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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Dani Shtienberg, Prof. (Researcher)
Units: Plant ProtectionPlant Pathology and Weed Research
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683380 03-9683580
Cell: 050-6220688
Email:    danish@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:ARO, the Volcani Center, Bet Dagan
Address:Department of Plant Pathology and Weed research, ARO, the Volcani Center, PO Box 6 Bet Dagan 50250 Israel
Researcher in the Department of Plant Pathology
Research Interests / Job description
•Epidemiology of plant disease.
•Crop loss assessment.
•Development of decision support systems, IPM and modeling.
•Host-pathogen interactions at the population level.

Studies, Position Held and Academic Status

1997-80          B.Sc. Faculty of Agriculture, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1980-82          M.Sc. Faculty of Agriculture, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1983-87          Ph.D. Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1988-89          Postdoctoral position. Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA

1989-91          Postdoctoral position. Faculty of Agriculture, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem

1991              Assistant Researcher (Degree C), Department of Plant Pathology, ARO, the Volcani Center, Bet-Dagan.

1992-95          Associate Researcher (Degree B), Department of Plant Pathology, ARO, the Volcani Center, Bet-Dagan.

1995-99          Senior Researcher (Degree A), Department of Plant Pathology, ARO, the Volcani Center, Bet-Dagan.

1997              Adjunct Professor at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

1999              Senior Researcher (Degree A+), Department of Plant Pathology, ARO, the Volcani Center, Bet-Dagan.

2000-01          Head. Department of Nematology.

2004-05          Sabbatical leave, Adelaide University, South Australia.

2006-08          Head. Department of Plant Pathology and Weed Research.

Recent Publications

Kleitman, F., Shtienberg, D., Blachinsky, D., Oppenheim, D., Zilberstaine, M., and Manulis, S. (2005). Erwinia amylovora populations resistant to oxolinic acid in Israel: prevalence, persistence and fitness. Plant Pathology 54:108-115.

Andre-Piedra, J.L., Hijmans, R.J., Juárez, H.S., Forbes, G.A., Shtienberg, D., and Fry., W.E. (2005). Simulation of potato lare blight in the Andes. II: Validation of the LATEBLIGHT model. Phytopathology 95:1200-1208.

Shtienberg, D., Gamliel-Atinsky, E., Retig, B., Brener, S., and Dinoor, A. (2005).Significance of preventing primary infections by Didymella rabiei and development of a model to estimate the maturity of pseudothecia. Plant Disease 89:1027-1034.

Gamliel-Atinsky, E., Shtienberg, D., Vintal, H., Nitzni, Y., and Dinoor, A. (2005). Production of Didymella rabiei pseudothecia and dispersal of ascospores in a Mediterranean climate. Phytopathology 95:1279-1286.

Andre-Piedra, J.L., Forbes, G.A., Shtienberg, D., Grönwald, N.J., Chacón, Taipe, M.V., Hijmans, R.J., and Fry., W.E. (2005). Qualification of a plant disease simulation model: performance of the LATEBLIGH model across a broad range of environments. Phytopathology 95:1412-1422.

Lichtenzveig, J., Gamliel- Atinsky ,E., Frenkel, O., Michaelido, S., Abbo, A., Sherman, A., and Shtienberg D. (2005). Distribution of mating types and diversity in virulence of Didymella rabiei in Israel. European Journal of Plant Pathology 113:15-24.

Abbo, S., Shtienberg, D., Lev-Yadun, S., and Gopher, A. (2005). Prehistoric spead of agrotechniques into the Indian subcontinent as deduced from the evolutionary history of chickpea:any lessons for modern crop improvement? In: Agriicultural Heritge of Asia (Nene, E. ed.). pp. 197-203. Andhra Pradesh, India.

Yermiyahu, U., Shamai, I., Peleg, R., Dudai, N., and Shtienberg, D. (2006). Reduction of Botrytis cinerea sporulation in sweet basil by altering the concentrations of nitrogen and calcium in the irrigation solution. Plant Pathology 55:544-552.

Lichtenzveig, J., Bonfil, D., Zhang, H.B., Shtienberg, D., Abbo, S. (2006). Mapping quantitative trait loci in chickpea associated with time to flowering and resistance to Didymella rabiei, the causal agent of Ascochyta blight. Theoretical and Applied Genetics 113:1357-1369.

Shtienberg, D., Kimber, R.B.E., McMurray, L. and Davidson, J.A. (2006). Optimisation of the chemical control of ascochyta blight in chickpea. Australasian Plant Pathology 35:715-724.

