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אלישע גוטויין, Ph.D.  :שם
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gootwine@volcani.agri.gov.il :דוא"ל
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Research Interests

• Sheep breeding and genetics
• Reproductive physiology

Sup.Table 1 Gootwine, Kadmoniut  2015

Recent Publications

Gootwine, E. (2004).
Placental hormones and fetal-placental development - a review.
Animal Reproduction 82-83: 551-566.

Rummel, T., Valle Zárate, A. and Gootwine, E. (2005). The worldwide gene flow of the Improved Awassi and Assaf Breeds of Sheep from Israel. In: "Gene Flow in Animal Genetic Resources. A study on Status, Impact and Trends" of the Institute of Animal Production in the Tropics and Subtropicsof the University of Hohenheim, Germany. Cuvillier Verlag, Göttingen.

Cohen, O., Batuman, O., Moskowits, Y., Rozov, A., Gootwine, E., Mawassi M. and Bar- Joseph M. (2005).
Goat Horns, Platforms for Viroid Transmission to Fruit Trees?
Phytoparasitica 33: 141-148.

Gootwine, E. (2005).
Variability in the rate of decline in birth weight as litter size increases in sheep.
Animal Science 81: 393-398.

Gootwine, E., Rozov, A., Bor, A., Reicher, S. (2006).
Carrying the FecB (Booroola) mutation is associated with lower birth weight and slower post weaning growth rate for lambs and lighter mature body weight for ewes.
Reprod. Fertil. Dev. 18: 1-5.

Gootwine, E. and Rozov, A. (2006).
Seasonal effects on birth weight of lambs born to prolific ewes maintained under intensive management.
Livest. Sci. 105: 277-283.

Gootwine, E., Spencer, T.E. and Bazer, F.W. (2007).
Litter-size dependent intrauterine growth restriction in sheep - a review.
Animal 1: 547-564.

Meadows, J.R.S., Cemal, I., Karaca, O., Gootwine , E., Kijas, J.W. (2007).
Five ovine mitochondrial lineages identified from sheep breeds of the Near East.
Genetics 175: 1371-1379.

Reicher S., Niv-Spector L., Gertler, A., Gootwine, E. (2008).
Pituitary and placental ovine growth hormone variants differ in their receptor binding ability and in their biological properties.
General and Comparative Endocrinology 155: 368-377.

Gootwine, E., Reicher, S., Rozov, A. (2008).
Prolificacy and lamb survival at birth in Awassi and Assaf sheep carrying the FecB (Booroola) mutation.
Anim. Reprod. Sci. 108: 402-411.

Gootwine, E., Abdulkhaliq, A. Jawasreh, K.I.Z., Valle Zárate, A. (2008).
Screening for allele frequency at the PrP locus in Awassi and Assaf populations in Israel, the Palestinian Authority and Jordan.
Small Ruminant Research 77: 80-83.

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Zamir, S., Rozov, A., Gootwine, E. (2009).
Treatment of Pregnancy Toxaemia in sheep with flunixin meglumine.
Veterinary Records 165: 265-266.

Gootwine, E. (2009).
Biological and economic consequences of introgression of the FecB into Awassi and Assaf sheep.
Proceeding of The Helen Newton Turner Memorial International Workshop on Using the Booroola (FecB) gene in sheep breeding programs. Pune, Maharashtra, India.

Shamir, H.M., Ofri, R., Bor, A., Brener, O., Reicher, S., Obolensky, A., Averbukh, E., Banin, E. and Gootwine, E. (2010).
Novel day blindness in sheep: epidemiological, behavioral, electrophysiological and histological studies.
The Veterinary Journal 185:130-137.

Reicher, S., Seroussi, E. and Gootwine, E. (2010).
A mutation in gene CNGA3 is associated with day blindness in sheep.
Genomics 95: 101-104.

Gootwine, E., Reicher, S., Schuster, O., A. Rosov A. (2010).
Ovine Mitochondrial DNA polymorphism and its Physiological Implications.
9th world Congress on Genetic Applied to Livestock Production. Leipzig, Germany.

