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Name: Victor Rodov, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Postharvest and Food SciencesDepartment of Postharvest Science
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683609
Cell: 050-6220609
Email:  vrodov@agri.gov.il
Research Interests / Job description
Minimally-processed (fresh-cut) and ready-to-eat fruit and vegetable products: technology, physiology, microbiology and safety
New functional food products of plant origin; phytonutrients and antioxidants in fruits and vegetables
Food packaging, in particular modified-atmosphere and modified-humidity packaging
Postharvest treatments to improve nutritional and keeping quality of fresh produce
Plant secondary metabolites, e.g. terpenoids and phenolic compounds

Selected Publications 

Articles in reviewed journals

Fallik, E., Alkali-Tuvia, S., Horev, B., Copel, A., Rodov, V., Aharoni, Y., Ulrich, D., and Schulz, H. (2001). Characterisation of 'Galia' melon aroma by GC and mass spectrometric sensor measurements after prolonged storage. Postharvest Biol. Technol. 22: 85-91.

Nafussi, B., Ben-Yehoshua, S., Rodov, V., Peretz, J., Ozer, B.K., and D'hallewin, G.   (2001). Mode of action of hot-water dip in reducing decay of lemon fruit. J. Agr. Food Chem. 49: 107-113.

Rodov, V., Horev, B., Vinokur, Y, Copel, A., Aharoni, Y., and Aharoni, N. (2002). Modified-atmosphere packaging improves keeping quality of Charentais-type melons. HortScience 37: 950-953.

Vinokur, Y., Rodov, V., and Horev, B. (2002). Effect of postharvest factors on the content of ascorbic acid in Israeli varieties of strawberries. Acta Hort. 567, vol. 2, pp. 763-766.

Rodov, V., De la Asuncion, R., Peretz, J., Koltai, T. and Ben-Yehoshua, S. (2003). Testing perforated heat-shrinkable films and carbon dioxide absorbers for packaging of Tommy Atkins mango. Adv. Hort. Sci. 17: 127-134.

Vinokur, Y., Rodov, V., Reznick, N., Goldman, G., Horev, B., Umiel, N., and      Friedman, H. (2006). Rose petal tea as an antioxidant-rich beverage: cultivar effects. J. Food Sci. 71: S42-S47.

Vinokur, Y. and Rodov, V. (2006). Method for determining total (hydrophilic and lipophilic) radical-scavenging activity in the same sample of fresh produce. Acta Hort. 709, pp. 53-60.

Ben-Yehoshua., S. and Rodov, V. (2006). Developing a novel environmentally friendly microbiocidal formulation from peel of citrus fruit. Acta Hort. 712, pp. 275-284.

Saks, Y., Ward, G., Erdmen, S., Goldstein, Y., Lichter, A., and Rodov, V. (2006). Pulsed UV light for decontamination of cold storage facilities. Acta Hort. 712, pp. 893-898.

Rodov, V., Horev, B., Goldman, G., Vinokur, Y., and Fishman, S. (2007). Model-driven development of microperforated active modified-atmosphere packaging for fresh-cut produce. Acta Hort. 746, pp. 83-88.

Fallik, E., Rodov, V., Horev, B., Sela, S., Alkalai-Tuvia, S., and Vinokur, Y. (2007). Hot water rinsing and brushing technology for the fresh-cut industry. Acta Hort. 746, pp. 229-235.

Ben-Yehoshua, S., Rodov, V., Nafussi, B., Feng, X., Yen, J., Koltai, T., and Nelkenbaum, U. (2008). Involvement of limonene hydroperoxides formed after oil gland injury in the induction of defense response against Penicillium digitatum in lemon fruit. J. Agr. Food Chem. 65: 1889-1895.

Vinokur, Y., Levi, A., Feygenberg, O., and Rodov, V. (2008). Hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidant capacity and content of phenolic compounds in fresh khat leaves (Catha edulis Forsk.). Ethnobot. Leaflets 12: 557-564.

Rodov V, Vinokur Y, Gogia, N., Chkhikvishvili I. (2010). Hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidant capacities of Georgian spices for meat and their possible health implications. Georgian Med. News 179: 61-66.

Rodov, V., Tietel, Z., Vinokur, Y., Horev, B., and Eshel, D. (2010). Ultraviolet light stimulates flavonol accumulation in peeled onions and controls microorganisms on their surface. J. Agr. Food Chem., 58: 9071-9076.

Rodov, V., Nafussi, B. and Ben-Yehoshua, S. (2011). Essential oil components as potential means to control Penicillium digitatum Pers (Sacc.) and other postharvest pathogens of citrus fruit. Fresh Produce, 5: 43-50.

