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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Uri Yermiyahu, Prof. (Researcher)
Units: Gilat CenterSoil and water
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  972-3-9683226 972-3-9683288
Cell: 972-50-6220136
Email:    uri4@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Administration Building
Address:Agricultural Research Organization
The Volcani Center
68 HaMaccabim Rd., Rishon Le Zion
P.O.B 15159, 7528809

ARO Deputy Director for R&D

Research Interests / Job description
Boron uptake by plants
Plant nutrition


University Education

1981-1984    B.Sc. in Soil Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of  Agriculture.

1985-1988    M.Sc. in Soil Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture. Title of thesis: "Boron sorption by soil and uptake by plant as affected by organic matter".

1989-1994    Ph.D. in Soil and Plant Physiology Science at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture. Title of thesis: "Exchange of Ca with cation on the plasma membrane in root cell and its effect on root elongation".

1994          Postdoctoral position at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Faculty of Agriculture, with Prof. Y. Chen and Prof. Y. Hadar.

1995-1996      Postdoctoral position at US Dep. of Agriculture, Appalachian Soil and Water Conservation Research Laboratory, Beckley, WV, USA, with Dr. T.B. Kinraide.  Research Subject: "Surface properties of wheat root plasma membrane different in Al sensitivity."

  Updated Publication list:  

Articles in  journals

Yermiyahu, U., Keren, R., Chen, Y. (1988). Boron sorption on composted organic matter. Soil Sci. Soc. Am. J. 53:1309-1313.

Lautter, J., Meiri, A., Yermiyahu, U. (1989). Tolerance of peanut to excess boron. Plant and Soil. 114:35-38.

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Nir, S., Rytwo, G., Yermiyahu, U., Margulies, L. (1994). A model for cation adsorption to clays and membranes. Colloid and Polymer Sci. 272:619-632.

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Yermiyahu, U., Rytwo, R., Brauer, D.K., Kinraide, T.B. (1997). Binding and electrostatic attraction of lanthanum (La3+) and aluminum (Al3+) to wheat root plasma membranes. J. Membrane Biology.159:239-252.

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Vintal, H., Ben-Noon, E., Shievin, E., Yermiyahu, U., Shtienberg, D., Dinoor, A. (1999). Influence of rate of soil fertilization on alternaria leaf blight (Alternaria dauci) in carrots. Phytoparasitica. 27(3):193-200.

Epstein, A.L., Gussman, C.D., Blaylock, M.J., Yermiyahu, U., Huang, J., Kapulnik, Y., Orser, C. (1999).  EDTA and Pb-EDTA accumulation in Brassica juncea grown in Pb-amended soil.  Plant and Soil. 208 (1):87-94.

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Oka, Y., Yermiyahu, U. (2003). Nematode-suppressive effects of composts against the root-knot nematode Meloidogyne    javanica on tomato. Nematology. 4(8):891-898.

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Books chapter:

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