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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Yehezkel Cohen, Ph.D. (Retiree)
Units: Soil, Water and Environmental SciencesEnvironmental Physics and Irrigation
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-3-9683691
Email:  vwhezi@volcani.agri.gov.il


Research Interests / Job description

Research Interests

  • Sap flow measurements for determination of plant water requirement
  • Water regime of forests in arid regions
  • Environmental physiology of crops and forests
  • Climate control in greenhouses
  • Interaction between transpiration and sensitivity to saline water

Recent Publications

  • Cohen, Y., Fuchs M. and Green, G.C. (198l). Improvement of the heat pulse method for determination of sap flow in trees. Plant Cell Environ. 4: 39l-397.
  • Cohen, S. and Cohen, Y. (l983). Field studies of leaf conductance to environmental variables in citrus. J. Appl. Ecol. 20: 561-570.
  • Cohen Y., Stanhill, G. and Fuchs, M. F.(1983).An experimental comparison of evaporative cooling in a naturally ventilated glasshouse due to wetting the outer roof and inner crop soil surfaces. Agric. Meteorol. 28: 239-25l.
  • Cohen, Y., Fuchs, M. and Cohen, S. (l983). Resistance to water uptake in a mature citrus tree. J. Exp. Bot. 34: 451-460.
  • Cohen, Y., Moreshet, S. and Fuchs, M. (l984). Change in transpiration rate of mature citrus trees in response to a reduction of wetted soil volume. Acta Hort. 171: 45-50.
  • Cohen, Y., Kelliher, F.M. and Black, T.A. (l985). Determination of sap flow in Douglas?fir trees using the heat pulse technique. Can. For. Res. 15: 422-428.
  • Cohen, Y., Moreshet, S. and Fuchs, M. (l987). Changes in hydraulic conductance of citrus trees following a reduction in wetted soil volume. Plant. Cell & Environ. 10: 53-57.
  • Fuchs, M., Cohen, Y. and Moreshet, S. (l987). Determining transpiration from meteorological data and crop characteristics for irrigation management. Irrig. Sci. 8: 91-99.
  • Cohen, Y., Fuchs, M., Falkenflug, V. and Moreshet, S. (l988). Calibrated heat pulse method for determining water uptake in cotton. Agron. J. 78: 398-402.
  • Fuchs, M., Cohen, Y. and Moreshet, S. (l989). Experimental verification of a meteorological transpiration model. Agronomie 9: 827-832.
  • Cohen Y. (1991). Determination of Orchard water requirement by a combined trunk sap flow and meteorological approach. Irrig. Sci. 12: 93-98.
  • Cohen, Y., Takeuchi, S., Nozaka, J. and Yano, T. (1993).Accuracy of sap flow measurement in herbaceous plants using heat balance or heat pulse methods. Agron. J. 85: 1080-1086.
  • Cohen, Y. (1994).Thermoelectric methods for measurement of sap flow in plants. In: G. Stanhill (ed) Advances in Bioclimatology, Vol. 3 Springer-Verlag, Heidelberg, Germany 3:63-89
  • Cohen, Y., Plaut, Z., Meiri, A. and Hadas, A. (1995). Impact of deficit irrigation on water use from clay soil with shallow ground water table. Agron. J. 87:808-814.
  • Cohen, Y. and Li, Y. (1996).Validating sap flow measurement in field grown sunflower and corn. J. exp. Bot. 47: 1699-1707.
  • Cohen, Y., Adar, E., Dody, A. and Schiller, G. (1997). Water use by mature Eucalyptus trees under unlimited water supply. Trees 11: 356-362.
  • Salih, A.A., Ali, I.A., Lux, A., Luxova, M., Cohen, Y., Sugimoto, Y., and Inanaga, S. (1999). Rooting Water Uptake, and xylem structure adaptation to drought of two sorghum cultivars. Crop Sciene 39:168-173
  • Li, Y., Fuchs, M., Cohnen, S., Cohen, Y., and Wallach, R. (2001). Water uptake profile response of corn to soil moisture depletion. Plant Cell Environ. 25: 491-500.
  • Schiller, G., Unger, E.D and Y. Cohen (2002). Estimating Water use by sclerophyllous species under east Mediterranean climate. I. Response of transpiration of Phillyrea latifolia L. to site factors. For. Ecol. Management. 170:117-126.
  • Li Y., Cohen Y., Wallach R., Cohen S and Fuchs M. 2003. On quantifying soil water deficit of a partially wetted root zone for the response of canopy or leaf conductance. Agriculture Water Management, Agriculture Water Management 1872 :1-18.
  • Fholliott P.F ; Gottfried G. J ; Cohen Y and Schiller G. 2003. Transpiraiton by dryland oaks : studies in the south-western United States and northern Israel. J. Arid Environ. 55: 595-605
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