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Name: Michael Raviv, Prof. (Retiree)
Units: Newe Ya'arResearch teams-Newe Yaar
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  04-9539505 04-9539540
Cell: 050-6220039
Email:    mraviv@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Newe Ya'ar Research Center
Address:Newe Ya'ar Research Center
P.O.B 1021 Ramat Yishay 30095
Research Interests / Job description
Long-term soil fertility building in Organic Farming
Composting of organic wastes including olive mill wastes
The use of composts as substrate ingredients and for soil application
The role of composts in inducing suppressiveness against soil-borne diseases
Plant nutrition in Organic Agriculture
Microcalorimetry as a novel approach to energy saving in greenhouse-grown crops and as a tool to assess compost maturity

Teaching Responsibilities

  • Scientific issues in Organic Agriculture. Course # 71534, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, Rehovot

Selected List of Recent Publications

  • Raviv, M. (Editor) (1996). Research in Organic Agriculture. Agricultural Research in Israel. ARO, Bet Dagan. 208+XIII pp. In Hebrew with English abstracts. 
  • Silber, A. and M. Raviv (1996). Effects on chemical surface properties of tuff by growing rose plants. Plant and Soil 186: 353-360.
  • Raviv, M., Krasnovsky, A., Medina Sh. and R. Reuveni (1998). Assessment of various control strategies for recirculation of greenhouse effluents under semi-arid conditions. The Journal of Horticultural Science and Biotechnology 73: 485-491.
  • Raviv, M. and R. Reuveni (1998). Fungal photomorphogenesis: A basis for the control of foliar diseases using photoselective covering materials for greenhouses. Feature article HortScience. 33: 925-929.
  • Raviv, M., Wallach, R., Silber, A., Medina, Sh. and A. Krasnovsky (1999). The effect of hydraulic characteristics of volcanic materials on yield of roses grown in soilless culture. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci 124: 205-209.
  • Raviv, M. and T. J. Blom (2001). The effect of water availability and quality on photosynthesis and productivity of soilless-grown cut roses - A Review. Scientia Horticulturae 88: 257-276.
  • Raviv, M., Lieth, J.H., Burger, D.W. and R. Wallach (2001). Optimization of Transpiration and Potential Growth Rates of 'Kardinal' Rose with Respect to Root-zone Physical Properties. J. Amer. Soc. Hort. Sci. 126: 638-645.
  • Raviv, M., Wallach, R., Silber A. and A. Bar-Tal (2002). Substrates and Their Analysis. pp. 25-102, Chapter 2 in: Savvas, D. and H. Passam (eds.), Hydroponic Production of Vegetables and Ornamentals. Embryo Publications, Greece.
  • Reuveni, R., Raviv, M., Krasnovsky, A., Freiman, L., Medina, Sh., Bar, A. and D. Orion (2002). Compost induces protection against Fusarium oxysporum in sweet basil.  Crop Protection 21: 583-587.
  • Raviv, M. and Y. Antignus, (2004). UV radiation effects on pathogens and insect pests of greenhouse-grown crops. Invited review. Photobiology and Photochemistry 79: 219-226.
  • Laor, Y., Raviv, M. and M. Borisover (2004). Evaluating microbial activity in composts using microcalorimetry. Thermochimica Acta 420:119-125.
  • Raviv, M., Oka, Y., Katan, J., Hadar, Y., Yogev, A., Medina, Sh., Krasnovsky, A. and H. Ziadna (2004). High-nitrogen compost as a medium for organic container-grown crops.     Bioresource Technology 96: 419-427.
  • Raviv, M. (2005). Production of high-quality composts for horticultural purposes - a mini-review. HortTechnology 15: 52-57.
  • Aviani, I., Laor, Y. and M. Raviv (2006). Limitations and Potential of In Situ Rhizobox Sampling for Assessing Microbial Activity in Fruit Tree Rhizosphere. Plant and Soil 279: 327-332.