Blachinsky, D., Shtienberg, D., Zamski, E., Weinthal, D., and Manulis, S. (2006). Effects of pear tree physiology on fire blight progression in perennial branches and on expression of pathogenicity genes of Erwinia amylovora. European Journal of Plant Pathology 116:315-324.

Zamski, E., Shtienberg, D., and Blachinsky, D. (2006). The role of ooze exudation in the migration of Erwinia amylovora cells in pear trees infected by fire blight. Israel Journal of Plant Sciences 54:301-307.

Kimber, R.B.E., Shtienberg, D., Ramsey, M.D. and Scott, E.S. (2007). The role of chickpea seedling infections in ascochyta blight epidemics. European Journal of Plant Pathology 117:141-152.

Frenkel, O., Shtienberg, D., Abbo, S., and Sherman, A. (2007). The sympatric ascochyta complex of wild Cicer judaicum and domesticated chickpea. Plant Pathology 56:464-471.

Sosnowski, M.R., Shtienberg, D., Creaser, M.L., Wicks, T.J., Lardner, R., and Scott, E.S. (2007). The influence of climate on foliar symptoms of Eutypa dieback in grapevines. Phytopathology 97:1284-1289.

Abbo, S., Frenkel, O., Sherman, A., and Shtienberg, D. (2007). The sympatric Ascochyta pathosystems of Near Eastern legumes, a key for better understanding of pathogen biology. European Journal of Plant Pathology 119:111-118.

Shtienberg, D. (2007). The contribution of epidemiological research to plant disease management. Australasian Plant Pathology 36: 510-515.

Frenkel, O., Sherman, A., Abbo, S., and Shtienberg, D. (2008). Different aggressiveness patterns and ecological affinities among Didymella rabiei isolates from sympatric domesticated chickpea - wild Cicer judaicum. Phytopathology 98:600-608.

Forbes, G.A., Fry, W.E., Andre-Piedre, J.L. and Shtienberg, D. (2008). Simulation models for potato late blight management and ecology. In: Integrated Management of Diseases Caused by Fungi, Phytoplasma and Bacteria. (Ciancio, A., and Mukerji, K.G. eds.). pp. 161-177. Springer Science+Business Media B.V.

Forbes, G.A., Mizubuti, E.S.G. and Shtienberg, D. (2009). Plant disease epidemiology and disease management - has science had an impact on practice? In: Integrated Pest Management: Innovation - Development Process. (Peshin, R., Dahwan, A.K. eds.). pp. 347-364. Springer Science+Business Media B.V.

Gamliel-Atinsky, E., Sztenberg, A., Maymon, M., Shtienberg, D. And Freeman, S. (2009). Inoculum availability and conidial dispersal patterns of Fusarium mangiferae, the causal agent of mango malformation disease. Phytopathology 99:160-166.

Gamliel-Atinsky, E., Sztenberg, A., Maymon, M., Vintal, H., Shtienberg, D. And Freeman, S. (2009). Infection dynamics of Fusarium mangiferae, causal agent of mango malformation disease. Phytopathology 99:775-781

Frenkel, O., Peever, T.T., Chilvers, M.I., O¨zkilinc, H., Can, C., Abbo,S., Shtienberg, D., Sherman A. (2010). Ecological genetic divergence of the fungal pathogen Didymella rabiei on sympatric wild and domesticated Cicer spp. (Chickpea). Applied and Environmental Microbiology 76: 30-39.

Shtienberg, D., Elad, Y. Bornstein, M., Ziv, G., Grava, A. and Cohen, S. (2010). Polyethylene mulch modifies greenhouse microclimate and reduces infection of Phytophthora infestans in tomato and Pseudoperonospora cubensis in cucumber. Phytopathology 100:97-104.

Ozkilinc, H., Frenkel, O., Abbo, S., Shtienberg, D., Sherman, A., and Can, C. (2010). Comparative study of Turkish and Didymella rabiei population; the Ascochyta pathogen of chickpea. Plant Pathology (In press)

Frenkel, O., Yermiyahu, O., Forbes, G.A., Fry, W.E., and Shtienberg, D. (2010). Boron, in sub-phytotoxic concentrations, restricts late blight development. Plant Pathology (In press)

Shtienberg, D. (2010). Applications of epidemiology in the management of ascochyta blight in chickpea and lentil. In: Compendium of Chickpea and Lentil Diseases and Pests. (Chew, W., Muehlbauer, F.J., and Sharma, H. C. eds.). APS Press, St Paul, Minnesota, USA.

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