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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Edna Pesis, Ph.D. (Retiree)
Units: Postharvest and Food SciencesDepartment of Postharvest Science
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683612
Cell: 050-6220612
Email:  epesis@volcani.agri.gov.il  epesis@agri.gov.il
Office location:Room 102
Address:Dept. of Postharvest Science of Fresh produce
Agricultural Research Organization
The Volcani Center,
P.O.Box 6, Bet Dagan 50250,


Research Interests / Job description
• Fruit ripening processes including: cell wall degradation, ethylene metabolism, respiration, anaerobic respiration, color development, aroma and taste.
• Modified atmosphere/humidity packaging and fruit coating in order to maintain subtropical fruit quality.
• Finding solutions for keeping quality of organic fruits without using chemicals
• Application of 1-methylcyclopropane (1-MCP) in order to increase storage duration and to improve subtropical fruit quality.
• Alleviation of chilling injury and decay development in tropical and subtropical fruits including: avocado, mango, papaya, tomato, banana, guava, lychee, longan, date and fig.
• Alleviation of superficial scald in apple and pear by low oxygen pretreatments
• Improving fruit aroma and flavor in stored fruits by various abiotic stresses
• Study aroma volatiles by GC-MS techniques for identification of fruit taste


Selected Publications - Edna Pesis


Goldenberg, L.,  Feygenberg, O.,  Samach, A.,  Pesis, E. (2012).

Ripening attributes of new passion fruit line featuring seasonal non-climacteric behavior.   J. Agric. Food Chem. 60: 1810-1821.  


Sabban-Amin,  R.,  Feygenberg, O.,  Belausov, E.,  Pesis  E. (2011). Low-oxygen and 1-MCP pretreatments delay superficial scald development by reducing reactive oxygen species (ROS) accumulation in stored 'Granny Smith' apples.Postharvest  Biol. Technol. 62: 295-304.  

Hershkovitz, V., Friedman, H.,  Goldschmidt, E.E., Feygenberg, O., Pesis, E. (2011). Effect of seed on ripening-control components during avocado fruit development. J. Plant  Physiol. 168: 2177-2183.

Hershkovitz, V., Friedman, H.,  Goldschmidt, E.E., Pesis, E. (2010).

           Ethylene regulation of avocado ripening differs between seeded and seedless fruit. Postharvest  Biol. Technol.  56: 138-146.

Pesis, E., Ebeler S.E., Tonetto SF,  Padda, M.,  Mitcham. E.J. (2010). Short anaerobiosis period prior to cold storage alleviates bitter pit and superficial scald in Granny Smith apples. J. Sci. Food Agric. 90: 2114-2123.

Hershkovitz, V., Friedman, H.,  Goldschmidt, E.E., Pesis, E.  (2009).

          The role of the embryo and ethylene in avocado fruit mesocarp discoloration.J. Exp. Bot. 60: 791-799.

Pesis, E., Ibáñez, A.M., Phu, M.L., Mitcham, A.J., Ebeler, S.E., Dandekar, A.B. (2009).  Superficial scald and bitter pit development in cold-stored transgenic apples suppressed for ethylene biosynthesis.

          J.  Agric. Food Chem. 57: 2786-2792.

Hershkovitz, V., Friedman, H.,  Goldschmidt, E.E., Feygenberg, O., Pesis, E. (2009).  Induction of ethylene in avocado fruit in response to chilling stress on tree. J. Plant  Physiol. 166: 1855-1862.

Pesis, E,  Ben-Arie, R., Feygenberg, O.,  Lichter, A., Gadiyeva, O., Antilofyev, I., Uryupina, T. (2007).  A simple pretreatment with LO2 to alleviate superficial scald in GS apples. J. Sci. Food Agric. 87: 1836-1844.

Lurie, S.,  Pesis, E., Gadiyeva, O., Feygenberg, O.,  Ben-Arie, R.,  Kaplonov, T.,  Zutahy, Y.,  Lichter, A. (2006). Modified EtOH atmosphere to control decay of table grapes during storage. Postharvest  Biol. Technol.  42: 222-227.

Pesis, E. (2006). Postharvest treatments prior storage with anaerobiosis or anaerobic metabolites to improve fruit quality. In: Advances in Postharvest Technology of Horticultual Crops.(N. Benkeblia, and N. Shiomi,  eds.) pg. 251-274.

Pesis, E. (2005). The role of anaerobic metabolites, acetaldehyde and EtOH, in fruit ripening, enhancement of fruit quality and fruit deterioration -Review. (I.B. Ferguson,  and R.P. Cavalieri, eds.).  Postharvest Biol. Technol.  37: 1-19.

Pesis, E., Ben Arie, R., Feygenberg, O., and Villamizar  F. (2005). Ripening of ethylene-pretreated banana fruits retarded by use of modified atmosphere and vacuum packaging. HortScience 40: 726-731.

Hershkovitz, V., Saguy S., and Pesis, E. (2005).Postharvest application of 1-MCP to improve the quality of various avocado cultivars. Postharvest  Biol. Technol.  37: 215-226.

Pesis, E., Dvir, O.,  Feygenberg, O.,  Ben-Arie, R., Ackerman, M. and Lichter, A. (2002). Production of acetaldehyde and EtOH during maturation and modified atmosphere storage of litchi fruit.  Postharvest  Biol. Technol.  26: 157-165.

Pesis, E., Ackerman, M., Ben-Arie, R., Feygenberg, O., Feng, X., Apelbaun, A., Goren, R. and  Prusky, D. (2002). Ethylene involvement in chilling injury symptoms of avocado during cold storage. Postharvest  Biol. Technol.  24: 171-181.

Pesis, E., Copel,  A., Ben-Arie, R., Feygenberg, O. and Aharoni, Y. (2001). Low oxygen treatment for inhibition of decay and ripening in organic banana. J.  Hort. Sci. & Biotech. 76: 648-652.

Pesis, E.,  Aharoni, D., Aharon, Z., Ben Arie, R., Aharoni, N., Fuchs, Y. (2000). Modified atmosphere and modifie d humidity packaging alleviates chilling injury in mango fruit. Postharvest Biol. Technol. 19: 93-101.

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