Reicher, S., Gertler, A., Seroussi, E., Gootwine, E. (2010).
Polymorphism in the Ovine Leptin Gene (oLEP) Affects Leptin-Binding Affinity and Activity.
9th world Congress on Genetic Applied to Livestock Production. Leipzig, Germany.

Golik, M., Glick, G., Reicher, S., Shirak, A., Ezra, E., Zeron, Y., Gootwine, E., Ron, M., Weller, J.I. and Seroussi, E. (2010).
Cloning and characterization of bovine and ovine ZNF496 genes displaying differential expression of variants: Association with a polymorphism affecting milk concentration and fertility.
Journal of Dairy Science 94: 2092-2102.

Reicher, S., Seroussi, E., Yacobovitz, M. Gootwine, E. and Gertler, A. (2011). Biochemical and biological significance of polymorphism at the ovine leptin gene.
General and Comparative Endocrinology  173:63;71.

Gootwine, E. (2011). Mini Review: breeding Awassi and assaf for diverse management. Tropical Animal health and Production 43:1289-1296.

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Ezra-Elia, R., Banin, E., Honig, H., Rosov, A., Obolensky, A., Averbukh, E., Hauswirth, W.W., Gootwine, E., Ofri, R. (2014). Cone function in normal and day blind sheep. A large animal model for human achromatopsia caused by CNGA3 mutation.Documenta Ophthalmologica 129: 141-150.

Banin E., Gootwine E., Obolensky A., Ezra-Elia R., Ejzenberg A., Zelinger L., Honig H., Rosov A, Yamin E., Sharon D, Averbukh E., Hauswirth W.W., Ron  Ofri R. (2015). Gene Augmentation by AAV5 Vectors Restores Visual Function and Behavior in a Sheep Model of CNGA3 Achromatopsia.Gene Therapy (Mol. Ther.  23: 1423-1433). 

Gootwine E. (2015). The physical appearance of sheep in antiquity, based upon archeological findings in Israel and neighboring lands. Qadmoniot, 150, 125-132 (in Hebrew).

Moallem, U., Rosov, A., Honig, H., Ofir, I., Livshits, L. and E. Gootwine, E. (2016). Molasses-based supplement improved the metabolic status of late-pregnant ewes bearing multiple fetuses. Animal feed Science and Technology 219: 83-93.

Seroussi E., Rosov A., Shirak A. Lam A. Gootwine E. (2017). Unveiling genomic regions that underlie differences between Afec-Assaf sheep and its parental Awassi breed. Genetics, Selection Evolution 49:19.

 Elisha Gootwine, Eyal  Seroussi, Mazen Abu-Siam, Alex Rosov, Hen Honig, Tali NIzan, Edward Averbukh, Alexey Obolensky, Raaya Ezra-Elia, Esther Yamin, Eyal Banin, William Hauswirth, Ron Ofri (2017). Mutation at the CNGA3 GMP binding domain is associated with novel day blindness in local Awassi sheep. (Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science, 58:1577-1584.

Shirak, A.,  Seroussi, U.,  Gootwine, E. and Seroussi. E. (2017).  Sequence motifs capable of forming DNA stem–loop structures act as a replication diode. FEBS Open Bio, April.

Elisha Gootwine, Ron Ofri, Eyal Banin, Alexey Obolensky, Edward Averbukh, Raaya Ezra-Elia, Maya Ross, Hen Honig, Alexander Rosov, Esther Yamin, Guo-jie Ye, David R. Knop, Paulette M. Robinson, Jeffrey D. Chulay, and Mark S. Shearman (2017). Safety and Efficacy Evaluation of rAAV2tYF-PR1.7-hCNGA3 Vector Delivered by Subretinal Injection in CNGA3 Mutant Achromatopsia Sheep. Human Gene Therapy Clinical Development, 28:96-107.

Giambra I.J., Chessa S., Brandt H., Caroli AM, Arranz J.J., Gootwine E.,  Erhardt G. (2017).  Genetic diversity within economically important loci in European, Middle Eastern, and African sheep breeds: an evolution insight.  Small ruminant research 155:72-80 









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