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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Victor Rodov, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Postharvest and Food SciencesDepartment of Postharvest Science
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683609
Cell: 050-6220609
Email:  vrodov@agri.gov.il
Office location:Room 125, Postharvest Sci. bldg 78-1
Address:Dept. of Postharvest Science, Agricultural Research Organization (ARO) - the Volcani Center, 68 HaMaccabim Road, P.O.B 15159, Rishon LeZion 7505101, Israel

Research Interests / Job description
- Postharvest physiology and technology
- Fresh-cut ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables: physiology, technology and safety
- Food packaging, e.g. modified-atmosphere and modified-humidity packaging
- Postharvest treatments to improve quality and safety of fresh produce
- Plant secondary metabolites: antimicrobials, antioxidants, phytonutrients
- New functional food products of plant origin


Articles in Reviewed Journals

Rodov, V, Vinokur, Y, Gogia, N. and Chkhikvishvili, I. (2010). Hydrophilic and lipophilic antioxidant capacities of Georgian spices for meat and their possible health implications. Georgian Med. News 179: 61-66.

Rodov, V., Tietel, Z., Vinokur, Y., Horev, B. and Eshel, D. (2010). Ultraviolet light stimulates flavonol accumulation in peeled onions and controls microorganisms on their surface. J. Agr. Food Chem., 58: 9071-9076.

Rodov, V., Nafussi, B. and Ben-Yehoshua, S. (2011). Essential oil components as potential means to control Penicillium digitatum Pers (Sacc.) and other postharvest pathogens of citrus fruit. Fresh Produce, 5: 43-50.

Horev, B., Sela, S., Vinokur, Y., Gorbatsevich, E., Pinto, R. and Rodov, V. (2012). The effects of active and passive modified atmosphere packaging on the survival of Salmonella enterica serotype Typhimurium on washed romaine lettuce leaves. Food Res. Int. 45: 1129-1132.

Freiman, Z.E., Rodov, V., Yabloviz, Z., Horev, B. and Flaishman, M.A. (2012). Preharvest application of 1-methylcyclopropene inhibits ripening and improves keeping quality of ‘Brown Turkey' figs (Ficus carica L.). Sci. Hort. 138: 266-272.

Rodov, V., Vinokur, Y. and Horev, B. (2012). Brief postharvest exposure to pulsed light stimulates coloration and anthocyanin accumulation in fig fruit (Ficus carica L.). Postharvest Biol. Technol. 68: 43-46.

Vinokur, Y., Rodov, V., Levi, A., Kaplunov, T., Zutchi, Y. and Lichter, A. (2013). A method for evaluating fruit abscission potential of grapes and cherry tomato clusters. Postharvest Biol. Technol.79: 20-23.

Chkhikvishvili, I., Sanikidaze, T., Gogia, N., Mchedlishvili, T., Enukidze, M., Machavariani, M., Vinokur, Y. and Rodov, V. (2013). Rosmarinic acid-rich extracts of summer savory (Satureja hortensis L.) protect Jurkat T cells against oxidative stress. Ox. Med. Cell. Longev. Volume 2013, Article ID 456253, 9 p.

Poverenov, E., Danino, S., Horev, B., Granit, R., Vinokur, Y. and Rodov, V. (2014). Layer-by-Layer electrostatic deposition of edible coating on fresh cut melon model: anticipated and unexpected effects of alginate-chitosan combination. Food Bioprocess Technol. 7: 1424-1432.

Poverenov, E., Rutenberg, R., Danino, S., Horev, B. and Rodov, V. (2014). Gelatin-chitosan composite films and edible coatings to enhance the quality of food products: Layer-by-Layer vs. blended formulations. Food Bioprocess Technol. 7: 3319-3327.

Eshel, D., Teper-Bamnolker, P., Vinokur, Y., Saad, I., Zutahy, Y. and Rodov, V. (2014). Fast curing: A method to improve postharvest quality of onions in hot climate harvest. Postharvest Biol. Technol. 88: 34-39.

Schmilovitch, Z., Alchanatis, V., Ignat, T., Hoffman, A., Egozi, H., Ronen, B., Ostrovsky, V., Vinokur, Y. and Rodov, V. (2015). Machinery for fresh cut watermelon and melon. Chem. Eng. Trans. 44: 277-282. DOI: 10.3303/CET1544047.

Shlar, I , Poverenov, E., Vinokur, Y., Horev, B., Droby, S. and Rodov, V. (2015). High-throughput screening of nanoparticle-stabilizing ligands: application to preparing antimicrobial curcumin nanoparticles by antisolvent precipitation. Nano-Micro Letters 7: 68-79.

Dogra, N., Choudhary, R., Kohli, P., Haddock, J.D., Makwana, S., Horev, B., Vinokur, Y., Droby, S. and Rodov, V. (2015). Polydiacetylene nanovesicles as carriers of natural phenylpropanoids for creating antimicrobial food-contact surfaces. J. Agric. Food Chem., 63: 2557-2565.

