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Name: Ran Erel, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Gilat CenterSoil and water
Research Interests / Job description  
Cell: 972-54-7580-414
Email:    ranerel@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Gilat Research Center
Address:Gilat Research Center
Mobile Post Negev 85-280

Researcher: Plant Nutrition and Soil Chemistry

Research Interests / Job description
Root-soil interactions
Phosphorus acquisition by plants
Plant's response to nutrients deficiency
Utilization of organic waste in agriculture

Plants requires each of the 17-essential element for normal growth and reproduction and therefore, large energetic and metabolic cost is invested in nutrients acquisition. In our lab, we seek to explore the soil-root-plant continuum and complex interactions that influences nutrients availability. This field of research combines soil chemistry, root development and plant physiology. We specifically interested in:

1. Phosphate fertilizers, P chemistry and availability to plants


2.Interactions between plants' nutritional level and abiotic stress



3. Optimization of crop fertilization (Avocado, potato and more)



Our goal is to develop novel diagnostic tools and precise fertilization strategies so to maintain high yields with excellent quality and minimal environmental impact

Papers: https://scholar.google.co.il/citations?user=sCnSpGsAAAAJ&hl=en


Selected papers:

Tan, J., Ben-Gal, A., Shtein, I., Bustan, A., Dag, A. and Erel, R. (2020). Root structural plasticity enhances salt tolerance in mature olives. Environmental and Experimental Botany.

Erel, R., Le, T.T., Eshel, A., Cohen, S., Offenbach, R., Strijker, T., and Shtein I. (2020). Root development of bell paper (Capsicum annuum L.) as affected by water salinity and sink strength. Plants 9 (1), 35

Li, Q and Erel R. (2020). Generating a High-Resolution Map of Labile Soil P Using FeO-Impregnated Paper Combined with Scanning Electron Microscopy. SSSAJ. 84, 262- 273

Zipori, I., Erel, R., Yermiyahu, U., Ben-Gal, A., and Dag, A. (2020). Sustainable Management of Olive Orchard Nutrition: A Review. Agriculture 10 (1), 11

Sperling, O., Karuanakaran, R., Erel, R., Yasuor, H., Klipcan, L., & Yermiyahu, U. (2019). Excessive nitrogen impairs hydraulics, limits photosynthesis, and alters the metabolic composition of almond trees. Plant Physiology and Biochemistry. 143, 265-274.

Haberman, A., Dag, A., Shtern, N., Zipori, I., Erel, R., Ben-Gal, A., and Yermiyahu, U. (2019). Significance of proper nitrogen fertilization for olive productivity in intensive cultivation. Sci. Hortic. 246: 710:717

Erel, R., Eppel, A., Yermiyahu, U., Ben-Gal A., Levy, G., Zipori, I., Schaumann, GE., Mayer, O. and Dag, A. (2018). Long-term irrigation with reclaimed wastewater: implications on nutrient management, soil chemistry and olive (Olea europaea L.) performance. Agric. Water. Manag. 213: 324-335

Erel, R., Bérard, A., Capowiez, L., Doussan, C., Arnal, D., Souche, G., Gavaland, A., Fritz, C., Visser, E., Salvi, S., Le Marié, C., Hund, A., and Hinsinger, P. (2017). Soil type determines how root and rhizosphere traits relate to phosphorus acquisition in field-grown maize genotypes. Plant and Soil. 412: 115-132

Erel, R., Yermiyahu, U., Yasuor, H., Cohen Chamus, D., Schwartz, A., Ben Gal, A. and Dag, A (2016). Phosphorous nutritional level, carbohydrate reserves and flower quality in olives. PLoS One. 11(12): e0167591.

Bustan A, Dag A, Yermiyahu U, Erel R, Presnov E, Agam N, Kool D, Iwema J, Zipori I, Ben-Gal A. (2016). Fruit load governs transpiration of olive trees. Tree Physiol. 36: 380-391.

Erel, R., Yermiyahu, U., Ben Gal, A., Dag, A., Shapira, O. and Schwartz, A. (2015). Modification of non-stomatal limitation and photoprotection due to K and Na nutrition of olive trees. J. Plant Physiol. 177: 1-10.

Erel, R., Ben Gal, A., Dag, A., Schwartz, A. and Yermiyahu, U. (2014). Sodium replacement of potassium in physiological processes of olive trees (var. Barnea) as affected by drought. Tree Physiol. 34: 1102-1117.

Erel, R., Dag, A., Ben Gal, A., Schwartz, A. and Yermiyahu, U. (2013). Olive (Olea europaea L.) tree nitrogen status is a key factor for olive oil quality. J. Agric. Food Chem. 61: 11261-11272.

Erel, R., Yermiyahu, U., Van Opstal, J., Ben-Gal, A., Schwartz, A. and Dag, A. (2013). The importance of olive (Olea europaea L.) tree nutritional statatus


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