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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Joseph, Yosef Burger, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Newe Ya'arResearch teams-Newe Yaar
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  04-9539517
Cell: 050-6220017
Email:  burgery@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Department of Vegetable Crops
Address:Newe Ya'ar Research Center
Agricultural Research Organization,
P.O.Box 1021, Ramat Yishay 30095, Israel


Research Interests / Job description
Genetics, breeding and crop enhancement of melons, with emphasis on fruit quality.
Natural materials in cucurbits.



Recent Publications (5 Years) 

Freilich, S., Lev, S., Gonda, I., Reuveni, E., Portnoy, V., Oren, E., Lohse, M., Galpaz, N., Bar, E., Tzuri, G., Wissotsky, G., Meir, A., Burger, J., Tadmor, Y., Schaffer, A., Fei, Z., Giovannoni, J.J., Lewinsohn, E. and Katzir, N. (2015). Systems approach for exploring the intricate associations between color, sweetness and aroma in melon fruit. BMC Plant Biology 15: 71 doi:10.1186/s12870-015-0449-x.

Tzuri, G., Zhou, X., Chayut, N., Yuan, H., Portnoy, V., Meir, A., Sa'ar, U., Baumkoler, F., Mazourek, M., Lewinsohn, E., Fei, Z., Schaffer, A.A., Li, L., Burger, J., Katzir, N. and Tadmor Y. (2015). A "golden" SNP in CmOr governs fruit flesh color of melon (Cucumis melo). The Plant Journal 82: 267-279.

Yuan, H., Owsiany, K., Sheeja, T. E., Rodriguez, C., Li, Y., Chayut, N., Y. Yang, R. Welsch, T. Thannhauser, M. Parthasarathy, Q. Xu, X. Deng, Z. Fei, A. A. Schaffer, N. Katzir, J. Burger, Y. Tadmor and Li, L. (2015). A Single Amino Acid Substitution in an ORANGE Protein Promotes Carotenoid Overaccumulation in Arabidopsis. Plant physiology, pp-00971. http://www.plantphysiol.org/content/early/2015/07/29/pp.15.00971.full.pdf+html

Cohen, R., Orgila, G., Burger, Y., Sa'ar, U., Elkabetz, M., Tadmor, Y., Edelstienc, M., Belausovd, E., Maymona, M., Freemana, S. andYarden, O.  (2014). Differences in the responses of melon accessions to fusarium root and stem rot and their    colonization by Fusarium oxysporum f. sp. radicis-cucumerinum. Plant Pathology,

Davidovich-Rikanati1, R., Shalev, L., Baranes, N. Meir, A., Itkin, M., Cohen, S., Zimbler, Portnoy, V., Ebizuka, Y., Shibuya, M., Burger, Y., Katzir, N., Schaffer, A.A,. Lewinsohn, E. K., and Tadmor,  Y. (2014).  Recombinant yeast as a functional tool for understanding bitterness and cucurbitacin biosynthesis in watermelon (Citrullus spp.). Yeast, 32: 103-114.

Cohen S, Itkin M, Yeselson Y, Tzuri G, Portnoy V, Harel-Baja R, Lev S, Sa'ar U, Davidovitz-Rikanati R, Baranes N, Bar E, Wolf D, Petreikov M, Shen S, Ben-Dor S, Rogachev I, Aharoni A, Ast T, Schuldiner M, Belausov E, Eshed R, Ophir R, Sherman A, Frei B, Neuhaus HE, Xu Y, Fei Z, Giovannoni J, Lewinsohn E, Tadmor Y, Paris HS, Katzir N, Burger Y, Schaffer AA. (2014). The PH gene determines fruit acidity and contributes to the evolution of sweet melons. Nature Commun. 5:4026.

Allwood JW, Cheung W, Xu Y, Mumm R, De Vos RCH, Deborde C, Biais B, Maucourt M, Berger Y., Schaffer AA, et al., (2014). Metabolomics in melon: A new opportunity for aroma analysis. Phytochemistry

Bernillon, S., Biais, B., Deborde, C., Maucourt, M., Cabasson, C., Gibon, Y., Hansen, T. H., Husted, S., de Vos, R. C. H., Mumm, R., Jonker, H., Ward, J. L., Miller, S. J., Baker, J. M., Burger, J., Tadmor, Y., Beale, M. H., Schjoerring, J. K., Schaffer, A. A., Rolin, D., Hall, R. D., Moing, A. 2013. Metabolomic and elemental profiling of melon fruit quality as affected by genotype and environment. Borovsky, Y., Tadmor, Y., Bar, E., Meir, A., Lewinsohn, E., Paran, I. (2013) Induced mutation in b-CAROTENE HYDROXYLASE results in accumulation of b-carotene and conversion of red to orange color in pepper fruit. Theor Appl Genet 126:557-565.

Gonda, I., Lev., S., Bar, E., Sikron, N., Portnoy, V., Davidovich-Rikanati, R., Burger, J., Schaffer, A.A., Tadmor, Y., Giovannoni, J.J., Huang, M., Fei, Z., Katzir, N., Fait, A. and Lewinsohn, E. (2013). Catabolism of L-methionine in the formation of sulfur and other volatiles in melon (Cucumis melo L.) fruit. The Plant Journal 74:458-472.