Vinokur, Y., Kenigsbuch, D., Chalupowicz, D. and Rodov, V. (2015). A system for non-destructive quantitative characterization of aroma in fresh herbs and essential oil bearing plants. J Essent. Oil Bear. Pl. 18: 798-805.

Molinu, M.G., Dore, A., Palma, A., D'Aquino, S., Azara, E., Rodov, V. and D'hallewin, G. (2016). Effect of superatmospheric oxygen storage on the content of phytonutrients in ‘Sanguinello Comune' blood orange. Postharvest Biol. Technol., 112: 24-30.

Chkhikvishvili, I., Sanikidaze, T., Gogia, N., Enukidze, M., Machavariani, M., Kipiani, N., Vinokur, Y. and Rodov, V. (2016). Constituents of French marigold (Tagetes patula L.) flowers protect Jurkat T cells against oxidative stress. Ox. Med. Cell. Longev. Volume 2016, Article ID 4216285, 10 p.

Shlar, I ., Droby, S. and Rodov, V. (2017). Modes of antibacterial action of curcumin under dark and light conditions: A toxicoproteomics approach. J. Proteomics 160: 8-20.

Shlar, I., Droby, S. Choudhary, R. and Rodov, V. (2017). The mode of antimicrobial action of curcumin depends on the delivery system: monolithic nanoparticles vs. supramolecular inclusion complex. RSC Advances 7: 42559-42569.

Bilbao-Sainz, C., Chiou, B.S., Williams, T., Wood, D., Du, W.X., Sedej, I., Ban, Z., Rodov, V., Poverenov, E., Vinokur, Y. and McHugh, T. (2017). Vitamin D-fortified chitosan films from mushroom waste. Carbohyd. Polym., 167: 97-104.

Buslovich, A., Horev, B., Rodov, V., Gedanken, A. and Poverenov, E. (2017). One-step surface grafting of organic nanoparticles: in situ deposition of antimicrobial agents vanillin and chitosan on polyethylene packaging films. J. Mater. Chem. B., 5: 2655-2661.

Shlar, I., Droby, S. and Rodov, V. (2018). Antimicrobial coatings on polyethylene terephthalate based on curcumin/cyclodextrin complex embedded in a multilayer polyelectrolyte architecture. Colloid. Surface B 164: 379-387.

Ban, Z., Horev, B., Rutenberg, R., Danay, O., Bilbao, C., McHugh, T., Rodov, V. and Poverenov, E. (2018). Efficient production of fungal chitosan utilizing an advanced freeze-thawing method; quality and activity studies. Food Hydrocolloid. 81: 380-388.

Buslovich, A., Horev, B., Shebis, Y., Rodov, V., Gedanken, A. and Poverenov, E. (2018). A facile method for the deposition of volatile natural compound-based nanoparticles on biodegradable polymer surfaces. J. Mater. Chem. B 6: 2240-2249.

Bilbao-Sainz, C., Chiou, B.S., Punotai, K., Olson, D., Williams, T., Wood, D., Rodov, V., Poverenov, E. and McHugh, T. (2018). Layer?by?Layer alginate and fungal chitosan based edible coatings applied to fruit bars. J. Food Sci. 83: 1180-1187.

Poverenov, E., Arnon, H., Zaicev, Y., Bar, V., Danay, O., Horev, B., Bilbao-Sainz, C., McHugh, T., Rodov, V. (2018). Potential of chitosan from mushroom waste to enhance quality and storability of fresh-cut melons. Food Chemistry 268: 233-241.

Tyagi, K., Maoz, I., Vinokur, Y., Rodov, V., Lewinsohn, E. and Lichter, A. (2020). Enhancement of table grape flavor by postharvest application of monoterpenes in modified atmosphere. Postharvest Biol. Technol. 159: 111018.

Rodov, V., Paris, H.S., Friedman, H., Mihiret, M., Vinokur, Y. and Fennec, A. (2020). Chilling sensitivity of four near-isogenic fruit-color genotypes of summer squash (Cucurbita pepo, Cucurbitaceae) and its association with tocopherol content. Postharvest Biol. Technol. 168: 111279.

Book Chapters and Invited Reviews

Rodov, V., Ben-Yehoshua, S., Aharoni, N. and Cohen, S. (2010). Modified-humidity packaging of fresh produce. Horticultural Reviews 37: 281-330.

Izumi, H., Rodov, V., Bai, J. and Wendakoon, S.K. (2016). Physiology and quality of fresh-cut produce in CA/MA storage. In: Fresh-cut fruits and vegetables: technology, physiology, and safety. (S. Pareek, ed.), chapter 7, pp. 253-305. CRC Press, Boca Raton FL USA.