  • Yogev, A., Raviv, M., Hadar, Y. Cohen, R. and Katan, J. (2006). Plant waste-based composts suppressive to diseases caused by pathogenic Fusarium oxysporum. European Jour. Plant Pathol. 116: 267-278. 
  • Raviv, M., Aviani, I., Fine P., Khatib, K. and N. Yitzhaky (2006). Mineral nutrition of peach trees with organic and inorganic fertilizers. pp. 157-164 in: Raupp, J. et al. (Eds.): Long-term field experiments in organic Farming. Verlag Dr. Koster, Berlin. 204 pp.
  • Saadi, I. Laor, L. Raviv, M. and Sh. Medina (2007). Land spreading of olive mill wastewater: Effects on soil microbial activity and potential phytotoxicity. Chemosphere 66:75-83.
  • Raviv, M., and J.H. Lieth (Editors) (2008). Soilless Culture: Theory and Practice. Elsevier, Amsterdam. xx + 587 pp.  http://www.elsevier.com/wps/find/bookaudience.cws_home/713460/description?navopenmenu=-2).
  • Yogev, A., Raviv, M., Kritzman, G., Hadar, Y., Cohen, R., Kirshner, B. and J. Katan (2009). Suppression of Bacterial Canker of Tomato by Composts. Crop Protection. 28: 97-103. 
  • Medina, Sh., Raviv, M., Saadi, I. and Y. Laor (2009). Methodological aspects of microcalorimetry used to assess the dynamics of microbial activity during composting. Bioresource Technology 100: 4814-4829.
  • Üstüner, Ö., Wininger, S., Gadkar, V., Badani, H., Raviv, M., Dudai, N., Medina, Sh. and Y. Kapulnik (2009). Evaluation of different compost amendments with AM fungal inoculum for optimal growth of chives (Allium schoenoprasum L.). Compost Science and Utilization 17: 257-265.
  • Aviani, I., Raviv, M., Hadar, Y., Saadi, A. and Y. Laor (2009). Original and residual phytotoxicity of olive mill wastewater revealed by fractionations before and after incubation with Pleurotus ostreatus. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 57: 11254-11260.
  • Raviv, M. (2009). Sustainability of Organic Horticulture. Horticultural Reviews. 36: 289-333.
  • Saadi, I., Laor, Y., Medina, Sh. Krassnovsky, A. and M. Raviv (2010). Compost suppressiveness against Fusarium oxysporum was not reduced after one-year storage under various moisture and temperature conditions. Soil Biology and Biochemistry. 42: 626-634.
  • Yogev, A., Raviv, M., Hadar, Y., Cohen, R., Wolf, S., Gil, L. and J. Katan (2010). Induced resistance as a putative component of compost suppressiveness. Biological Control. 54: 46-51.
  • Aviani, I., Laor, Y., Medina, Sh. Krassnovsky, A. and M. Raviv (2010). Co-composting of solid and liquid olive mill wastes: Management aspects and the horticultural value of the resulting composts. Bioresource Technology 101: 6699-6706.
  • Wallach, R., Da-Costa, N., Raviv, M. and M. Moshelion (2010). Development of synchronized, autonomous and self-regulated oscillations in transpiration rate of a whole tomato plant under water stress. Journal of Experimental Botany 61: 3439-3449.
  • Raviv, M., Medina, Sh., Wendin, C. and J.H. Lieth (2010). Development of alternate cut-flower rose greenhouse temperature set-points based on calorimetric plant tissue evaluation. Scientia Horticulturae 126: 454-461.
  • Raviv, M. (2010). The use of mycorrhiza in organically-grown crops under semi arid conditions: A review of benefits, constraints and future challenges. Symbiosis. In press. DOI: 10.1007/s13199-010-0089-8. http://www.springerlink.com/content/437793634p6r1186/fulltext.pdf

Editorial Responsibilities

  • Member of the Editorial Board: Biological Agriculture and Horticulture.
  • Member of the Scientific Advisory Board: Compost Science and Utilization.

Other Functions

  • Chair - ISHS Working group: Compost in growing media
  • Vice-Chair - ISHS Commission: Plant Substrates and Soilless Media
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