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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Beni Lew, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Agricultural EngineeringGrowing, Production and Environmental Engineering
Research Interests / Job description  Latest Chapters In Blog
Tel:  03-968-3453
Cell: 185 at the end
Email:    benilew@agri.gov.il
Office location:Agricultural Research
Address:Institute of Agricultural Engineering
ARO Volcani Center
HaMaccabim Road, P.O.Box 15159
Rishon LeZion 7528809
Research Interests / Job description
Processes and system for agricultural wastes treatment.
1. Water and Wastewater treatment;
2. Animal odor treatment;
3. Pyrolysis and Gasification of Biomass.


-     Lew, B., Phalah, S., Rebhum, M., Sheindorf, C., Kummel, M. & Lahav, O. (2008). Deliberate struvite precipitation in wastewater treatment facilities with the aims of operational problems prevention and phosphorus recycling as fertilizer. Maim ve'Hashkaia (Hebrew), 502. 16-18.

-     Lahav, O., Lew, B. & Feld, D. (2008). Desalinated water equilibrium quality in the Israeli water distribution system. Final Annual Research Report (Hebrew).

-     Lew, B., Tarre, S., Belavski, M., Dosoretz. C. & Green, M. (2009). Anaerobic membrane bioreactor (AnMBR) for domestic wastewater treatment. Desalination, 243. 251-257.

-     Lew, B., Cochva, M. & Lahav, O. (2009). Potential effects of desalinated water quality on the operation stability of wastewater treatment plants. Science of the Total Environment, 407(7). 2404-2410.

-     Lew, B., Tarre, S., Beliavski, M. & Green M. (2009). Anaerobic degradation pathway and kinetics of domestic wastewater at low temperatures. Bioresource Technology, 100(24). 6155-6162.

-     Meir, A., Lew, B., Beliavski, M., Tarre, S. & Green, M. (2009). Air poultry house treatment. Annual Research Report (Hebrew).

-      Lew, B. (2010). A typical case of structure damage due to expansive soils. Engineering Geology. Electronic Journal of Geotechnical Engineering, 15M, 1317-1324.

-      Lew, B., Phalah, S., Rebhum, M. & Lahav, O. (2010). Favorable operational conditions for obtaining high value struvite-product from supernatants of sludge dewatering systems. Environmental Engineer Science, 27(9), 733-741.

-     Lew, B., Lustig, I., Belavski, M., Tarre, S. & Green, M. (2011). An integrated UASB-sludge digester system for raw sewage treatment at temperate ambient climate. Bioresource Technology, 102, 4921-4924.

-      Khan, A.A., Gaur, R.Z., Kumar, A., Lew, B., Mehrotra, I. and Kazmi, A.A. (Accepted). Effect of Aeration on the Quality of Effluent from UASB Reactor Treating Sewage. Journal of Environmental Engineering ASCE, 137 (6), 464-472.

-      Khan, A.A., Gaur, R.Z., Tyagi, V.K.T., Khursheed, A., Aggarawala, S., Lew, B., Kazmi, A.A. and Mehrotra, I. (2011). Sustainable Options of Post Treatment of UASB Effluent Treating Sewage: A Review. Resources, Conservation & Recycling, 55, 1232- 1252.

-      Lew, B., Phalah, S. & Rebhum, M. (2011). Controlled struvite precipitation from belt press filtrate of anaerobic digester in a CST reactor. Environmental Progress, 30(4), 640-647.

-      Graber, E.R., Tsechansky, K., Gerstl, E., Lew, B. (2011) High Surface Area Biochar Negatively Impacts Herbicide Efficacy Plant and Soil, 353, 95-106.

-      Elad, Y., Cytryn, E., Meller, H., Lew, B., Graber, E.R, (2011) The Biochar Effect: Plant resistance to biotic stresses (Invited Review). Phytopathologia Mediterranea, 50, 335-349.

-      Khan, A.A., Gaur, Tyagi, V.K.T., Lew, B., Kazmi, A.A. and Mehrotra, I. (2012) Fecal Coliform Removal from the Effluent of UASB Reactor through Diffused Aeration. Desalination and water treatment.

-     Khan, A.A., Gaur, R.Z., Lew, B., Diamantis, V., Mehrotra, I., Kazmi, AA. (2012) UASB/ Flash Aeration enable complete treatment of municipal wastewater for disposal to non-sensitive water bodies or reuse. Bioprocess and Biosystem Engineering.

-      Harel, Y.M., Elad, Y., Rav-David, D., Borenstein, M., Shulchani, R., Lew, B., Graber, E.R. (2012) Biochar mediates systemic response of strawberry to foliar fungal pathogens. Plant and Soil, 357, 245-257.

-      Lew, B., Stief, P., Belavski, M., Ashkenazi, A., Svitlica, O., Khan, A.A., Tarre, S., Beer, D., and Green, M. (2012) Characterization of denitrifying granular sludge with and without the addition of external carbon source. Bioresource Technology, 124, 413-420.

-     Khan, A.A., Gaur, R.Z., Diamantis, V., Lew, B., Mehrotra, I., Kazmi, A.A. (2013) Continuous fill intermittent decant type sequencing batch reactor application to upgrade the UASB treated sewage. Bioprocess and Biosystem Engineering Journal, 36, 627-637. 




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