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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Shlomo Yahav, Prof. (Retiree)
Units: Animal SciencePoultry and Aquaculture
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  08-9484415 08-9484401
Cell: 050-6220416
Email:  vlyahav@volcani.agri.gov.il  shlomo.yahav@mail.huji.ac.il
Office location:Rehovot
Address:Institute of Animal Science
Agricultural Research Organization,
The Volcani Center,
P.O.Box 6, Bet Dagan 50250, Israel

Senior researcher

Research Interests / Job description
Thermal manipulations during chick's embryogenesis to improve thermotolerance acquisition and angiogenesis processes.
Maternal effects on embryogenesis

 Recent Publications

  • Yahav, S., Goldfeld, S., Plavnik, I. and Hurwitz, S. (1995). Physiological responses of chickens and turkeys to relative humidity during exposure to high ambient temperature. J. Thermal Biol. 20(3): 245-253.
  • Yahav, S., Straschnow, A., Plavnik, I. and Hurwitz, S. (1996). Effects of diurnal cyclic versus constant temperatures on chicken growth and food intake. Br. Poult. Sci. 37: 43-54.
  • Yahav, S. and Hurwitz, S. (1996). Induction of thermotolerance in male broiler chickens by temperature conditioning at an early age. Poult. Sci. 75: 402-406.
  • Einat (Friedman) M., Haberfeld, A., Shamai, A., Horev, G., Hurwitz, S. and Yahav, S. (1996). A novel 29 kDa chicken heat stress protein. Poult. Sci. 75: 1528-1530.
  • Yahav, S., Straschnow, A., Plavnik, I. and Hurwitz, S. (1997). Blood system response of chickens to changes in environmental temperature. Poult. Sci. 76: 627-633.
  • Yahav, S., Shamai, A., Horev, G., Bar-Ilan, D., Genina, O. and Einat (Friedman), M. (1997). Effect of acquisition of improved thermotolerance on the induction of heat shock proteins in broiler chickens. Poult. Sci. 76: 1428-1434.
  • Yahav, S., Shamai, A., Haberfeld, A., Horev, G., Hurwitz, S. and (Friedman) Einat, M. (1997). Induction of thermotolerance in chickens by temperature conditioning - heat shock protein expression. In: Thermoregulation. Tenth International Symposium of the Pharmacology of Thermoregulation. (ed. C. M. Blatteis ), pp. 628-636. Annals of The New York Academy of Sciences, NY.
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Current Projects:


  • Manipulating incubation temperature to improve thermotolerance acquisition and performance of broilers and turkeys, using epigenetic temperature adaptation approach;
  • Manipulating incubation temperature to improve vasculogenesis and angiogenesis to improve vaso-responses in post hatch broilers;
  • Manipulating incubation temperature to improve feed conversion rate of turkeys;
  • Creating an environmental matrix conditions (ambient temperature; ventilation; relative humidity) to improve broilers, turkeys and laying hens performance;
  • The concept of maternal effect - its influance by the embryo yolk sac; ).
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