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שלח באימייל הדפס
Name: Avi Sadka, Ph.D. (Researcher)
Units: Plant SciencesFruit Tree Sciences
Research Interests / Job description  
Tel:  ‎‎03-9683343 ‎‎03-9683884
Cell: ‎‎050-6220340
Email:    vhasadka@volcani.agri.gov.il
Office location:Fruit Trees Building Room No. 207
Address:Department of Fruit Trees Sciences,
Institute of Plant Sciences,
ARO, The Volcani Center
P.O. Box 6
Bet Dagan 50250

Research Interests / Job description
Citrus Physiology: fruit development, fruit quality, alternate bearing and yield improvement

Fields of Scientific Interest:

  • Fruit growth and development
  • Fruit quality
  • Control of alternate bearing
  • Practical aspects of citriculture

Current Research Projects:

Current Lab Members and Their Projects

Engineers/ Technicians


Ludmila Schlizerman , Ms.C., Laboratory Research Engineer, Fruit acidity and Citrus flowering


Naftali Zur , Field Technician, Photoselective nets and plastic mulches in the orchard

Visiting Scientist

Prof. Vijay Bahadur,, India, Alternate bearing



Liron Shalom , Ph.D. Student, Alternate bearing

Yasmin Levi, , M.Sc. Student, Alternate bearing

Deriba Nemara, , M.Sc. Student, Photoselective nets


Past Lab Members

  • Dr. Ran Kapri, Ph.D. Student
  • Dr. Ken Marsh, Visiting Scientist from New Zeland
  • Dr. Yong-Zhong Liu, Visiing Scientist from China
  • Dr. Ming Dong, Visiting Scholar
  • Dr. Sham Prakash, Pot Doctoral Fellow
  • Mr. Gabriel Bardosh, M.Sc. Student
  • Ms. Alina Sorkina, M.Sc. Student
  • Ms. Ravit Goldberg-Moeller, M.Sc. Student
  • Mr. Adi Mondshein, M.Sc. Student
  • Mr. Yishai Wachsmann, M.Sc. Student
  • Mr. Shmuel Kalderon, M.Sc. Student
  • Mr. Asfaw Degu, M.Sc. Student
  • Ms. Ifat Bar-Haim, M.Sc. Student
  • Ms. Sivan Samuels, M.Sc. Student
  • Mrs. Esther Dahan, Lab Technichian
  • Dr. Puneet Dhwan, Visiting Scholar

Publications, since 2010 

Peer Reviewed

1.     Katz, E.PD, Fon, M.T, Eigenheer, R.A.T, Phinney, B.S.C,  Sadka, A.PI and Blumwald, E.PI (2010). A label-free differential quantitative mass spectrometry method for the characterization and identification of protein changes during citrus fruit development. Proteome Sci. 8, 68. 2.56; 35/71 (Biochemical Res. Meth.); 34; (This was part of BARD project I acted in as PI. I co-mentored EK).

2.     Degu, A.S, Hatew, B.S, Nunes-Nesi, A.PD, Schlizerman, L.T, Zur, N.T, Katz, E.PD, Fernie, A.R.C, Blumwald, E.C and Sadka, A.PI (2011). Inhibition of aconitase in citrus fruit callus results in a metabolic shift towards amino acid biosynthesis.  Planta 234, 501-513. 3.00; 32/190 (Plant Sciences); 27  

3.     Katz, E.PD, Boo, K.H.PD, Kim, H.Y.PD, Eigenheer, R.A.PD, Phinney, B.S.C, Shulaev, V.C, Negre-Zakharov, F.T, Sadka, A.PI and Blumwald, E.PI (2011). Label-free shotgun proteomics and metabolite analysis reveal a significant metabolic shift during Citrus fruit development. J.  Exp. Botany  62:5367-5384. 5.36; 11/190 (Plant Sciences); 46 (This was part of BARD project I acted in as PI. I co-mentored EK).

4.     Sorkina, A.S, Bardosh, G.S, Liu, Y-Z., Fridman, I.S, Shlizerman, L.T, Zur, N.T, Or, E.C, Goldschmidt, E.E.C, Blumwald, E.C and Sadka, A.C (2011). Isolation of a citrus promoter and its functional analysis in isolated juice sacs and in tomato. Plant Cell Rep. 30:1627-1640.  2.27; 55/190 (Plant sciences); 7

5.     Shalom, L.S, Samuels, S.S, Zur, N.T, Shlizerman, L.T, Zemach, H.T, Ofir, R.C, Blumwald, E.C and Sadka, A.PI (2012). Alternate bearing in citrus: changes in the expression of flowering control genes and in global gene expression in ON- versus OFF-crop trees. PLOS ONE, 7(10): e46930. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0046930, 3.73; 7/56 (Multidisciplinary); 39

