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  • פרידמן איל e-mail צוות: see at: https://www.fridmanlab.com/the-team.html
    Scanning and editing barley genomes diversity for adaptive traits
    We develop mapping populations from crosses between wild and cultivated barley, a model for studying plant adaptation. The project involves genetic analysis for causal variation that affect adaptive traits, mainly circadian clock rhythms. Once such is identified we develop and apply genome editing to study the mechanism underlying this causal variation, from nuclear and cytoplasms genomes.
    Molecular physiology and development of plants OR Computational skills
    Tissue culture of plants OR Managing field experiments and large phenotypic datasets ; Knowledge in Programming in Phyton or R environments with an advantage to population genomics skills

צמחי נוי וביוטכנולוגיה חקלאית

  • ארזי צחי e-mail צוות: Tzahi Arazi
    Role of miRNA in fleshy fruit development
    MicroRNAs (miRNAs) are endogenous non-coding RNAs that negatively modulate the expression of genes by inhibiting translation or by promoting the degradation of target mRNAs, many of which encode transcription factors. Studies have indicated that miRNAs are master regulators of numerous developmental processes. However, although abundant in developing and ripening fleshy fruit their regulatory functions in these processes are still poorly understood. The goal of this research project is to identify novel fruit miRNAs and elucidate their functions using tomato as a model crop plant and state of the art molecular biology techniques including CRISPR/Cas9 genome editing.
    Ph.D. in plant molecular biology and development or related topics
    Knowledge in plant molecular biology and development
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