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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Shelly Druyan, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Animal SciencePoultry and Aquaculture
Cell: 972-50-6220117
Email:    shelly.druyan@mail.huji.ac.il

  Research Interests

  • Development and physiology of poultry embryos.
  • Environmental factors (pO2, pCO2) affecting the development of broilers during embryogenesis.
  • The effect of hypoxia during embryogenesis on the performance and physiological traits of post hatched broilers.
  • Identify and characterize genes that affect angiogenesis response in broilers.
  • Production-related physiology in poultry.
  • Identify and characterize genes that affect nutrient utilization and body composition in broilers.


Publications in peer-reviewed journals

  • Geffen O., Y. Yitzhaky, N. Barchilon, S. Druyan and I.Halachmi, 2020. A machine vision system to detect and count laying hens in battery cages. Animal 14: 2628-2634
  • Zaguri S., J. Bartman, N. Avital-Cohen, L. Dishon, M. Gumu?ka, Y. Chaiseha, S. Druyan, and I. Rozenboim, 2020. Targeted differential monochromatic lighting improves broiler breeder reproductive performance. Poult Sci.99:3697-3708
  • Bloch V. N. Barchilon, I. Halachmi and S. Druyan, 2019. Automatic broiler temperature measuring by thermal camera. Biosystems Engineering, 9 2019.
  • Oc?o?, E., G. Solomon, A. Hrabia, S. Druyan, Z. Hayouka, and A. Gertler, 2018. New reagents for poultry research: preparation, purification, and in vitro evaluation of non-PEGylated and mono-PEGylated chicken prolactin. Poult Sci. 97:3277-3285.
  • Dishon L., N. Avital-Cohen, D. Malamud, S. Zaguri, J. Bartman, R. Heiblum, S. Druyan, T.E. Porter, M. Gumu?ka, and I. Rozenboim, 2018. In-ovo green light photostimulation during different embryonic stages affect somatotropic axis. Poult Sci. 97:1998-2004.
  • Druyan S., M. Ruzal, D. Shinder, and Haron A., 2018. Effects of low oxygen during chorioallantoic membrane development on post-hatch growing performance of broiler chickens.
    Poult Sci. 97:1961-1967.
  • Lin Y.M., S. Druyan, S. Yahav, and J. Brake, 2017. Thermal treatments prior to and during the beginning of incubation affects development of the broiler embryo and yolk sac membranes, and live performance and carcass characteristics. Poult Sci. 96: 1939-1947.
  • Dishon L., N. Avital-Cohen, D. Malamud, R. Heiblum, S. Druyan, T.E. Porter, M. Gumu?ka, and I. Rozenboim, 2017. In-ovo monochromatic green light photostimulation enhances embryonic somatotropic axis activity. Poult Sci. 96: 1884-1890.
  • Haron A., Y. Dahan, D. Shinder, and S. Druyan, 2017. Physiological effects of hypoxic conditions during the plateau period on the chicken embryo. Comp Biochem Physiol A Mol Integr Physiol. 203:32-39.
  • Rosen V., S. Druyan, D. Shinder, and O. Gal Garber. 2015. Development of Acid Digestion Method for the Determination of Element Concentration in Chicken Liver by ICP-OES. J. Chem. Eng. Chem. Res. 2:735-743.
  • Cheled-Shoval S.L., S. Druyan, and Z. Uni, 2015. Bitter, sweet and umami taste receptors and downstream signaling effectors: Expression in embryonic and growing chicken gastrointestinal tract. Poult Sci. 94:1928-1941.
  • Piestun, Y., S. Druyan, J. Brake and S. Yahav, 2013. Thermal treatments prior to and during the beginning of incubation affect phenotypic characteristics of broiler chickens post hatching. Poult Sci. 92:882-889.
  • De Oliveira, J. E., S. Druyan, Z. Uni, C. M. Ashwell, P. R. Ferket. 2013. Metabolic profiling of late-term embryos by microarrays. Poult Sci. 92:1011-1028.
  • Piestun, Y., S. Druyan, J. Brake and S. Yahav, 2013. Thermal manipulations during broiler incubation alter performance of broilers to 70 days of age. Poult Sci. 92:1155-1163.
  • Druyan, S., and E. Levi, 2012. Reduced O2 concentration during CAM development - Its effect on angiogenesis and gene expression in the broiler embryo CAM. Gene Expr Patterns, 12:236-244.
