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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: David Ezra, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Plant ProtectionPlant Pathology and Weed Research
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  03-9683555 03-9683368
Cell: 050-6220555
Email:  dezra@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:ARO The Volcani Center Bet-Dagan
Address:Plant Pathology and weed research,P.O.Box 6, ARO, The Volcani Center, Bet-Dagan, 50250, Israel
Research Interests / Job description
Fungal fruit tree diseases:
Mal secco disease of citrus
Alternaria brown spot and black spot disease of citrus
Disease of pomegranate
Alternaria in persimmon
The molecular relations between pathogenic fungi and their host
Biological control of fruit trees pathogens by the use of endophytic microorganisms and their secreted secondary metabolites.
Biological control of diseases in fruit trees their products and seeds by Volatile Organic Compounds emitting fungi.

1.  Kurek, I., Ezra, D., Erel, N., Litvak, S. and Brieman A. 1997.

Studies on the effect of nuclear background and tissue specificity on RNA editing of the mitochondrial ATP synthase subunitsa, 6 and 9 in fertile and cytoplasmice male-sterile (CMS) wheat.

Theoretical and Applied Genetics  95: 1305-1311.


2Valinsky, L., Manulis, S., Nizan, R., Ezra, D. and 

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A pathogenicity gene isolated from pPATH of Erwinia herbicola pv. gypsophhilae determines host-specificity.

Molecular Plant- Microbe Interactions 11: 753-763.


3.  Ezra, D., Barash, I., Valinsky, L. and Manulis, S. 2000.

The dual function in virulence and host range restriction of a gene isolated from the pPATHEhg plasmid from Erwinia herbicola pv. gypsophilae.

Molecular Plant- Microbe Interactions 13: 683-692.


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Use of ESEM/FEG to study newly discovered endophytic fungi.

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An endophytic Gliocladium sp. of Eucryphia cordifolia producing selective volatile antimicrobial compounds.

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Affect of substrate on the bioactivity of volatile antimicrobials produced by Muscodor albus.

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pthG from Pantoea agglomerans pv. gypsophilae encodes an avirulence effector that determines incompatibility in multiple beet species.

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11. Ezra, D. Jasper, J., Rogers, T., Knighton, B., Grimsrud E. and Strobel, G. 2003.

Proton transfer reaction-mass spectrometry as a

technique to measure volatile emissions of Muscodor


Plant Science: 166: 1471-1477.


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A question concerning the identity of Streptomyces sp.


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 Molecular characterization of Phoma tracheiphila, causal agent of mal secco disease of  citrus, in Israel.

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18.  Mitchell A. M., Strobel G. A., Hess W. M., and Ezra D. 2008.

         Muscodor crispans, a novel endophyte from Ananas ananassoides in the Bolivian  Amazon.

    Fungal Diversity 31: 37-43.


19.  Kharwar R. N., Verma V. C., Strobel G.A. and Ezra D. 2008

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20.  Ezra, D., Lousky, T., Zada, A. , Kirshner, B., Dragushich, D., Hess, W. M. and Elad, Y. 2008.

        Isolation and characterization of Daldinia odorata (OBRB1A), an endophyte of Olea europaea L. that emits volatile antibiotics.

This manuscript was written as for the journal Fungal Diversity, and was accepted as a paper by an internal ARO review process, because of patent issues.


21.  Ezra, D., Kroitor-Keren, T. Denisov, Y., Skovorodnikov, J., and Liarzi, O. 2010.

        Development of methods for detection and Agrobacterium-mediated transformation of the sterile, endophytic fungus Muscodor albus.

Biocontrol Science and Technology 20, 83-97


22.  Ezra, D., Gat, T., Skovorodnikova, Y.,  Vardi, Y. and Kosto, I. 2010

         First report of Alternaria brown spot of pomegranate caused by Alternaria alternata in  


 Australasian Plant Disease Notes  5, 1-2


23.  Migheli, Q., Balmas, V., Olga Cacciola, S., Pane, A., Ezra, D., di San Lio, G.M. 2009. Mal secco disease caused by Phoma tracheiphila: a potential threat to lemon industry worldwide. Plant Disease. 93: 852-867  (FEATURE  ARTICLE




1.   Ezra, D. and Strobel, G. 2002.

The application of volatile antibiotics and non-volatile inhibitors from Muscodor spp. To control harmful microbes in human and animal wastes.

US Patent No. 7070985 (granted July 4, 2006), US Patent 7341862 (granted March 11, 2008). EPO Application no. EP20040758618.


2.   Ezra, D. Castillo, U. and Strobel, G. 2003.

Coronamycins, peptide antibiotics produced by a verticillated Streptomyces sp. (MSU-2110) endophytic on Monstera sp.

US Patent No. 7387888 (granted June 17, 2008).


3.   Dirkse, E. Strobel, G. Ezra, D. Castillo, U. and

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Endophytic fungi to decontaminate and decompose human wastes in a novel treatment process.

USPTO Application No. 20090017526.


4.   Ezra, D., Lousky, T. and Elad, Y. 2009.

      Daldinia odorata, volatile antibiotics inhibitors producing fungus for biological control

      of plant pathogens (US provisional Application Number 61/252679).



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