Crop Structure and Light Microclimate. C. Varlet-Grancher, R. Bonhomme and H. Sinoquet (Eds.). INRA Editions. p.387-399.
  16. Moreshet, S., Fuchs, M., Cohen, Y., Cohen, Y., and M. Langensiepen. 1996. Water transport characteristics of cotton as affected by drip irrigation layout. Agron. J. 88:717-722.
  17. Fuchs, M., Dayan, E., Shmuel, D., and I. Zipori. 1997. Effects of ventilation on the energy balance of a greenhouse with bare soil. Agric. For. Meteorol. 86:273-282.
  18. Aloni, B., Karni, L., Rilska, I., Cohen, Y., Lee, Y., Fuchs, M., Moreshet, S., and Yao, C. 1998. Cuticular cracking in pepper fruit. I. Effects of night temperature and humidity. J. Hort. Sci. & Biotech. 73:743-749.
  19. Moreshet, S., Yao, C., Aloni, B., Karni, L., Fuchs, M. and Stanghellini. C. 1999. Environmental factors affecting the cracking of greenhouse-grown bell pepper fruit. J. Hort. Sci. & Biotech. 74:6-12.
  20. Cohen, S. and Fuchs, M. 1999. Measuring and predicting radiometric properties of reflective shade nets and thermal screens. J. Agric. Engng. Res. 73:245-255.
  21. Otterman, J., Brakke, T.W., Fuchs, M., Lakshmi, V. and Cadeddu, M. 1999, Longwave emission from a plant/soil surface as a function of the view direction; dependence on the canopy architecture. Int. J. Remote Sensing 20:2195-2201.
  22. Dayan, E., Fuchs, M., Plaut, Z., Presnov, E., Grava, A., Matan, E. Solphoy, A., Mugira, U., and Pines, N. 2000, Cooling of roses in greenhouses. Proc. International Conference and British-Israeli Workshop on greenhouse techniques towards the 3rd millennium. Acta Horticulturae 534:351-360.
  23. Li, Y., Fuchs, M., Cohen, S., Cohen, Y. and Wallach, R. 2002. Water uptake profile response of corn to soil moisture depletion. Plant, Cell and Environment 25 (4), 491-500.
  24. Cohen, Y., Fuchs, M., Li, Y., Grawa, A. and Dayan, E. 2003. Reducing transpiration by an evaporative pad to delay solute accumulation in closed-loop fertigation systems. Acta Hort. (ISHS) 609:173-179
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  27. Dayan, E. Presnov, E. and Fuchs, M. 2004. Prediction and calculation of morphological characteristics and distribution of assimilates in th ROSGRO model. Mathematics and Computers in Simulation 65:101-116.
  28. Fuchs, M., E. Dayan and E. Presnov. 2006. Evaporative cooling of a ventilated greenhouse rose crop. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 138:203-215.
  29. Fuchs, M., Y. Cohen, Y. Li, and A. Grava. 2006. Evaporative cooling pad attenuates osmotic stress in closed-loop irrigated greenhouse roses. Scientia Horticulturae 111:56-62
  30. Fuchs, M. 2006. Impact of research on water use for irrigation in Israel. Irrigation Science 25:443-445, DOI 10.1007/s00271-006-0050-z
  31. Fuchs, M. and Hadas, A. 2011. Mulch resistance to water vapor transport. Agricultural Water Management 98: 990–998.

Current Projects

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