6.     Goldberg-Moeller, R.S, Shalom, L.S, Shlizerman, L.S, Samuels, S.S, Zur, N.T, Ophir, R.C, Blumwald, E.C and Sadka, A.PI (2013). Effect of gibberellin treatment during flowering induction period on global gene expression and transcription of flowering-control genes in Citrus buds. Plant Sci. 198: 46–57. 4.11; 19/199 (Plant Sciences); 46

7.     Sabag, M.S, Ben-Ari, G.C, Zviran, T.C, Biton, I.T, Goren, M. T, Dahan, Y.T, Sadka, A. C and  Irihimovitch, V.PI (2013). PaKRP, a cyclin-dependent kinase inhibitor from avocado, may facilitate exit from the cell cycle during fruit growth. Plant Sci. 213: 18-29. 4.11; 19/199 (Plant Sciences); 3

8.     Shalom, L.S, Samuels, S.S, Zur, N.T, Shlizerman, L.T, Faigenboim, A.T, Blumwald, E.C and Sadka, A.PI (2014). Fruit load induces changes in global gene expression and in ABA and IAA homeostasis in citrus buds. J. Exp. Bot. 6: 3029-3044. 5.52; 12/204 (Plant Sciences); 32

9.     Kim, H-YS, Farcuh, M. S, Cohen, Y.C, Crisosto, C.C, Sadka, A. C and Blumwald, EPI. (2015). Non-climacteric ripening and sorbitol homeostasis in plum fruits.

Plant Science 231: 30-39. 3.36; 31/209 (Plant Sciences); 8

10.  Shalom, L.S, Shlizerman, L.T, Zur. N.T, Doron-Faingenboim, A.T, Blumwald, E.C and Sadka, A.PI (2015). Molecular cauterization of SQUAMOSA PROMOTER BINDING ROTEIN-like (SPL) gene family from Citrus and the effect of fruit load on their expression. Front. Plant Sci. https://doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2015.00389. 4.49; 15/209 (Plant Sciences); 18

11.  Kim, H-Y,S, Saha, P.PD, Farcuh, M.S, Li, B.PD, Sadka, A.C, Blumwald, E.PI (2015). RNA-seq analysis of spatiotemporal gene expression patterns during plum fruit development reveals candidate genes for transcript normalization using quantitative Real-Time PCR. Plant Mol. Biol. Rep. 33, 1634-1649. 3.03; 35/209 (Plant Sciences); 8

12.  Zur, N.T, Shlizerman, L.T, Ben-Ari, G.C and Sadka, A.PI (2016). Use of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) to study and predict fruit splitting in citrus. Hort. J. (formally: J. Japan. Soc. Hort. Sci). 86: 151-158. 0.974; 12/36 (Horticulture); 11

13.  Farcuh, M.S, Li, B.PD, Rivero, R.M.C, Shlizerman, L.T, Sadka, A.PI and Blumwald, E.PI (2017). Sugar metabolism reprograming in a non-climacteric bud mutant of a climacteric plum fruit during on-the-tree development. J. Exp. Bot. 16, 5813-5828. 5.52; 12/204; (Plant Sciences); 2 (during my sabbatical leave, I co-supervised MF in organizing the data, its interpretation and writing the paper)

14.  Paudel, I.S, Cohen, S.PI, Shlizerman, L.T, Jaiswal, A.K.S, Shaviv, A.C and Sadka, A.PI (2017). Reductions in root hydraulic conductivity in response to clay soil and treated waste water are related to PIPs down-regulation in Citrus. Sci. Rep. 7, 15429 DOI:10.1038/s41598-017-15762-2. 4.25; 10/64; (Multidisciplinary); 2  

15.  Farcuh, M.S, Rivero, R.M.C, Sadka, A.PI and Blumwald, E.PI (2018). Ethylene regulation of sugar metabolism in climacteric and non-climacteric plums. Postharv. Biol. Technol. 139, 20-30; 3.24; 9/83; (Agronomy); 6 (during my sabbatical leave, I co-supervised MF in organizing the data, its interpretation and writing the paper); 6

16.  Zhoua, K.S, Jerszurkia, D.C, Sadka, A.C, Shlizerman, L.T, Rachmilevitch, S.C and Ephrath, J.PI (2018). Effects of photoselective netting on root growth and development of young grafted orange trees under semi-arid climate. Sci. Horticult. 238, 272–280. 1.96; 5/36 (Horticulture); 3

