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Name: Hagai Yasuor, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Gilat CenterVegtables and Field Crops
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-8-9928669 972-8-9928642
Cell: 972-50-622-0089
Email:    hagai@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Gilat Research Center, ICA Building
Address:Hagai Yasuor, PhD
Plant Stress Physiology Lab
Gilat Research Center
Agricultural Research Organization (ARO)
Rural delivery Negev, 85280 Israel
Office Tel: +972-8-9928-669
Lab: +972-8-9928-642
Mobile: +972-50-622-0089

Plant Stress Physiologist


Research Interests / Job description
Stress Physiology and Biochemistry
Plant hormones


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  3. Yasuor, H., Riov, J. Rubin, B. (2007). Glyphosate-induced male sterility in glyphosate-resistant cotton (Gossypium hirsutum L.) is associated with inhibition of anther dehiscence and reduced pollen viability. Crop Protection 26:363-369.
  4. Yasuor, H., TenBrook, PL., Tjeerdema, RS. Fischer, AJ. (2008). Responses to clomazone and 5-ketoclomazone by Echinochloa phyllopogon resistant to multiple herbicides from California rice fields. Pest Management Science 64:1031-1039. 
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  7. Zou, W., Yasuor, H., Fischer, AJ. Tolstikov VV. (2011). Trace metabolic profiling and pathway analysis of clomazone using liquid chromatography coupled with triple quadruple-linear ion trap mass spectrometry in predictive multiple reaction monitoring mode. LCGC North America 29 (9).
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  12. Yasuor, H., Firer, M. and Beit-Yannai, E. (2015). Protective structures and manganese amendments effects on antioxidant activity in pepper fruit. Scientia Horticulturae 185:211-218.
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  14. Breitel D, Chappell-Maor, Sagit Meir L, Panizel I, Pons Puig C, Hao Y, Yifhar T, Yasuor H, Zouine M, Bouzayen M, Granell Richart A, Rogachev I and Aharoni A. (2016) AUXIN RESPONSE FACTOR 2 Intersects Hormonal Signals in the Regulation of Tomato Fruit Ripening. PLoS Genet 12, e1005903.          

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