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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Evgeni Eltzov, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Postharvest and Food SciencesDepartment of Postharvest Science
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  039683619 039683607
Cell: 0547648737
Email:    eltzov@volcani.agri.gov.il
Address:Institute of Postharvest and Food Sciences
Department of Postharvest Science
ARO, The Volcani Center
HaMaccabim Rd 68, POB 15159, Rishon LeZion, 7528809, Israel


Research Interests / Job description
The research of this group is focused on development and miniaturisation of various biosensor platforms with applications in food and agricultural fields. We are integrating novel micro-/nano-structures and materials with biorecognition elements (DNA, antibodies, cells, enzymes and other (bio)receptors) for development novel diagnostic devices that address various challenges in the modern world.
The key areas of research are:
Biosensors and bioassay development.
Point of care (POC) devices.
Real-time monitoring systems for multianalyte analysis.
Whole cell biosensors.
Integration nanotechnology and biosensors applications.

Articles in Reviewed Journals


·         Ma, J., Veltman B., Tietele Z., Tsror L., Liu Y., Eltzov E.* (2020) Monitoring of infection volatile markers using CMOS-based luminescent bioreporters Talanta, 219, 121333

·         Bhuvaneshwari M., Massalha, N., Halahlih, F., Eltzov, E., Nguyen, T., H., Sabbah, I., and Borisover M. (2020) Water toxicity evaluation: comparing genetically modified bioluminescent bacteria and CHO cells as biomonitoring tools Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, in press

·         Zamir, D., Galsarker, O., Alkan, N. and Eltzov, E.*  (2020) Detection of quiescent fungi in harvested fruits using CMOS biosensor: a proof of concept study Talanta 217, 120994.

·         Chalupowicz, D., Veltman, B., Droby, S. and Eltzov, E.* (2020) Evaluating the use of biosensors for real-time and continuous monitoring of Penicillium digitatum infection in citrus fruit, Sensors and actuators B: Chemical. 311, 127896 

·         Cohen, Y., Rutenberg, R., Cohen, G., Veltman, B., Gvirtz, R., Fallik, E., Danino, D., Eltzov, E., and Poverenov, E., (2020), Aminated polysaccharide-based nanoassemblies as stable biocompatible vesicles enabling to cross biological barriers. An effective transdermal delivery of Diclofenac medicine. ACS Applied Bio Materials, 4, 2209-2217              

·         Axelrod, T., Eltzov, E., and Marks, RS., (2020) Capture-layer lateral flow immunoassay: a new platform validated in the detection and quantification of Dengue NS1., ACS Omega, 18, 10433-10440

·       Afriat, R . , Chalupowicz, D. and Eltzov, E.*  (2020) Colorimetric stack pad immunoassay for bacterial identification in milk, Talanta, 219, 121223

·         Harpaz, D., Eltzov, E., Seng, T., Marks, R., Tok, AIY. (2020) Enhanced Colorimetric Signal for Accurate Signal Detection in Paper-Based Biosensors, Diagnostics, 10, E28

·         Harpaz, D., Eltzov, E., Axelrod, T., Marks, R., Tok, AIY. (2020) Membrane Type Comparison and Modification to Modulate Sample Flow in Paper Diagnostics, Biochemical Engineering Journal, 155

      Eltzov, E.* (2020) Biosensor applications in the agriculture field, A journal of Agriculture and Rural Development, 47, 16-17 



·         Bhuvaneshwari, M., Eltzov, E., Veltman, B., Shapiro, O., Sadhasivam, G., and  Borisover, M., (2019) Toxicity of chlorinated and ozonated wastewater effluents probed by genetically modified bioluminescent bacteria and cyanobacteria Spirulina sp., Water research 164, 114910

·         Eltzov, E., De Cesarea, AL, Low, YKA and Marks, R. (2019), Indoor Air Pollution and the Contribution of Biosensors, The EuroBiotech Journal, 3, 19-31 

