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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Moshe Bar Joseph, Prof. (Retiree)
Units: Plant ProtectionPlant Pathology and Weed Research
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  +97289350823
Cell: +972509350823
Fax:+ 97289352826
Email:    mbjoseph@gmail.com
Office location:Bet Dagan
Address:Dept of Plant Pathology and Weed Research
ARO, The Volcani Center
Bet Dagan 50250
Research Interests / Job description
Management and control of virus and virus like disease agents of subtropical fruit trees, with special emphasis on citrus.
Certification programs, nursery propagation methods and modern cultivation practices of citrus & subtropical fruit trees .
Eradication policies and practices of potentialy epidemic disease agents of fruit trees.
Phytoplasma, Spiroplasma and insect vectored disease agents of citrus and subtropical fruit trees
Molecular characterization and evolution of Closteroviridae and of viroid disease agents.
Methods of pathogen detection and elimination.
Transgenic plants (citrus) and rapid propagation technologies.


1972                Ph.D. Hebrew University, Jerusalem

1984               Researcher, Grade A+ (equivalent to Professor, Dept of Virology, ARO, The                    Volcani  Research Center, Bet Dagan

1983-1984       Head of Department of Plant Pathology, Volcani Center

1995-1986       Head of Department of Plant Virology, Volcani Center

1994 -2004     Professor (Adjunct) Department of Life Sciences, Ben-Gurion University, Beer Sheva.

1996-1997       Scientific Director, The Gilat Experiment Station, Northern Negev.

1986-2004       Founder and Head of the S. Tolkowsky Laboratory for Citrus Disease Research. ARO,   Volcani Research Center, Bet Dagan

2004, 1st  of September, Retired Officially after 39.5 years of service.

Supervision of Graduate Students

Since 1982, I served as an indepedent supervisor of PhD students from the Faculty of Agriculture Rehovot, The Hebrew University , Jerusalem.  In total 11 M.Sc. and 9 Ph.D. Students, have completed their degrees under my supervision.


1980      The Lee Hutchins award, The American Phytopathology Society

1996    Elected, Scientist of the Year, Agricultural Research Organization, Israel


More then  100 publications in  reviewed Journals and Proceeding, (see their impact in Google Scholar ) More then 15 review Chapters in Books   and > 150 popular articles in Local and International  Popular Agricultural Journals.

Publications since 1999

1. Yang G, Che X, Gofman R, Ben-Shalom Y, Piestun D, Gafny R, Mawassi M, Bar-Joseph M. 1999. D-RNA molecules associated with subisolates of the VT strain of citrus tristeza virus which induce different seedling-yellows reactions. Virus Genes 19:5-13.

 2. Satyanarayana T, Gowda S, Boyko VP, Albiach-Marti MR, Mawassi M, Navas-Castillo J, Karasev AV, Dolja V, Hilf ME, Lewandowski DJ, Moreno P, Bar-Joseph M, Garnsey SM, Dawson WO 1999. An engineered closterovirus RNA replicon and analysis of heterologous terminal sequences for replication. Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 96:7433-8.

3. Gera, A., Cohen, J., Kritzman, A., Beckelman, E. and Bar-Joseph, M. 1999. Production of diagnostic antibodies to plant viruses utilizing denaturated coat proteins and booster immunization with partially purified virus. J. Pl. Pathol. 81,189-192

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9. Satyanarayana T, Bar-Joseph M, Mawassi M, Albiach-Marti MR, Ayllon MA, Gowda S, Hilf ME, Moreno P, Garnsey SM, Dawson WO. 2001 Amplification of citrus tristeza virus from a cDNA clone and infection of citrus trees. Virology. 280:87-96.

10. Che, X., Piestun, D., Mawassi M, Yang, G. Satyanarayana T Gowda S Dawson WO, and Bar-Joseph M, 2001. 5 'Co-terminal subgenomic RNAs in citrus tristeza virus infected cells. Virology, 283:374-81.

11. Antignus, Y., Lachman, O., Pearlsman, M., Gofman, R. and Bar-Joseph, M., 2002. A new disease of greenhouse tomatoes in Israel caused by a disnct strain of Tomato apical stunt viroid (TASVd). Phytoparasitica, 30

12. Che, X., Mawassi M, and Bar-Joseph M, 2002. A Novel class of large and infectious defective RNAs of citrus tristeza virus. Virology, 298:133-145

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22. Batuman, O., Mawassi, M. and Bar-Joseph, M. 2006 Transgenes consisting of a dsRNA of an RNAi suppressor plus the 3' UTR provide resistance to Citrus tristeza virus sequences in Nicotiana benthamiana but not in citrus. Virus Genes 33, 319-327

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28. Tatineni, S., Robertson, C.J., Garnsey, S.M., Bar-Joseph, M., Gowda, S., Dawson, W.O. 2008 Three genes of Citrus tristeza virus are dispensable for infection and movement throughout some varieties of citrus trees. Virology 376: 297-307



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