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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Sigal Brown Miyara, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Plant ProtectionEntomology and the Nematology and Chemistry units
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-3-9683353
Cell: 972-50-6220084
Email:    sigalhor@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Nematology Unit, Plant Protection Institute
Address:Dept. of Entomology and the Nematology and Chemistry units, ARO, The Volcani Center
Derech Hamacabim 68, Bet Dagan 50250


Research Interests / Job description
A. Studying the role of lipid signals in regulating plant response to plant parasitic nematodes.

B. Studying the occurrence of Root Knot Nematode breaking resistance populations on tomato and pepper plants carrying resistance genes.

C. Developing new friendly biological control agents toward reducing the damage caused by plant parasitic nematodes.




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Iberkleid, I., Sela, N., and Horowitz Brown, S. (2015). Meloidogyne javanica fatty acid- and retinol-binding protein (Mj-FAR-1) regulates expression of lipid-, cell wall-, stress- and phenylpropanoid-related genes during nematode infection of tomato. BMC Genomics. 16:272.

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Book Chapters

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Brown Miyara, S., Ionit, I., Buki, P., & Kolomiets, M. (2015). The Role of Lipid Signalling in Regulating Plant Nematode Interactions. In Plant Nematode Interactions: A View on Compatible Interrelationships. C. Escobar, & C. Fenoll (Eds.) pp. 139–166  Advances in Botanical Research, Volume 7 http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/bs.abr.2014.12.004




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