·         Harpaz, D., Axelrod, T., Yitian, AL., Eltzov, E., Marks, RS., and Tok, AIY., (2019), Dissolvable Polyvinyl-Alcohol Film, a Time-Barrier to Modulate Sample Flow in a 3D-Printed Holder for Capillary Flow Paper Diagnostics, Materials 12, 343


·         Harpaz, D., Pin, Y.L., Cecchini, F., Koon, T.H.P., Kushmaro, A., Seet, R., RS and Tok , IY, A. S Marks, and Eltzov, E.*, (2018) Measuring Artificial Sweeteners Toxicity using a Bioluminescent Bacterial Panel, Molecules, 10, E2454

·         Lior, E., Axelros, T., Eltzov, E., Kushmaro, A. and S Marks, R.S. (2018) Lachish River event monitored for toxicity using bioluminescent reporter organisms, The EuroBiotech Journal 2:  47-58


·         Eltzov, E.  and Marks, R.S., (2017)  Colorimetric stack pad bioassay for bacterial identification  Biosensors and bioelectronics, 87:572-578.

·         Mazzai, A., Eltzov, E.  Manzano, M. and Marks, R.S., (2017) Probing putative carcinogenic potential of processed and unprocessed meat using bioluminescent bacterial reports., Sensors and Actuators: Chemical, 239: 113-119

·         Harpaz, D., Eltzov, E., Seet, R., S Marks, R.S. and Tok , IY, A. (2017) Point-of-Care-Testing in Acute Stroke Management: An Unmet Need Ripe for Technological Harvest, Biosensors 7:  30

2016 – 2008

·         Eltzov, E. and Marks, R.S., (2016) Miniaturized flow stacked immunoassay detects E. coli in a single step, Analytical Chemistry 88: 6441-6449.

·         Mazzai, A., Eltzov, E.  Manzano, M. and Marks, R.S., (2016) Probing putative carcinogenic potential of processed and unprocessed meat using bioluminescent bacterial reports., Sensors and Actuators: Chemical, 239: 113-119

·         Axelrod, T., Eltzov, E.  and Marks, R.S., (2016) Bioluminescent bioreporter pad biosensor for monitoring water toxicity Talanta 149: 290-297.

·         Eltzov, E., Slobodnik, V., Ionescu, I.R. and Marks, R.S. (2015) On-line biosensor for the detection of putative toxicity in water contaminants, Talanta, 132(15): 583-590.

·         Eltzov, E.  and Marks, R.S. (2015) Tail of two cities The Bridge 3:  16-22.

·         Eltzov, E. Cohen, A. and Marks, R.S. (2015) Bioluminescent Liquid Light Guide Pad Biosensor for Indoor Air Toxicity Monitoring, Analytical Chemistry 87(7): 3655–3661.

·         Eltzov, E. Yehuda, A. and Marks, R.S. (2015) Creation new portable biosensor for water toxicity determination, Sensors and Actuators: Chemical 221: 1044-1054.

·         Eltzov, E. Guttel, S., Low Yen, A., Sinawang, P. Ioneslu, R.E. and Marks,, S.R. (2015) Lateral Flow Immunoassays - from Paper Strip to Smartphone Technology, Electroanalysis 27: 2116-2130.

·         Fairoz, A. Eltzov, E., Vdovenko, M,. Sakharov, I., Fajs, L., Weidmann, M., Mirazimi, A., and Marks, S.R. (2015) Fiber-Optic Immunosensor for Detection of Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever IgG Antibodies in Patients, Analytical Chemistry 87(16): 8394-8.

·         Jia, K., Eltzov, E,, Mark, R.S., Ionescu, E.R., (2013) Bioluminescence enhancement through an added washing protocol enabling a greater sensitivity to carbofuran toxicity, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety, 96(1): 61-66.

·         Eltzov E, S Pennybaker, M Shanit-Orland, RS Marks, and A Kushmaro.. (2012) Multi-resistance as a tool for detecting novel beta-lactam antibiotics in the environment. Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 174: 342-348.