17.  Farcuh, M.S, Toubiana, D.PD, Sade, N.PD, Rivero, R.M.C, Doron-Faigenboim, Adi.T, Nambara, E.C, Sadka, A.PI, Blumwald, E.PI (2019). Hormone balance in a climacteric plum fruit and its non-climacteric bud mutant during ripening. Plant Science, 280, 51-65. Category: Plant Sciences; 3.78; 28/228 (Plant Sciences); 1 (during my sabbatical leave, I co-supervised MF in organizing the data, its interpretation and writing the paper)

18.  Kumar, L.S, Reut ,P.T, Lyudmila, S.T, Sagit, M.T, Doron-Faigenboim, A.T, Sadka, A.C; Aharoni A.C and Flaishman, M.PI (2019). Tissue-specific organic acid metabolism in reproductive and non-reproductive parts of the fig fruit is partially induced by pollination. Physiol Plantarum, https://doi.org/10.1111/ppl.12941. 3.0; 48/228 (Plant Sciences); 0

19.  Sadka, A.PI, Qin, Q.C, Feng, J.C, Farcuh, M.S, Shlizerman, L.T, Zhang, Y.S, Toubiana, D.PD and Blumwald, E.PI (2019). Ethylene Response of Plum ACC Synthase 1 (ACS1) Promoter is Mediated through the Binding Site of Abscisic Acid Insensitive 5 (ABI5). Plants, doi: 10.3390/plants8050117. 2.63; 59/228 (Plant Sciences); 0

20.  Toubiana, DPD. Puzis, R.T Sadka, A.C  and Blumwald, E.PI (2019). A Genetic Algorithm to optimize weighted gene co-expression network analysis. J Comput Biol, DOI: 10.1089/cmb.2019.0221. 0.789; 76/123 (Statistics and Probability); 0


Reviews and Book Chapters

1.     Hussain, S.B., Shi, C-Y, Guo, L-X, Kamran, H.M., Sadka A. and Liu, Y-Z (2017).Recent Advances in the Regulation of Citric Acid Metabolism in Citrus Fruit

Critical Rev Plant Sci, 36, 241-256.

2.     Francisco R., T., Javier, T., María, R. J., Concetta, L. and Sadka, A. (2019). Fruit growth and development. In: The Genus Citrus - From Genomes to Orchards to Consumers (F. Gmitter, M. Talon, M. Caruso, eds.), 1st Edition, Elsevier.

3.     Sadka, A., Shlizerman, L., Kamara, I. and Blumwald, E.  (2019) Primary metabolism in citrus fruit as affected by its unique structure. Front Plant Sci, 10, https://doi.org/10.3389/fpls.2019.01167


Other Articles (Hebrew and Symposia Proceedings)

1.     Porat, R.PI, Raveh, E.C, Sadka, A.C and Carmi, N.C (2011).The origin of citrus and the genetic relationss between different cultivars. Et Hahadar 78:21-22 (in Hebrew).

2.     Waxman, Y.S, Ratner, K.T, Shlizerman, L.T, Giler, Y.T, Shahak, Y.C, Cohen, S.PI, Garbachnikov, V.T, Giladi, B.T, Feichak, M.C and Sadka, A.PI (2012). Colored nets as a tool to mitigate the microclimate in the orchard. Alon Hanotea 66:44-48 (in Hebrew).

3.     Wachsmann, Y.S, Zur, N.T, Shahak, Y.C, Cohen, S.PI, Ratner, R.T, Giler, Y.T, Schlizerman, L.T, Giladi, B.T, Faintzak, M.C, Kanonich, S.C and Sadka, A.PI (2012). Photoselective, anti-hail, netting for improved citrus productivity and quality. Acta Hort 1015:169-176.

4.     Sadka, A.PI (2013). Fruit favor and aroma, sympoia report. Et Hahadar, 95:9-12 (in Hebrew). 

5.     Sadka, A.PI, Shlizerman, L.T, Morozov, M.T, Kamara, I.T, Ben-Tovim, Y.T and Grinberg, Y.C (2019). Giberellin tretamnet during flpowering bloom, still the holy grail of citrus productivity. Et Hehadar, 136, 6-8 (in Hebrew).

6.     Dovjek, I.S, Nemera, D.B.S, Wachsmann, Y.S, Shlizerman, L.T, Ratner, K.T, Kamara, I.T, Morozov, M.T, Charuvi, D.C, Shahak, Y.C, Cohen, S.PI, and Sadka, A.PI (2019). Top netting as a practical tool to mitigate the effect of climate change and induce productivity in citrus: summary of experiments using photo-selective nets. Acta Hort, In Press






                 Netting experiment, 2013 harvest


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