Horev, B., Sela, S., Vinokur, Y., Gorbatsevich, E., Pinto, R. and Rodov, V. (2011). The effects of active and passive modified atmosphere packaging on the survival of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium on washed romaine lettuce leaves. Food Res. International (in press) doi:10.1016/j.foodres.2011.05.037.

Freiman, Z.E., Rodov, V., Yabloviz, Z., Horev, B. and Flaishman, M.A. (2011). Preharvest application of 1-methylcyclopropene inhibits ripening and improves keeping quality of ‘Brown Turkey' figs (Ficus carica L.). Sci. Hort. (in press).

Rodov, V., Vinokur, Y. and Horev, B. (2012). Brief postharvest exposure to pulsed light stimulates coloration and anthocyanin accumulation in fig fruit (Ficus carica L.). Postharvest Biol. Technol. (accepted).

Book chapters and invited reviews

Ben-Yehoshua, S., and Rodov, V. (2002). Transpiration and water stress. In: Postharvest Physiology and Pathology of Vegetables, (J. Barz and J. K. Brecht, eds.), pp. 111-159. Marcel Dekker, Inc., NY, USA,

Rodov, V. (2004). Research and development on fresh-cut fruits and vegetables in Israel. In: Improving Quality Management in the Minimally-processed Fruit and Vegetables Industry of the Euro-Med Area (G. Colelli and M.L. Amodio, eds.), pp. 54-60. INCO-MED Program, Publ. University of Foggia, Italy

Watada, A., Izumi, H., Luo, Y., and Rodov, V., (2005). Fresh-cut produce. In: New Environmentally Friendly Technologies to Prevent Spoilage and Maintain Quality of Agricultural Produce, (S. Ben-Yehoshua, ed.), pp. 149-203. CRC Press, Boca Raton, FL, USA

Aharoni, N., Rodov, V., Fallik, E., Afek, U., Chalupowicz, D., Aharon, Z., Maurer, D., and Orenstein, J. (2007). Modified-atmosphere packaging for vegetable crops using high water vapor-permeable films. In: Intelligent and Active Packaging (C. Wilson, ed.), pp. 73-112. CRC Press, Boca Raton FL USA,

Rodov, V., (2007). Biotechnological approaches to improving quality and safety of fresh-cut fruit and vegetable products. In: Quality Management of Fresh-Cut Produce (S. Kanlayanarat, P.M.A. Toivonen, and K.C. Gross, eds.), pp. 181-193. Acta Hort. 746, ISHS.

Flaishman, M., Rodov, V., and Stover, E. (2008). Fig (Ficus carica): botany, horticulture and breeding. In: Horticultural Reviews Vol. 34, (J. Janick, ed.), pp. 113-196. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken NJ, USA

Rodov, V., Ben-Yehoshua, S., Aharoni, N., and Cohen, S. (2010). Modified-humidity packaging of fresh produce. In: Horticultural Reviews Vol. 37 (J. Janick, ed.), pp. 281-330. John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken NJ, USA

Articles in Hebrew

Rodov, V., Aharoni, Y., Copel, A., Fallik, E., Yekutieli, O., Wiseblum, A., Regev, R., Antignus, Y., Kenig, A., Cohen, S., and Omer, S. (1999). The problem of brown specks ("freckles") in Galia melons: factors effecting the severity of the disorder. Gan, Sade VeMeshek, 6: 50-54.

Rodov, V., Percelan, J., Horev, B., Vinokur, Y., Ben-Yehoshua, S., Flaishman, M., and Yablovich, Z. (2002). Developing dark figs for export: Harvesting indices for improvement of quality and storability of the 'Brazilian' fig variety. Alon HaNotea, 56: 372-376.

Rodov, V., Horev, B., Goldman, G., Vinokur, Y., and Flaishman, M. (2003). Developing dark figs for export: Trial shipment of figs of 'Brazilian' variety to Europe by sea. Alon HaNotea, 57: 118-122.

Rodov, V., Vinokur, Y., Horev, B., and Goldman, G. (2003). Improving quality of cucumbers by alleviation of postharvest water stress and delaying senescence. Gan, Sade VeMeshek, 8:36-42.

Rodov, V. (2004). Minimally processed (fresh-cut) fruits and vegetables: a branch of food industry in progress. Derech HaMazon 29:16-20.

Rodov, V., Horev, B., Goldman, G., Vinokur, Y., Yablovich, Z., Golubovich, S., and Flaishman, M. (2005). Purple fig: pollination effects on fruit quality and storage potential. Alon HaNotea, 60: 110-112 .

Horev, B., Rodov, V., Vinokur, Y., Abu-Toame, M., and Adar, A. (2011). Improving storage potential and quality of strawberries by carbon dioxide-enriched active modified atmosphere. AMivzak Yerakot / Sade VeYerek, 237 (October 2011): 41-44.

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