Galpaz, N., Burger, Y., Lavee, T., Tzuri, G., Sherman, A., Melamed, T., Eshed, R., Meir, A., Portnoy, V., Bar, E., Shimoni-Shor, E., Feder, A., Saar, Y., Saar, U., Baumkoler, F., Lewinsohn, E., Schaffer, A. A., Katzir, N., Tadmor, Y. (2013). Genetic and biochemical characterization of an EMS induced mutation in Cucumis melo CRTISO gene. Arch. Biochem. Biophys. 539: 117-125.

Sherman, A., Eshed, R., Harel-Beja, R., Tzuri, G., Portnoy, V., Cohen,S., Uliel, S., Schaffer, A.A., Burger, J., Katzir, N. and Ophir, R. (2013). Combining bulk segregation analysis and microarrays for fine mapping of the pH trait in melon. Theorial applied Genetics, 126:349-358.

Paris, H. S., Cohen, R., Edelstein, M., Burger, Y., Ma'oz, Y., Schaffer, A. A. (2013). Origin and History of Old Cucurbit Cultivars in Israel and the Sources of Several Internationally Important Market Types. Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 60: 1629-1640.

Cohen, S., Tzuri, G., Harel-Beja, R., Itkin, M., Portnoy, V., Sa'ar, U., Lev, S., Yeselson, L., Petrikov, M., Rogachev, I., Aharoni, A., Ophir, R., Tadmor, Y., Lewinsohn, E., Burger, Y., Katzir, N., Schafer, A. A. (2012). Co-mapping studies of QTLs for fruit acidity and candidate genes of organic acid metabolism and proton transport in sweet melon (Cucumis melo L.). Theor Appl Genet 125:343-353.

Dai , N., Cohen, S., Portnoy , V., Tzuri, G., Harel-Beja, R., Pompan-Lotan, M., Carmi, N., Zhang, G.,  Diber, A.,  Pollock, S., Karchi, H., Yeselson, L., Petreikov, M., Shen, S., Sahar, U., Hovav, R., Lewinsohn, E., Tadmor, Y., Granot, D., Ophir, R., Sherman, A., Fei, Z., Giovannoni, J.J., Burger, Y., Katzir, N., and Schaffer, A.A (2011) Metabolism of soluble sugars in developing melon fruit: A global transcriptional view of the metabolic transition to sucrose accumulation. Plant Molecular Biology 76:1-18.

Biais, B., Bernillon, S., Deborde, C., Cabasson, C.,  Rolin, D., Tadmor, Y., Burger, J., Schaffer, A.A., Moing, A. (2012). Precautions for harvest, sampling, storage, and transport of crop plant metabolomics samples.Methods Molecular  Biology,  860: 51-63.

Portnoy, V., Diber, A., Pollock, S., Karchi, H., Lev, S., Tzuri, G., Harel-Beja, R., Forer, R., Portnoy, V. H., Lewinsohn ,E., Tadmor, Y., Burger, Y., Schaffer, A. A., Katzir, N. (2011). Use of Non-Normalized, Non-Amplified cDNA for 454-Based RNA Sequencing of Fleshy Melon Fruit. The Plant Genome 4:36-46.

Harel-Beja, R.,Tzuri, G., Portnoy, V., Lotan-Pompan, M.,Lev, S.,Cohen, S.,Dai, N.,Yeselson, L.,Meir, A., Libhaber, S., Avisar, E., Melame, T.,Van Koert, P., Verbakel, H., Hofstede, R.,Volpin, H., Oliver, M., Fougedoire, A., Stalh, C., Fauve, J., Copes, B.,Fei, Z., Giovannoni, J., Ori, N.,Lewinsohn, E., Sherman, A., Burger, J., Tadmor, Y., Schaffer, A., and Katzir, N (2010) A genetic map of melon highly enriched with fruit quality QTLs and EST markers, including sugar and carotenoid metabolism genes. Theor. Appl. Genet. 121: 511-533.

Tadmor, Y., Burger, Y., Yaakov, I., Feder, A., Libhaber, S. E., Portnoy, V., Meir, A., Tzuri, G., Sa'ar, U., Baumkoler, F., Rogachev, I., Aharoni, A., Abeliovich, H., Schaffer, A., Lewinsohn, E. and Katzir, N. (2010). Genetics of Flavonoid, Carotenoid, and Chlorophyll Pigments in Melon Fruit Rinds. J. Agric. Food Chem. 58:10722-10728.

Edelstein, M., Oka, Yuji, Burger, Y., Eizenberg, H. and Cohen R. (2010). Variation in the response of cucurbits to Meloidogyne incognita and M. Javanica.  Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 58:77-84.

Gonda, I., Bar, E., Portnoy, V., Lev, S., Burger, J., Schaffer, A. A., Tadmor, Y., Gepstein,  S., Giovannoni, J. J., Katzir, N. and Lewinsohn, E. (2010). Branched-chain and aromatic amino acid catabolism into aroma volatiles in Cucumis melo L. fruit. J. Exp. Bot. 61: 1111-1123.

Ophir, R., Eshed, R., Harel-Beja, R., Tzuri, G., Portnoy, V., Burger, Y., Uliel, S., Katzir N. and Sherman A. (2010).High-throughput marker discovery in melon using a self-designed oligo microarray. BMC Genomics 11:269.

Burger, Y., Jonas-Levi, A.,  Gurski, A.  Horev, C.  Saar, U. and Cohen, R. (2010). Variation in anti-fungal activity in extracts from Momordica plants. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 58:1-7.

Burger, Y, Paris HS, Cohen R, Katzir N, Tadmor Y, Lewinsohn E, Schaffer AA (2010) Genetic Diversity of Cucumis melo. Hort Rev 36:165-198.


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