Rodov, V. and Shinde, R. (2019). Fresh-cut melons: Product requirements and recommendations. In: Controlled and modified atmospheres for fresh and fresh-cut produce. (M.I. Gil and R. Beaudry, eds.), chapter 19.3, pp. 501-509. Academic Press (Elsevier), Cambridge MA, USA.

Shinde, R., Rodov, V., Krishnakumar, S. and Jayasankar, S. (2018). Active and intelligent packaging for reducing post-harvest losses of fruits and vegetables. In: Postharvest biology and nanotechnology. (G. Paliyath et al., ed.), pp. 171-189. John Wiley & Sons, Inc. (Wiley - Blackwell), Hoboken NJ, USA.

Articles in Non-Reviewed Journals

Amir, R., Ganaim, N., Abu-Toame, M., Askira, I., Rodov, V., Horev, B., Asenheim, D. and Vatad, A. (2010). Comparing cover films for growing strawberries in high tunnels. Sade VeYerek, 14: 12-16 (in Hebrew).

Horev, BT., Rodov, V., Vinokur, Y., Abu-Toame, M. and Adar, A. (2011). Improving storage potential and quality of strawberries by carbon dioxide-enriched active modified atmosphere. Mivzak Yerakot / Sade VeYerek, 237: 41-44 (in Hebrew).

Eshel, D., Zutahi, Y., Saad I., Vinokur, Y., Rodov, V. and Margalit, E. (2012). Accelerated curing treatment for improving quality and extending storage of onion. Mivzak Yerakot / Sade VeYerek, 242: 49-52 (in Hebrew).

Hoffman, A., Alchanatis, V., Ignat, T., Egozi, H., Ronen, B., Ostrovsky, V., Vinokur, Y., Rodov, V. and Schmilovitch, Z. (2016). Mechanization for preparing ready-to-eat fresh produce: melons and watermelons. Nir VeTelem, 65: 40-44 (in Hebrew).

Rodov, V., Shlar, I., Horev, B., Vinokur, Y., Shemesh, M., Poverenov, E., Droby, S., Buslovich, A., Friedlander, A., Choudhary, R., Kohli, P., Haddock, J.D., Amirian, G., Perelshtein, I. and Gedanken, A. (2017). Nanocurcumin for food safety and quality. Volcani Voice, 4: 26-29 (in English).

Vinokur, Y. and Rodov, V. (2020). Pomegranate sprouts - a source of unique phytonutrient complex. Volcani Voice, 8, in press (in English).

Articles in Symposia Proceedings

Rodov, V., Vinokur, Y., Weissberg, M., Gogia, N. and Chkhikvishvili, I. (2011). Antioxidant-rich Georgian spice of dried marigold petals: possible indirect and direct anti-cancer effects. 9th Inter. Conf. Functional Food Components in Health and Disease: Science and Practice. (eds. D. Martirosyan and G.L. Nicolson), pp. 265-267. San Diego, CA, USA. Food Science Publisher, Dallas TX, USA.

Rodov, V., Vinokur, Y., Horev, B., Goldman, G., and Aharoni, N., (2011). Pomegranate sprouts: a natural complex of punicic (conjugated linolenic) acid, lipophilic and hydrophilic antioxidants with hypolipidaemic potential. Ibid, pp. 256-258.

Rodov, V., Horev, B., Vinokur, Y., Sela, S., Pinto, R. and Richard, G. (2015). Active MAP of ready-to-eat lettuce: interplay between food quality and safety (the QUAFETY approach). 11th Inter. CA and MA Res. Conf. (eds. M.L. Amodio and G. Colelli), pp. 287-295. Trani, Italy. Acta Hort. 1071, ISHS, Leuven, Belgium.

Mwangi, E.W., Shlar, I., Horev, B., Vinokur, Y., and Rodov, V. (2020). Antimicrobial effect of methyl-β-cyclodextrin- curcumin complex as a potential food preservative. 4th Inter. Conference on Fresh-cut Produce (ed. Q. Wang). Taian, China. Acta Hort. (in press), ISHS, Leuven, Belgium.


Vinokur, Y., Rodov, V., Horev, B., Goldman, G. and Aharoni, N. (2013). Pomegranate sprouts, preparations derived therefrom and compositions comprising same. U.S. Patent US 8,501,257 B2, Israeli patent 203502, Japan patent 5677087, European patent EP 2 190 445 B1.

Schmilovitch, Z., Alchanatis, V., Ignat, T., Hoffman, A., Egozi, H., Ronen, B., Ostrovsky, V., Rodov, V., Vinokur, Y., (2016). Fruit flesh extracting machine. Application PCT/IL2016/050076.

Vinokur, Y., Rodov, V., Porat, R., Horev, B. (2018). Whole-precut individually-packaged ready-to-use pomegranate. Application PCT/IL2018/051071

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