  • Druyan, S., E. Levi, D. Shinder, and T. Stern, 2012. Reduced O2 concentration during the CAM development - its effect on physiological parameters of broilers embryos. Poult Sci. 91:987-997.
  • Piestun, Y. O. Halevy, D. Shinder, M. Ruzal, S. Druyan, and S. Yahav, 2011. Thermal manipulations during broiler embryogenesis improves post-hatch performance under hot conditions. J. Therm. Bio. 36:469-474.
  • Yahav, S., M. Ruzal, S. Druyan and D. Shinder, 2011. Diurnally cycling temperature and ventilation affect young turkeys' performance and sensible heat loss. J. Therm. Bio. 36:334-339.
  • Shinder, D., M. Ruzal, M. Giloh, S. Druyan, Y. Piestun, and S. Yahav, 2011. Improvement of cold resistance and performance of broilers by acute cold exposure during late embryogenesis. Poult Sci. 90:633-641.
  • Azoulay Y., S. Druyan, L. Yadgary, Y. Hadad, and A. Cahaner, 2011. The Viability and performance at Hot Conditions of Featherless Broilers vs. Fully-Feathered Broilers. Poult Sci. 90:19-29.
  • Druyan, S.,2010. The effect of genetic line (broilers vs. layers) andparent flock age on embryonic development. Poult Sci. 89:1457-1467.
  • De Oliveira, J. E., S. Druyan, Z. Uni, C. M. Ashwell, P. R. Ferket. 2009. Pre-hatch intestinal maturation of Turkey embryos demonstrated through gene expression patterns. Poult Sci. 88:2600-2609.
  • Druyan, S., D. Shinder, A. Shlosberg, A. Cahaner and S. Yahav, 2009. Ascites-resistant vs. ascites-susceptible broiler lines. Physiological parameters in broiler lines divergently selected for the incidence of ascites. Poult Sci . 88:1984-1990.
  • Cahaner, A., Ajuh J., M. Siegmund-Schultze, Y. Azoulay, S. Druyan, and A. V. Zárate, 2008. Effects of the Genetically Reduced Feather Coverage in Naked Neck and Featherless Broilers on Their Performance under Hot Conditions. Poult Sci. 87:2517-2527.
  • Druyan, S., J. de Oliveira and C. M. Ashwell, 2008. Focused microarrays as a method to evaluate subtle changes in gene expression. Poult Sci. 87: 2418-2429.
  • Druyan, S., Y. Hadad and A. Cahaner, 2008. Growth Rate of Ascites-Resistant versus Ascites-Susceptible broilers in commercial and experimental Lines. Poult Sci. 87:904-911.
  • Druyan, S., A. Cahaner and C. M. Ashwell, 2007. The expression patterns of HIF1α, HYOU1, HO1, and cTnT during development of the chicken heart. Poult Sci. 86: 2384-2389.
  • Druyan, S., and A. Cahaner, 2007. Segregation among test-cross progeny suggests that two complementary dominant genes explain the difference between ascites-resistant and ascites-susceptible broiler lines. Poult Sci. 86: 2295-2300.
  • Shinder, D., M. Rusal, Y. Tanny, S. Druyan, and S.Yahav, 2007. Thermoregulatory responses of chicks (Gallus domesticus) to low ambient temperatures at an early age. Poult Sci. 86: 2200-2209.
  • Druyan, S., A. Ben-David and A. Cahaner, 2007. Development of ascites-resistant and ascites-susceptible broiler lines. Poult Sci. 86:881-22.
  • Druyan, S., A. Shlosberg , and A. Cahaner, 2007. Evaluation of growth rate, body weight, heart rate, and blood parameters as potential indicators for selection against susceptibility to the ascites syndrome in young broilers. Poult Sci. 86:621-9.
  • Hen, G., A. Bor, V. Simchaev, S. Druyan, S. Yahav, Miao CH, and M. Friedman-Einat, 2005. Expression of foreign genes in chicks by hydrodynamics-based naked plasmid transfer in vivo. Domest. Anim. Endocinol. 30:135-43.


Book Chapters

  • Druyan, S., Piestun, Y. and Yahav, S., 2011. Heat stress in domestic fowl - genetic and physiological aspects.   In: Cisneros, A. B. and Goins, B. L.(Eds.) Body Temperature Control. Nova Science Publishers Inc. NY USA   pp. 1- 30.
  • Druyan, S., 2012. Ascites syndrome in broiler chickens - a physiological syndrome affected by red blood cells. In : T. Moschandreou (Ed.), Blood Cell, an overview of studies in hematology. InTech, pp.243-270.


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