·         Jia, K., Eltzov, E., Toury, T.,  Mark, R.S., Ionescu1, E.R., (2012) Lower limit of detection for atrazine using bioluminescent reporter bacteria was obtained via a lower incubation temperature, Ecotoxicology and Environmental Safety 84: 221-226.

·         Bakhrat, A., Eltzov, E., Finkelstein, Y., Marks, R.S. and  Raveh, D., (2011) UV and arsenate toxicity: a specific and sensitive yeast bioluminescence assay, Cell Biology and Toxicology 27(3): 227-36.

·         Eltzov, E., Pavluchkov, V., M. Burstin and Marks, R.S., (2011) Creation of a fiber optic based biosensor for air toxicity monitoring, Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 155(2): 859-867.

·         Golberg, K., Eltzov, E., Shnit-Orland, M., Marks, R.S. and Kushmaro, A., (2011) Characterization of quorum sensing signals in coral-associated bacteria, Microbial Ecology Volume 64, Issue 4, (2011), 783-92..

·         Eltzov, E., Marks, R.S. and Cosnier, S., (2011) Biosensors based on combined optical and electrochemical transduction for molecular diagnostics, Expert Review of Molecular Diagnostics, 11(5): 533-546.

·         Eltzov, E., Marks, R.S., Voost, S., Wullings, B., Heringa, B. M. (2009) Flow-through real time bacterial biosensor for toxic compounds in water, Sens. Actuators B: Chem. 142(1): 11-18.

    Eltzov, E., Prilutsky, D., Kushmaro, A., Marks, R. and Geddes, C.D. (2009) Metal-Enhanced Bioluminescence: A New Approach for Monitoring Biological Luminescent Processes, Applied Physics Letters 94: 083901.

·         Eltzov, E. and Marks, R.S. (2009) Parameters to Consider in the Construction of Fiber Optic Biosensors, Instrumentation& Measurement Magazine 12(5): 10-16.

·         Abdulhalim, I., Karabchevsky, A., Patzig, C., Rauschenbach, B., Fuhrmann, B., Eltzov, E., Marks, R., Xu, J., Zhang, F. and Lakha, A. (2009) Surface-enhanced fluorescence from metal sculptured thin films with application to biosensing in water, Applied Physics Letters 94(6): 063106.

·         Eltzov, E., Ben-Yosef, Z. D., Kushmaro, A., Marks, R. (2008). Detection of sub-inhibitory antibiotic concentrations via luminescent sensing bacteria and prediction of their mode of action Sens. Actuators B: Chem.  129(2): 685-692.



Book chapters

  • Eltzov, E., Kushmaro, A., Marks, R.S., (2009) Biosensors and related techniques for endocrine disruptors p: 183-208 In: Endocrine disrupting chemicals in food  Woodhead Publishing, Cambridge, UK.
  • Eltzov, E. and Marks, R.S., (2009) Fiber-optic based cell sensors p: 131-154 In: Advances in Biochemical Engineering/Biotechnology Springer, UK.
  • Eltzov, E.  and Marks, R.S. (2010) Whole-cell aquatic biosensors In: Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, p: 895-913.. Springer heidelberg, Germany.
  • Eltzov, E.* , Atias, D.* and Marks, R.S. (2010)  Dengue virus diagnosis In: NATO Science for Peace and Security Series A: Chemistry and Biology, Part 3 p: 275-295. Springer.
  • Eltzov, E.  and Marks, R.S. (2016) Fiber optic biosensors for environmental monitoring, p: 41-65. In: Luminescent Microbial Biosensor: Design, Construction and Implementation Pan Stanford, USA.
  • Veltman, B.S and Eltzov, E.*  (2018) Whole cell based fiber optic biosensors, p: . In: Handbook of Cell Biosensors The Springer, USA.
  • Harpaz, D., Eltzov, E.  , Marks, R.S. and Tok, A.I.Y. (2018) Rapid Point-of-Care-Tests for Stroke Monitoring, p:  In: Organic Bioelectronics for Life Science and Healthcare  MRF, USA.





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