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Name: Carmit Ziv, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Postharvest and Food SciencesDepartment of Postharvest Science
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683610
Cell: 050-6220998
Email:  Carmit.Ziv@agri.gov.il  Carmit.Ziv@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Room 217-218, Department of Postharvest Science
Address:Dept. of Postharvest Science
Institute of Postharvest and Food Sciences
Agricultural Research Organization - the Volcani Center
68 HaMaccabim Road, P.O.B 15159
Rishon LeZion 7505101

Reserach Group Leader

Research Interests / Job description
Postharvest disease control of fruity vegetables:

* Developing environment-friendly treatments to control postharvest fungal rot.
* Understanding resistance mechanisms of phytopathogenic fungi to cold storage.
* Uncovering the role of lipids in determining the interactions between fruits and pathogenic fungi during storage.





Field of Research: Postharvest Phytopathology

Research interests:
• Postharvest disease control
• Fruit-pathogen interactions
• Fungal physiology

Methods used:
Mycology, Molecular microbiology, Transcriptomics, Proteomics, Metabolomics, Bioinformatics, Microscopy and Biochemistry.

Ongoing projects

1.  Uncovering the molecular basis for chilling tolerance of the phytopathogenic fungi Botrytis cinerea and Alternaria alternata.

2. The effect of postharvest handling on nutritional values of acorn squash fruits.

3. Evaluating the effect of pre- and post- harvest treatments on long term storage of pumpkins and carrots.

4. Evaluating the effect of calcium spraying on fruit quality, susceptibility to gray mold disease and shelf life of pepper fruit.

5. Uncovering to cause of pumpkins fruit rot during storage and determining the effect of viruses on fruit susceptibility to fruit rot disease


Current lab members:

Ginat Raphael - Reasech Assistant & Lab Manager

Dr. Charles Kranow - Postdoc (HUJI)

Dr. Durga Prasad - Postdoc (HUJI)

Gladys Karungari - PhD Student (HUJI)

Amit Raz Magid - PhD Student (HUJI)

Nadav Smila - Master Student (HUJI)

Benaya Zini - Master Student (HUJI)

Felipe Cohen - Student (HUJI)



Dr. Dilip Kumar - PostDoc (ARO) 

Alberto Rafael Paez Redondo- Visiting PhD student (National University of Colombia at Medellin)

Fabiola Yudelevich - Lab Manager

Ayobami Adeeko - Master Student (HUJI)

Dr. Kamal Tyagi - Postdoc (ARO)

Kailee Shlipak - Visiting student (University of Southern California)

Raphael Sapir - Student (HUJI)

Nofar Zandani - Student (Hadassa Academic College)

Dr. Lavanya Gunamalai - PostDoc (ARO)

Damilola Clementine Olaewe - Master Student (HUJI)

Eitan Fass - Master Student (HUJI)

Chen Offen - Student (Ariel University)

Prof. Parveen Sharma - Visiting Scientist (CSK-Himachal Pradesh Agricultural University)


Ziv group - May 2023

Ziv group - March 2023

Ziv group - September 2022 - Happy New Year

Ziv group - Spring Picnic April 2022

Ziv group - August 2021

Ziv group - March 2021

Ziv group - May 2020

The Ziv Lab - Sept 2019

Lab members Rosh Hashanah 2019

Lab Trip Feb 2019 to South of Israel



Selected publications

Full list in Google scholar

Kornreich-Leshem, H., C. Ziv, E. Gumienna-Kontecka, R. Arad-Yellin, Y. Chen, M. Elhabiri, A. M. Albrecht-Gary, Y. Hadar, and A. Shanzer. 2005. Ferrioxamine B analogues: targeting the FoxA uptake system in the pathogenic Yersinia enterocolitica. J. Am. Chem. Soc. 127:1137-1145.

Scheffer, J., C. Ziv, O. Yarden, and P. Tudzynski. 2005. The COT1 homologue CPCOT1 regulates polar growth and branching and is essential for pathogenicity in Claviceps purpurea. Fungal Genet. Biol. 42:107-118. Featured on the cover

Divon, H. H., C. Ziv, O. Davydov, O. Yarden, and R. Fluhr. 2006. The global nitrogen regulator, FNR1, regulates fungal nutrition-genes and fitness during Fusarium oxysporum pathogenesis. Mol. Plant Pathol. 7:485-497.

Maerz, S., C. Ziv, N. Vogt, K. Helmstaedt, N. Cohen, R. Gorovits, O. Yarden, and S. Seiler. 2008. The nuclear Dbf2-related kinase COT1 and the mitogen-activated protein kinases MAK1 and MAK2 genetically interact to regulate filamentous growth, hyphal fusion and sexual development in Neurospora crassa. Genetics 179:1313-1325.

Ziv, C., R. Gorovits, and O. Yarden. 2008. Carbon source affects PKA-dependent polarity of Neurospora crassa in a CRE-1-dependent and independent manner. Fungal Genet. Biol. 45:103-116.

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Dvash, E., G. Kra-Oz, C. Ziv, S. Carmeli, and O. Yarden. 2010. The NDR kinase DBF-2 is Involved in Regulation of Mitosis, Conidial Development and Glycogen Metabolism in Neurospora crassa. Eukaryot. Cell 9:502-513. Featured on the cover

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Feldman, D., C. Ziv, R. Gorovits, M. Efrat, and O. Yarden. 2013. Neurospora crassa protein arginine methyl transferases are involved in growth and development and interact with the NDR kinase COT1. PLoS One. 8: e80756.

Ziv C. , S. Malitsky, A. Othman, S. Ben-Dor,., Y. Wei, S. Zheng, A. Aharoni, T. Hornemann and A. Vardi. 2016. Viral serine palmitoyltransferase induces metabolic switch in sphingolipid biosynthesis and is required for infection of a marine alga. Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 113: E1907-1916.

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Ziv, C., Zhao, Z., Gao, Y.G., and Xia, Y. 2018. Multifunctional Roles of Plant Cuticle During Plant-Pathogen Interactions. Front Plant Sci 9, 1088.

Sadhasivam, S., O. Shapiro C. Ziv, V. Zakin, and E. Sionov. 2019 Synergistic inhibition of mycotoxigenic fungi and mycotoxin production by combination of pomegranate peel extract and azole fungicide. Front microbial 10: 1919.

Schleyer, G., N. Shahaf, C. Ziv. et al., 2019. In plaque-mass spectrometry imaging of a bloom-forming alga during viral infection reveals a metabolic shift towards odd-chain fatty acid lipids. Nat Microbiol 4: 527-538.


Tzortzakis, N., Alkan, N., Ziv, C., and L. Korsten. 2019. "Postharvest Diseases of Fresh Horticultural Produce: Solanaceae and Cucurbitaceae Crops," in Postharvest Pathology of Fresh Horticultural Produce, eds. L. Palou & J.L. Smilanick. (USA: CRC Press).

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