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משרד החקלאות ופיתוח הכפר I מדינת ישראל       
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הנהלה מרכז מידע - ספריה תלמידי מחקר יחידה עסקית דוברות מכוני מחקר אודות
for lab and public use

Microscopy protocols (in progress)

1. FISH on bacterial symbionts (download - pwd protected)

2. antibody staining of dissected Bemisia midguts and salivary glands

3. RNA in situ hybridization with flourescent probes (plants & insects) (Link to the protocol)

Insect rearing procedures (in progress) 

1. B. tabaci rearing and insecticides applications (click to download)

2. virus transmission methods (TYLCV, PLRV and other begomoviruses)  

Spotted glass microarray protocols (in progress)

1. Insect RNA extraction using Tri-Zol or Tri-reagent (download - pwd protected)

2. Linear amplification of mRNA

3. Aminoallyl labeling of mRNA

4. Hybridization of spotted glass microarrays

5. Washing of glass microarrays

6. Scanning of glass microarrays using Agilent scanner

General molecular biology (in progress)

1. cDNA synthesis (download - pwd protected)

2. DNA extraction from single whitefly for PCR (download - pwd protected)

3. Plant dot-blot analysis to detect Tomato yellow leaf curl virus (TYLCV)

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